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I have lived in Anna since second grade. I have watched it grow! The community is getting larger, but it still has the much-loved "small-town" feel that I love. It's a great little city!
Anna has a lot of friendly people. It is a rapidly expanding town on its way to becoming a city. You will find that the overall atmosphere is great! Everything is definitely changing for the better. From the looks of it Anna is going to grow into the next McKinney. Anna also has a very lovely nature trail that will be expanded more in the years to come.
Anna is a great town, very country, laid back and friendly people are every where. I think the community is very welcoming and helpful to those in need. I also love the peaceful tone that this town has.
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Nice small town living but still close enough to major towns for shopping, work, and nightlife. The crime rate is low and everyone looks out for one another.
Anna is an exciting place to live in North Texas because it still has a small town feel but all the amenities within close proximity. The cost to purchase a new home in Anna is still very reasonable and the school system continues to grow offering fresh new facilities for the students.
I have never felt unsafe in this town, although I also have never had any run-ins with either the police or criminals.
I do like my little town, but the local government tends to push for bigger and bigger, when we really are just a small town. Thus, the value of homes has dropped and you cannot drive anywhere without running into construction.
growing area always has growing pains. This area is safe and affordable.
Its a small community, not much traffic, you know your neighbors and its easy to get around. Because the population is small not much to do, it would be nice if we had more things to do in the area. I don't think I will live here again, I would like to be in a larger more active community. I'm young and this place is better suited for families not young single adults
Its growing and its getting better. There is a lot of construction at the moment and a lot of new things. And no, i would not live here again. I don't like small towns, especially when there going through construction.
Anna, Texas is a very small town. There is not much to see and do, but it has everything a small town has to offer. With Brookshire's in the middle of town and only one stop light, seeing your neighbors out and about is expected daily. Our town is growing as more homes are being built and attracting families from North Texas.
The area I live at when i first moved was dull in away and small. However through time it has modernized in recent years and received new residents and stores. These advances are taking away from the dullness in the people and overall city little by little making adequate progress.
They are mostly family businesses. they are very attentive with what you need and they provide good customer service.
the houses range from different sizes depending on what part oof the community your in. the farther you go back the more the land expands.
their is a very low crime rate in this area due to its small population.
Now that the town is growing their are plenty of food options available for your convenience.
the employment here is mainly fast food restaurants and grocery stores. so, unless your a teenaager then you will most definitely have the opportuntiy to get a job.
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The population of this small city is growing more and more every year. That means more business franchises are branching out into our area. We dont have that much of a variety of grocery stores. Currently we have a brookshires and a dollar general. I am looking forward to the development of a walmart because that would mean getting everything all in one place and for a good price.
The opportunity to get jobs in this area is very good.
There is very little crime in this small town of Texas.
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