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I love my city. I was born and raised here. Lately the crime rate has increased and i would love to see less of that. Our city schools are not good. I would love to see more money, time and effort put into our children education. I would love to see more job opportunities around the area.
Anniston is what you make it. There are numerous negative accusations of this city, but it's all about YOU. There isn't much to do here, which is a reason why the crime rate is high. The residents are bored so of course they'll do just absolutely anything to be entertained. The schools could use some help and it definitely needs more fun things to do and shopping places. Overall, the people are extremely friendly and hepful. The motto is "One city, once vision'.
Anniston is located in Calhoun county at the foot of Cheaha Mountain. It is a historic town with many opportunities for shopping, dining and touring.
I love it here I've always in lived in Anniston and deeply admire it. I've always love the downtown part about anniston and how we come together as a team.
Anniston still has a small town feel yet has all the benefits of being only an hour away from both Birmingham and Atlanta
Anniston, AL is a small town. Although being small, it has it's perks from restaurants to shopping centers. There's the historical building, The Victoria, which has been restored to beautification. We also have many churches and the Anniston Community Center.
If it was up to me I would not live in this area.
It's really the only thing I know. I was born and raised in west Anniston. It's okay but it's definitely not a place I want to spend the rest of my life.
there are many places to eat at around her. my favorite place would be fire house subs or struts
i like the quintard mall
The weather varies greatly with the seasons. Fall and Spring are wonderful. Summer is extremely hot and humid, and winter is very cold without snow.
Crime is not bad around this area. It is a quiet place.
People are really enjoying food around my area. Its great!
Many people are getting away from crimes, and it is not fair to the community.
In my area, jobs are easy to find because everybody is hiring.
The most best businesses is the restaurants and the Quintard Mall.
This area, especially the Oxford area, has grown over the past 2-3 years. We now how have an even greater variety of nice restaurants, stores, nice grocery stores, and a Sam's wholesale. Many new hotels have been built in the area and we have several tourist attractions. A great, quiet place to live with most of the businesses you would frequent in a big city.
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