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I am concerned with crimes such as drug use and stealing in my area. Once in awhile police are visible in my area.
I love where I live because there aren't many neighbors like there is in the city which gives me more privacy. If I could do it all over I would still live here because I have much land where I live to do a lot of things I enjoy such as outdoor sports.
The general atmosphere is declining every year. The buildings are getting older and not getting renovated. The town just looks gloomy and like nothing is going on.
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The amount of dangerous crimes committed is not to bad here. However once in a while there will be a violent crime committed.
this is a good climate to live in. You get the four seasons here. I feel it is good for children to experience all of the weather conditions. It gives them a chance to experience snow and to also enjoy a nice warm summer day. The diffrent seasons gives you a chance to connect with nature in different ways.
The bar scene is not good in the area. Most of the bars are run down and dirty. There are more and more bars closing every year because they cant get enough people through their doors.
There is a large number of employers in the area that require a wide veriety of skills. There is a hospital that is in the need for nurses. There is a large number of retail stores and restaurants. both of which are in the need for employees.
There used to be more mom and pop stores in the area. However there are more and more national chain stores that are moving in and taking all of the business away. Walmart is the biggest one there are fewer convenience stores and less toy stores due to Walmart. Lowes also took business away from smaller hardware stores making it tough for them to survive. there is now only one local hardware store in town.
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