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So fun. Lots of activities to do! Boating is really popular and there are a lot of fun restaurants to go to. Iron Rooster is so yummy and most restaurants have outdoor seating for the nice days which is so fun!
Annapolis is an incredible town full of history. It is a gorgeous community with tons of beautiful scenery from the brick roads and mom and pop stores on main street to the view of the bay from the piers all the way to the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis is a wonderful town to visit and has plenty of things to do for people of all ages and interests.
I love Annapolis because there are so many options for everything. You could live downtown in the center of everything, or in a more suburban, less congested community that is less than 10 minutes from the excitement of Downtown Annapolis. The downside to living in Annapolis is that it can be frustrating trying to go to the mall or downtown, because traffic can be bad on certain days of the week, or at certain times of the day.
I love Annapolis! Annapolis is a great city. I personally call this place home. Furthermore, Annapolis has charm and history! We are known for our tasty, fresh crabs. Historic Annapolis unforgettable. All of the old historic buildings and brick roads adds to its character. We pride ourselves in our sailing!
What I would love to see change in Annapolis is a heavier police presence. Annapolis is a great melting pot for people who come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The only issue is that there are many projects in Annapolis. I personally love Annapolis for its diversity, but often times projects are associated with a greater susceptibility to crime. I enjoy being in Annapolis, but hanging out in Annapolis and being a female means I am a target for crime. In conclusion, I would like to see more police and security in Annapolis to keep its beautiful and unforgettable charm.
It has the the best law enforcement, hottest although most stubborn women, the best part time, temp, and basic jobs in the world, best health, and most spirtual place in the universe. It has a very reasonable cost of living, near D.C. and Baltimore, has best local government, best ju ju city, number one maritime community, best retirement community, all the basics you can need/want, the food is pretty good, great place to vacation and get some R and R. Best place to learn politics, and what else do I love about Annapolis, plenty of tourists, great walking/running city. best potential of any city I have ever lived in, studied, wanted to live in or visited. If you can handle the occasional drama that is drug and gang violence, plus crazy local traffic during the Holidays and good weather, you will be fine and thrive in this highly charged politically connected city. Where there is a growing middle class, plenty of opportunities and very happy people.
Annapolis is one of thiose towns that is unique its own way, combining a northern small town with the atmosphere of a paradise. Really there is not much I would change about this town except for the pricing; but it's only expected due to the high demand to be in this beautiful location.
The city is beautiful and has a great nightlife. A great sailing city as well. The Naval Academy is located near the area and has a great naval tradition. The are variety of sporting events within the area from the collegiate level and professional level.
Annapolis is a fun place to visit. It has wonderful shops, restaurants and Historical Buildings. With it's large tourist appeal, it can get rather crowded and the locals can often get "overlooked". As someone who works in that area, parking is extremely expensive and not much is done by the local government to help that. Most people who live in the area are quite wealthy. Unfortunately, this allows for certain places in Annapolis to become rather slummy. There are healthy markets near by, and a plethora of health and wellness centers and constant events to attend. It is close to the Bay Bridge, and only about 40 minutes from other popular points of interest as well as affordable neighborhoods such as Bay Hills or other locations near Severna Park/Arnold.
I love this rual area a lot of friendly people. Also may of the people know a lot going on in the district. they seem to like the suburban area a lot
Annapolis is a great town with a lot of history behind it. I really enjoy the downtown area, especially the area by the water as well as Church and State Circles.
The main shortcoming with Annapolis is a lack of parking, but this issue stems from Annapolis's early design.
I love Annapolis because it has both a small and big town feel. There are endless things to do in the historic area, like go to Navy games, have a staycation at a bed and breakfast, or get out and enjoy the water. You can also enjoy the shopping and restaurants throughout the city of Annapolis. It has a close proximity to both Baltimore and Washington D.C. without all of the hustle and bustle. No other city compares.
Annapolis is a family friendly area. It also presents a consistent and fair education within its public school system. I love being a residence because it offers diversity, inclusion and a family friendly environment.
I love Annapolis. As the place I grew up, I adore the beaches and water surrounding Annapolis more than anything. The ability to go crabbing, the endless opportunities to volunteer, and the various events that allow for the entire city to come together as one are my favorite parts of the city.
Annapolis is a quaint seaport town. Lots of great restaurants and shops! The Naval Academy is in town and a great place to visit. It is fun to walk around town and see the historic sites. The schools are great - both private and public.
Annapolis is a friendly please with a lot convenient places to go. I liked that people are very helpful. There are some great places to eat and hang out on the town. Annapolis always has activities for the children.
Annapolis has a beautiful downtown area with water access and views. The dining options are outstanding in taste but somewhat pricey depending on where you go. Shopping has Maryland inspired themes and also high fashion boutiques. Annapolis is always a get place to go!
Such a great way to get a real-time picture of a new area if you're looking to change states, neighborhoods or schools. Very thorough reviews, with every category of detail taken into account!
This town has really boomed in the last 20 years. It is a great suburb of Baltimore and not far from DC. It offers it's own charm. It was once a small fishing village but has boomed into a tourist destination
Annapolis is a beautiful family friendly, thriving area located outside of D.C. Great malls, near the water, hospitals with clean facilities, and driving distance to landmarks in D.C. and Baltimore.
Annapolis is a cute tiny little city. There are always activities to participate in and a lot going on around. It was the perfect place to grow up in because it is very diverse and you get to see how the rich live as well as some of the less fortunate.
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