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Annandale's location is convenient in that it is close in proximity to DC, and more economical suburb for home buyers. It is also near all major highways. The population is very diverse, with shops, restaurants ranging from Asian to Hispanic. There are also numerous parks and bike lanes for outdoor enthusiasts.
Annandale is a good place to live, the schools are great, it is safe no matter time you could walk on the street. Cost of living is a bit high, we have some new stores that you could get groceries less expensive. Annandale is a melting pot and place where you could walk few distance and get a bus. I love the place and have lived there for about 10 years.
Commute is wonderful in Annandale since I495, I95, I395, and I66 are close together to travel easily.
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Annandale is great. It has lots of diversity and many places to participate in organized sports. The residents are predominantly friendly and the area is very clean in most places.
I have lived in Annandale for almost 20 years. The cost of living is manageable. It is a very diverse and friendly environment.
Loved the safe family-friendly environment! Annandale has a diverse community of people from all over the world. The schools are embedded in the Fairfax County public school system one of the best in the country. There is culture, authenticity and opportunity in more ways then one here!
Annandale is a very nice neighborhood and has great public schools for my son. I have been living there for almost three years and i would not change anything about it. We live in a safe, family friendly diverse neighborhood.
This is a typical DC suburb. Shops are nearby and there is easy access to public transportation. Some parts of Annandale can seem pretty sketchy and I try to avoid them at all costs.
Annandale has amazing food and culture. I love how culturally diverse it is! There are several asian supermarkets in the area. There is a plethora of really yummy Korean restaurants to access (lots of places to get great Korean BBQ). Annandale always seems to get the coolest new restaurants too (Kung Foo Tea, The Block). I There are lots of parks near by and lots of families !
I love the cultural diversity and how close everything is. Everything is within 10 minute drive. Its a safe place to live where everything is fast moving. There are always events and festivals happening and plenty of parks to hike and walk in.
Great, peaceful neighborhoods. Everything is close by, places such as restaurants, grocery stores, ect. Overall a safe environment although in smaller neighborhoods there have been reports in the past. Pet friendly.
I have been living in this town around 5 years. I really like to live here, because there are many diversity restaurant to visit so you can get new experiment if you are not unfamiliar to various culture.
I like the diversity of Annandale and the different cultural experience. When I visit Annandale, it likes I am in another country. Food there is also a great attraction. I recommend everybody to visit there and experience the cultural diversity that the community offers.
I like the family and suburban feel. Quiet neighborhood that is away from main roads and ample parking in front of all the houses.
I like that it is so diverse but it is extremely congested and does not have a very strong community feel.
The user experience was perfect. It was extremely simple to fill out and took little time. I highly recommend it to others.
I like it because it is very simple to use. The features keep me interested without being to complicated.
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There is little to no crime in my area
The area is very diverse and welcoming.
Safety in this area is pretty much good, seeing as the police and ambulances are very responsive. Crime in this area is very rare.
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