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very great college town to live in, like everyone here is extremely nice and supportive. however, while the housing is super nice, it's also hella expensive sis
I love the city of Ann Arbor because there are so many small shops, artisan experiences, and new types of food to try! Ann Arbor also hosts many holiday and cultural events, thus promoting a fun, inclusive community.
I was born and raised in Ann Arbor, and find that I've enjoyed the time spent here. The restaurants are absolutely fantastic, which spoiled me a bit when living away, and the atmosphere is lovely. The only negative I've found is how much it has been trying to expand.
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Ann Arbor was my home for a long time. I loved the people and the food it allowed me to be in the city life without having to be in a big city. Ann Arbor brought me the needed diversity to allow me to more of an extrovert.
Ann Arbor has been my hometown my whole life, there are lots of things to do and the people are very nice.
Ann Arbor is a great city. As a university town its gets pretty crazy sometimes and can be expensive, but overall is a great place with lots of different types of people, amazing food, and a variety of experiences to enjoy.
A sweet and enjoyable small town! Ann Arbor offers everything that you need in your day to day life. The town is filled with restaurants, shops, music venues, fantastic schools, grocery stores and the best farmers market! I really enjoy the small town feel, but it is also nice that we have access to Detroit and if you are up to a big adventure Chicago is only 4 hours away! I am here as a graduate student and I am very glad I chose to come to Ann Arbor. Everyday you will see students, working professionals, and retirees walking around the town, eating at restaurants and truly enjoying life! Also, the ARBORETUM is to die for (trust me, you will want to go see this place). I can definitely see myself raising my kids here one day! DEFINITELY A MUST SEE TOWN!
A smaller big city with lots to do. So many places to shop and even more places to eat. A very college oriented city as U of M is there. Many diverse places to eat and small hidden gems you can only find by looking.
Ann Arbor is a very busy city. There is plenty to do near campus (U of M) such as many great restaurants and beautiful parks and a river. The city is beautiful and hilly and perfect for exercise and seeing nature. It is a safe place and lots of grocery stores and farmers markets. The commute time is average but there are many buses and Ubers and different types of transportation. It is just a busy city that is difficult to drive in sometimes. It is an expensive city but the houses are extremely nice.
Living in Ann Arbor had been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. I feel extremely fortunate to have spent my childhood in a community that promotes diversity and equality through the spirit of a college campus.
Ann Arbor is a moderately small city that doesn't have a small city feel. There are a lot of great restaurants and places to visit all throughout the year. My only complaint is the increase of homeless people in crime in the area. In certain parts of town, I don't feel very safe walking alone at night.
Ann Arbor is the best town to live in. Very diverse, educated and nice people surround you by love and care.
Excellent restaurant and cafe options. A friendly college town with people from all over the world. Top 1 Public University in the US, University of Michigan.
There is a lot of fun things to do around and inside Ann Arbor. Schools are great as well. However, cost of living is high and still going up, attitudes are just down right nasty! EVERYONE is entitled, especially if you go downtown.
I loved growing up in Ann Arbor because it was a much more inclusive environment than surrounding towns in Michigan. No matter your background, Ann Arbor had somewhere that you could feel at home. The summer is very fun because of all of the fairs and festivals, and educational opportunities are vast. Real Estate is rather expensive though.
I have lived in Ann Arbor for my whole life and love it! It has become less affordable in recent decades, but remains a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family. The schools and parks are wonderful for a town of its size, and the University of Michigan makes it a very open-minded and liberal place.
Amazing place to grow up. Great food, local businesses, and arts! Lots of nature and beautiful scenery. Downtown area is amazing, and it’s a college town, so something is always happening. Love it here!
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Apparently, doesn't want an honest review. I can only write 1000 characters. So, I'll say this: I grew up here and I am very proud of this town. Yet the town is slowly fading into a university with a hint of town. U of M has a mindset of Stanford while taking taxpayer money (btw, they just got $5B and they won't privatize, so..) The baseline to get a job in Ann Arbor for most jobs is a bachelors... from U of M. 2 major fallacies on are:
1. Diversity: 60-70% of U of M is white (paraphrasing their studies) so therefore, so is the town, followed closely by eastern Asian (so light-skinned Asians) with the average income of $80-100k (and I'm being conservative). Also, the town is mainly fiscally conservative and socially liberal. That's not the same thing as liberal. Trust me.
2. Market: There's not a lot of houses under $400k. Bring your inheritance or Google money.
This is a fun college town with lots of things to do, see, or eat. There are sports abound as well as fun bars to go to for watching them. There are fine-dining spots available for those interested in culinary experiences. Lots of progressive activities and groups available for people of all backgrounds.
It's the cutest college town, you could live here your whole life, it will have everything you have ever wanted :) It is also rapidly urbanizing and in the process of becoming a bustling city and companies like Google are noticing and moving here.
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