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I grew up in Annandale. It's a gorgeous place to raise a family, with generous open space and outdoor activities. The schools are excellent and people are generally very friendly. It is a quieter town with few activities for young adults, but overall there is always something going on in the community.
Beautiful little town with picturesque scenery and charming stores. Local people are very friendly. Small town living with country charm.
Went to North high school great experience, cute town with niche and local shops. However would like to see more restaurants in the area!
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It's a very safe and simple area with historic and beautiful buildings. It has a high rated school district and kind residents.
The area is very safe as there are a very limited number of crimes.
The houses are absolutely beautiful, but they're very expensive. There are no vacant properties and very few abandoned ones (and even those aren't abandoned, per say, just sitting and waiting). There are no outright bad areas either.
It's your average east coast weather: spring, summer, fall, and winter. The summers and winters are definitely becoming a bit harsher, but that's happening just about everywhere.
This area has thriving local businesses, and a lot of people shop from them. There are some big-box stores (A&P, Shoprite, Walmart) but they're outnumbered by mom-and-pop places.
I'm only 21 years old, so most of the jobs I've had thus far have been service-based (daycare, retail, etc.). I know that a lot of people who live here commute to New York City because it's only an hour away, but I don't really know how the local employment situation for adults is.
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