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i would love to see more activities for the kids and adults.its really nothing to do here besides dine out. there is no night life
What I like most about Anniston is that if someone is in need the community always comes together to help one another out
What i like about Anniston is that the Anniston Public Library is open everyday. Which provides entertainment for me and my children during the summer. If i could change anything i would have the library open 24/7.
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I've grew up in Anniston,Alabama all my life. There's been murder after murders and medical deaths also. My city is small and we always get downed about being ghetto, poor, stupid, and nasty. I say other wise, I've witnessed teenagers in my school score above a 20 in the ACT; and some above a 30. We all have bright minds and we may not dress like it but we do. The thing I like about Anniston is it's a city that would want to motivate you to move out and teenagers in it.
I've lived in Anniston, AL for about eight years. If you like church and college football then you will fit right in, but that is all they do and talk about. They have zero night life and everything closes early. The food here is absolutely horrendous. They only have very greasy BBQ that isn't even good. The ribs have way to much fat on them and the pork is poor quality meat. They undercook everything from eggs and toast to pizza. They DO NOT understand sarcasm at all. I think that is due to poor education, because the public schools are terrible. Additionally, people do not understand the rules of driving. They will not switch lanes to allow you to merge, they do not know who has the right-of-way, and they do not yield to oncoming traffic. People also do not worry about the needs of others. If you go to a grocery store and try to go down a aisle, if someone is in your way they will not care at all.
I have lived in Anniston all my life. There isn't much to do here. Although, the good thing is, everyone, knows everyone else. And if anything happens, the whole town knows about it.
It is nice to live as long as you don't mix with wrong people. You can find a good job if you be persistent about the job you are looking for.
It's a nice place , just not much to do for my kids! We need to build !! The people are great for the most part!
It is situated in the middle of birmingham and atlanta, so there is never a reason to not have anything to do.
Anniston is a small town in foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. The views are amazing! You could spend a day visiting the Anniston Museum of Natural History or the Longleaf Botanical Gardens. You could hike the trails of Coldwater Mountain, or spend the day soaking in Coldwater Creek. Lots of natural beauty here! If I could change anything about Anniston it would be we have a lot of run down empty business areas. They need to be demolished and more natural beauty restored in their place. They make an eyesore in such a beautiful area. All in all it's still a place I love to call "home".
Small town with a lot of close minded people. Some nice places to have fun and you are never very far from a beautiful nature getaway.
I had good and bad experience in Anniston. I enjoyed living there but the city has went down a little bit. The schools are going down as well as business. The councilman is stating that Anniston does not have any money for rebuild but I believe in God our Savior Jesus Christ that we do have the funds and our Master is going to turn that city back to where it suppose to be, if he have to dismiss the whole board and bring in a whole new staff. Anniston should be as far along as it should be. But nevertheless, we as a community is going to continue on pressing for what's right and continue to take a stand.
I currently work in Anniston, AL. There are plenty of jobs available, and there are several things to do to pass time. However, crime rates are very high, especially in comparison to the size of the town. As a community, we need to work together to make Anniston a safer place!
I love my city. I was born and raised here. Lately the crime rate has increased and i would love to see less of that. Our city schools are not good. I would love to see more money, time and effort put into our children education. I would love to see more job opportunities around the area.
Anniston is what you make it. There are numerous negative accusations of this city, but it's all about YOU. There isn't much to do here, which is a reason why the crime rate is high. The residents are bored so of course they'll do just absolutely anything to be entertained. The schools could use some help and it definitely needs more fun things to do and shopping places. Overall, the people are extremely friendly and hepful. The motto is "One city, once vision'.
Anniston is located in Calhoun county at the foot of Cheaha Mountain. It is a historic town with many opportunities for shopping, dining and touring.
I love it here I've always in lived in Anniston and deeply admire it. I've always love the downtown part about anniston and how we come together as a team.
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Anniston still has a small town feel yet has all the benefits of being only an hour away from both Birmingham and Atlanta
Anniston, AL is a small town. Although being small, it has it's perks from restaurants to shopping centers. There's the historical building, The Victoria, which has been restored to beautification. We also have many churches and the Anniston Community Center.
If it was up to me I would not live in this area.
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