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I love living in Anna, it is a small community that seems to really love its residents. I have always felt safe and welcome here.
Anna has changed dramatically just in my short lifetime. There was once a booming factory industry, a train station, a movie theatre and many other things that are now only history to this town. As a child we played outside until the street lights came on and even after the darkness fell letting the moon/fireflies be our light. Now there are hardly any beneficial jobs in the area. Robberies, pill/heroin/meth addiction are a severe problem in this area. It unfortunately appears as if the towns officials would rather concentrate on other "issues" such as area beautification, constructing a new county court house, etc. It seems as if my childhood home has shattered over this towns downfall.
The area itself is fairly good. The people in this area can really ruin the vibe of the town. Many of the people think they are special or royalty. As long as you don't pay attention to many of the people it can be a good time.
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There is a lot of hiking in this area, which includes Shawnee forest, inspiration point, and Fern Cliff. These three points of interest deal mostly with the outdoors lover and avid hiker.
Natural disasters rarely ever touch Anna. I have been leaving her for 14 years and have yet to feel threaten by natural desasters. Tornados touch down places around this area but never pass come through here. Back in 2008 we had a terrible Ice storm that took the power for 1 week, but since then it has been relatively quiet.
There is not much of a selection of interesting restaurants in Anna IL. It's very boring in this area.
The employment is pretty good if you look at the situation of just being able to get a job. Being in a town of 5000 people most everyone can get a job, but that does not always mean it's a good paying job. I don't prefer to work at Walmart or Kroger even though it's fairly simple to achieve.
There are a lot of family owned companies in my neighborhood, everyone tries to support them as best we can. Of course there are also larger corporations such as Walmart and Kroger which are essential to my life. The only thing I could really ask for more of is a nice place to eat. We have a huge lack of decent dining places.
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