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Annapolis is waterfront and has a diverse population. As it's the capital of the state, there is variety of subsidized housing as well as private homes and apartments and condominiums. As a tree city, residents enjoy beautiful trees throughout the city. The downtown of Annapolis is a historic district and you can learn about the different historical events that happened here as well as stroll the downtown by the water and enjoy ice cream and a variety of restaurants and small shops. The downtown is active year round and there seems to be something going on a lot and there's many parades and walks as well.

The town is health oriented by the amount of people you will see walking, running, biking, and water sports. With the U.S. Naval Academy in close proximity, there is always sporting events and a high population of school children.
Beautiful scenery with the water and lots of things for families to do and see. Home of our beautiful naval academy. Watch the blue angels fly, walk along the waterfront, dine outside, or enjoy one of my favorites- go on a haunted walking tour and learn the history of hauntings and pirates. Amazing fireworks on the fourth of July.Schools could be better. Crime is a little high. Centrally located to DC, Baltimore, new York, and right by the bay bridge. Quick drive to the eastern Shore where you can enjoy one of our beaches including ocean city beach. Many state parks in close vicinity and lots of outdoor activities. Most common are lacking and boating to name a few. Historical Forts are great to visit and you can tour old dungeons. Take a ferry ride and see around downtown Baltimore area. You will find endless choices for dining as well as the Guinness brewery is close to tour and sample their many beers. Annapolis is also very dog friendly. Best crabs around!
Annapolis is great! It is beautiful and has very nice neighborhoods. It is very well-known because it is the capital of Maryland so there are lots of tourists. The US Naval Academy also attracts a lot of people from outside the town.
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Annapolis has many different amenities that are offered to it's residents. There are many different things to do during the day and night. Whether you love living in the city or country, Annapolis is for you. It is also home of the Capital of Maryland. I love being on the water but, also 2 hours from snowboarding or, 2 hours from the beach
I enjoy Annapolis' scenery and history, but I especially appreciate the simplicity of my town. I always feel safe. I would like to see closer-knit community.
Annapolis is great in many ways. As the capital of Maryland, it attracts tourists to it's historical spots and the great views of the water. It could approve in some ways. There is some crime in the area. That could always use improvement. Parking downtown can be a hassle, which can cause some traffic back up. But overall, I would describe Annapolis as a family-friendly area with some great attractions. There are many great restaurants, too. It can be pricy, as Annapolis is known be a somewhat wealthy area. It generally consists of people who have somewhat established their career. It's not a place recent graduates would usually move to right away.
Annapolis is a wonderful city to grow up in. Lots of things to do and its great living so close to the water. Downtown Annapolis will be something I love forever and will miss when I go to school. I have heard talk of gang activity at night, but there's enough police in the area to make it safer. A good variety of food in the area also. The only other thing is its an expensive place to live especially the closer you get to Downtown.
Annapolis is a cool city as it is one of the oldest in the US. I like the historical preservation, and the opportunities that are available, considering it's a smaller sized city. There are ample activities to do, good jobs, lots of beautiful scenery, and friendly people. If we could just stop development, and focus on continued preservation of what we have, it would be better.
It's a great little town by the water. As a Midshipman, I can't help but love the area. Downtown gives you a ton of options for food or entertainment, but if you're looking to do something a little bigger, D.C. is right around the corner.
There is so much to do in Annapolis! Love how it is close to the water and there is such a great sense of community. It is a very family-friendly place and fun for all ages.
Annapolis is a super nice area. I have lived here for about 10 years now and I love it. There are plenty of things to do and the people are polite. I always feel safe here. Also, the weather here isn't too hot or too cold. If you want to take a vacation, there are many places to go and many things to do which are not too far away. Overall, I have enjoyed growing up in Annapolis.
I love the atmosphere and restaurant options and boating vibes. I wish rent was slightly more affordable.
The shopping and dining around Annapolis is one of a kind. The waterfront views and access all around Annapolis cant be beat. There are also plenty of safe neighborhoods and schools all around town.
Lovely little town with charming coffee shops, excellent greenery, and frankly quaint atmosphere. Would highly recommend it for the schools and the quiet lifestyle found there!
Annapolis is a suburb town with a wide variety of people and economic levels. Wealth tends to be in concentrated, mostly white people, thus affecting the distribution of school resources to their public schools. Most of the culture that I have been exposed to is related to the water, as we live near the bay and Annapolis is the sailing capital of the world. I would say this is a very friendly family place. My neighbors are some of my closest friends. I have never once felt unsafe. And it is very beautiful!
Annapolis is a great place, it is very family friendly and there are many things to do there including the mall/outdoor mall. They sometimes have events there as well.
Annapolis is a small but very cozy city. People are very welcoming and make you feel comfortable. People in Annapolis are also very diverse.
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Annapolis offers plenty of attractions, especially during the summer when it's warm enough to be out on the bay. It's incredibly close to both Baltimore and Washington D.C. and the city boasts an exciting energy. Full of beautiful views and great food. In general, Annapolis as a whole could be more dedicated to the environment than it is now.
I love Annapolis. It is amazing to be right on the water! Annapolis has great food and my community was very welcoming. Although the water may look a little dirty, I have swum in it all my life. We go boating, fishing, crabbing, swimming, and tubing. It is great!
Great town. Has a lot to do and is very much a city but also has a small enough feel to not become overwhelming.
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