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Love this historical town with a great real estate market and coastal flair. Amazing restaurants and wonderful people. This is a very walkable town and there are lots of things to do for both indoor and outdoor types.
I love Annapolis. I was born at Anne Arundel Medical Center and it is a wonderful feeling to come back home. I now have three children who are attending school in the area and they love it. It is a beautiful site especially the historic downtown area.
Annapolis is one of those cities that just kind of sucks you in. It has charm, diversity, and class. With it being in such a close proximity to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, it is easy to confuse it for a big city. However, I assure you, that if you are a new-comer, like I was, it will not be long after you start meeting new people when you will realize how much of a small town it actually is. It seems as if everyone knows everyone. Wether you are downtown at one of the local hot-spots for food and drinks, or if you choose to partake in an extra-curricular activity, such as volunteering at the local SPCA of Anne Arundel County, you are certain meet out-going, friendly people. Then I guarantee you will see them again next weekend by happenstance and will start making connections by this person knows that person. Or, if you are looking for something meaningful during your free-time, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities, charity organizations, and socials.
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Annapolis is a great town. It is very family friendly and has many events to keep us busy. I specifically like its proximity to the major metropolitan areas on the East Coast, including being under 2 hours from one of the best Summer beaches in the Country~
Annapolis is a wonderful city! Many tourist visit the Chesapeake Bay area every year. Maryland crabs, sailing, and great restaurants are just a few highlights of Annapolis.
Annapolis is the state capital, but still very small town. I like the mix of a lot of opportunities, but still feeling like a small town. Where I live, I can walk downtown. I can also walk my child to school, to the grocery store, etc.
Great place to live. I have been here for 20 years now and its never a boring time. The traffic and cost of living is high but if you can deal with those you'll love it.
Annapolis is a picturesque city with history and charm thoughout. Home to the Naval Academy, Annapolis wraps military pride, the state capital, and quant shops amongst historical landmarks. This is a great place to live.
Annapolis is a great town for everyone. There is a combination of historic and fun things to see in Annapolis. It is very safe and fun to walk around downtown and shop. Many great restaurants to discover and tours of the historic buildings.
I would like to see more notices about public events but overall the city itself is a great place to live if you can afford to live here.
I like how Historic Annapolis is, all of the tourist attractions still attracts people who are from and live in Annapolis. Its a beautiful atmosphere and I really loved my time here in Annapolis. Been living here for 18 years, all of my life and its cool that I still get excited to explore.
Small town but vibrant (mostly thanks to Navy). Good sea food, excellent restaurants. So much history to see in the streets. Place of St. John's College.
I recently moved to Annapolis and work downtown. Before I worked there I loved to stroll the streets and go out to eat. There are a few really good music venues I like to go to to see local bands. I Love walking downtown year round, it's always festive and you never know who you may run into!
Annapolis is too congested. There are too many people which makes traffic horrible. I have heard the schools are great quality. Housing is overpriced! There are many job opportunities. Everything in general is overpriced. Downtown Annapolis is nice but again is overpriced for what it is. The people in Annapolis are very snobby which is funny since most aren't wealthy. Although, there are several expensive private schools located in the Annapolis area.
Annapolis is one of the most beautiful places I have lived. Of all the areas I have spent time in Annapolis has been my favorite. Great people as well as great attractions. Overall an amazing place to visit or to live.
A beautiful town. The brick buildings look beautiful in the snow. there are lots of great people and great food.
So fun. Lots of activities to do! Boating is really popular and there are a lot of fun restaurants to go to. Iron Rooster is so yummy and most restaurants have outdoor seating for the nice days which is so fun!
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Annapolis is an incredible town full of history. It is a gorgeous community with tons of beautiful scenery from the brick roads and mom and pop stores on main street to the view of the bay from the piers all the way to the United States Naval Academy. Annapolis is a wonderful town to visit and has plenty of things to do for people of all ages and interests.
I love Annapolis because there are so many options for everything. You could live downtown in the center of everything, or in a more suburban, less congested community that is less than 10 minutes from the excitement of Downtown Annapolis. The downside to living in Annapolis is that it can be frustrating trying to go to the mall or downtown, because traffic can be bad on certain days of the week, or at certain times of the day.
I love Annapolis! Annapolis is a great city. I personally call this place home. Furthermore, Annapolis has charm and history! We are known for our tasty, fresh crabs. Historic Annapolis unforgettable. All of the old historic buildings and brick roads adds to its character. We pride ourselves in our sailing!
What I would love to see change in Annapolis is a heavier police presence. Annapolis is a great melting pot for people who come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. The only issue is that there are many projects in Annapolis. I personally love Annapolis for its diversity, but often times projects are associated with a greater susceptibility to crime. I enjoy being in Annapolis, but hanging out in Annapolis and being a female means I am a target for crime. In conclusion, I would like to see more police and security in Annapolis to keep its beautiful and unforgettable charm.
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