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The city of Annapolis a melting pot of culture. People from all walks end up here. It's eclectic range of people makes for an enjoyable experience.
Ever since moving here, I love being close to the water and having all the local places to check out!
I love downtown Annapolis. Beautiful views, plenty of good restaurants, and boutique shopping. There is plenty to do around the town as well; sailing, paddle boarding, and watching Navy games.
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A quaint little town known for its crabs, water, and beauty. If you're looking for a weekend trip to get away from it all, Annapolis is the town to be in. Shops, restaurants, attractions, it has it all.
I love that Annapolis is small: I live downtown and can walk to many restaurants and places that I love. Annapolis has an involved community of friends that gives it a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Also, it is located on the Chesapeake Bay--the views here are stunning!
Living in Annapolis Maryland was such a great time. Downtown is a place that you can spend time with friends, see historical sights, and even stop for an ice cream cone on your way back home. Everyone in this area is very kind and always willing to help. This is also a great place to raise a family. The public school systems in the Annapolis area are some of the best in the state. You cant go wrong going to Annapolis
Annapolis is a small city with great atmosphere. The historical downtown area is full of charm. Good elementary schools. Interesting nightlife with many pubs and restaurants downtown and across the city to choose from. The Naval Academy is located downtown on the water, adding to the charm, as Midshipmen are often seen in uniform around town. The walk down main street shows a beautiful view of the Chesapeake Bay, with all the sailboats sitting in the water. The Annapolis Mall has been redone and added to in the last few years, and offers plenty of shopping. There are two movie theatres, one in the mall and one in the Harbor Center. The Harbor Center and the Parole Town Center are two other shopping centers located in Annapolis, pleasant alternatives for those who do not like mall shopping.
Historic areas in downtown Annapolis are very nice. Also, modern living with condos and shopping centers. Annapolis has one of the best malls between Baltimore and DC.
The city of Annapolis offers a lot of entertainment and opportunities for employment. This is a beach/water town, so be prepared for yachts, sailboats and all things Maryland.
I like Annapolis because I moved from a small town in Pennsylvania, that did not have much to offer with employment and places to go. Annapolis always has something happening and always has something to offer. This city always has somewhere to go, there is always a new experience for me to explore, and always a new restaurant with diverse food for me to try.
I love that it's near the water, and I don't think I would change anything about it besides extending the down town area with more shops.
I've lived in Annapolis all my life. It's safe and clean. It's a good place to raise kids. The town is "diverse" but there is still an obvious racial divide. There are a couple of solid restaurants but nothing too crazy as far as night life. Housing is a little expensive for what it is. There's a historic downtown area that's very attractive to sailors and tourists. The rest is generic middle-to upper-middle class suburbs. I'm happy to have grown up here but ready to move. It feels like a small town in some ways and it gets a little boring.
I love living in Annapolis. It is interesting learning about the history. I find historic Annapolis to be quite beautiful. The food here is amazing. You can't knock Maryland crabs! It is a great place to raise a family. We enjoy all four seasons and live by the water. It has all the enjoyment of a city in that it has anything you could ever ask for, but still has a small town feel and is incredibly relaxed.
Annapolis is the State capital of Maryland. I love the historic downtown with the 18th-century brick homes, U.S. Naval Academy, restaurants and art galleries. One can relax at City Dock, watch the boats, small and big, cruise along Ego Alley.
Annapolis is a great, diverse city with tons to offer! Downtown Annapolis has great history and amazing restaurants which make it a perfect spot for a night out or an afternoon stroll. Northern Annapolis has a small town feel and has some of the best schools in the state!
I love the downtime lifestyle, tree lined streets and available shopping. Everything is local and easy to get to by bus or car.
Annapolis is a beautiful and quaint city. I love seeing all of the trees and wildlife. It is not a "walk-friendly" area, though. One must, definitely, have personal transportation to get around.
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It's a great place to live at but there's always some downside to it like the people or drivers, food because food always gets people to come back or stay. The best part of Annapolis has to be downtown because to me i like the old colonial style buildings to it and the docks which has many boats. The restaurants are pretty diverse but if there is a restaurant saying its Mexican it really isn't it's most likely a Salvadorean one. I really don't go out much because there really isn't much to do except go to the park, bowling alley and mall that's about it but if your looking for the nightlife i would go to downtown.
Large enough to have diversity of people and activities, but small enough to get to know the area well. Good access to water activities.
Love this historical town with a great real estate market and coastal flair. Amazing restaurants and wonderful people. This is a very walkable town and there are lots of things to do for both indoor and outdoor types.
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