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Small town feel in a suburban atmosphere. Love it here. I like the downtown area for the locally owned shops antiques, and restaurants. A walk by the river is never disappointing.
I love my little hometown, especially in the fall when we are best known as the Halloween Capital of the World.
I just wish that our area would be cleaned up more and people stop giving us a bad name.
Anoka is a very beautiful city with a rich history. The best part about this town is downtown Anoka, which has little shops and restaurants within a 2 mile radius. I would love to see diversity here and people that are more friendly. Everyone keeps to themselves, which is very unusual for a small town.
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This town has great charm and some spooky good times as the halloween capital. There is such a unique variety of things to check out from antiques, ice cream and more
What I would like to see change is safer drivers on the road. The proximity to the twin cities makes driving conditions more hazardous than other cities within the metro area
I have lived in Anoka for 40 plus years. It is a beautiful, quite town located between 2 rivers. With the increase growth from inner city to our small city, Anoka is dealing with challenging issues in increase homelessness and crime. The police are on top of it and are doing a good job trying to control it.
People are always out walking their dogs or going for runs. It's a happy place with a cute police department and not much crime.
Very diverse area. A lot of weirdos walking around and strange people you wouldn't trust. A lot of hostility from shop owners around town.
Everything looks nice and kempt
People have their friends,but there isnt really community events
There's only one house that sometimes has problems. Other than that it's perfect
It definitely is a good place to start, much better than nothing, and it has the basic necessities while providing enough space for freedom and management of clutter and multiple bodies in a home.
Not good or bad. Moderate.
A lot of choices for housing where I'm from. More of a city suburban area.
A lot of parks and pathways for people to walk and ride their bikes. Even a few dog parks are around town.
Not a lot of crime around my parts. Just a lot of people smoking weed.
We are known for being the home of the tornadoes. We can have too much rain at once causing flooding and the thunderstorms are loud and aggressive.
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We have the occasional saloon type bars here and there but no place to really wine and dine.
From salons to hardware stores there's always a place around my town looking for new faces to hire.
Very small boutiques and craft shops. Everything is very expensive and to find anything less expensive you would need to go to the thrift shop.
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