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Ann Arbor is an amazing town to live in. My overall experience has been a very good one. Having grown up here in Ann Arbor, and now being a college graduate from Michigan State University, I was able to experience all the great events and activities thrown by the city. The art fair in July is one of my favorites, even though its always brutally hot, its amazing to see the amount of artists as well as beautiful and very interesting pieces of art. I feel that it represents the city as a whole; Ann Arbor is a very whimsical supportive place to live in and i've loved every moment of it!
I gave it 4 stars, not 5, only because like most great cities...theyre great yea but they are also not perfect. There is crime in Ann Arbor and sometimes not all agree and fights and protests occur, especially due to the University of Michigan Students who are sharing the city.
Overall great music, food, bars, drinks, and town
What I love about Ann Arbor is the progressive spirit of the town. It is in all inclusive area where all walks of life reside. The political climate is democratic and majority of the people living here are informed on political happenings and current news.

One drawback to Ann Arbor is its pretense. There are many scholars and professors living in Ann Arbor as well as many families who are well off. While it has a progressive mindset, Ann Arbor can be a little uninviting at first. Residents can often seem pretentious and unfriendly. This is not to say that everyone living here is this way, but the white upper middle class families do not seem all that welcoming to people who do not follow their ways of life.

That being said, with the diverse group of citizens that populate Ann Arbor everyone finds their niche sooner or later and falls in love with all that A2 has to offer.
Really a fantastic place to live and study.
"study city"-the name of the city is originated of our university.
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I go here for college and it is great place to live and study. I would not want to live anywhere else or study anywhere else. The city is beautiful and I love going to the football games whenever they are home. 10/10 would recommend living here I love it
Ann Arbor is great. It's a college town, and the schools are excellent. The fact that U of M is here is pretty great for most of us, too.
Ann Arbor is a beautiful city with diversity. The only negative aspects are cost of living is a bit expensive and the job market.
The area is extremely safe and the people here are the very best. The winters are extremely cold, however, so be warned. It is an excellent place to live if you want to get into a top-tier university because most students end up at the University of Michigan.
Great college town of a city feel. Lots to do and the best part is that there is always a great view of nature around.
I love it here! It's a very "hip" city with lots to do, great local food, a great night life, and a Internationally recognized University!
There is always something fun going on in A2. Whether it's a good restaurant, the nightlife, or the local shops....Ann Arbor is the place to be.
A great college town with plenty of dining options spread throughout. There aren't too many locations for shopping but it still provides everything a college student would need for a good cost. Fantastic environment and people too!
Ann Arbor is a great college town with many restaurants and plenty of activities. The people are friendly
Excellent campus life and brewery scene. Lots of opportunity for a young professional, along with a vibrant downtown.
Great college atmosphere. Very nice people. Roads are in terrible conditions. Summer is a wonderful time to visit.
I love the community! It's like a mini San Francisco on a much smaller scale! The schools are absolutely amazing too! Top notch for both school age kids, and colleges.
The University of Michigan in downtown Ann Arbor is a beautiful campus with lots of shopping and restaurants within walking distance. Although, State street can get really crowded.
I love living in Ann Arbor. I always feel safe walking by myself and at night. If my husband and I forget to lock a door, it's no problem. We have great neighbors and a wonderful neighborhood.
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Ann Arbor is a very nice city, with a lot of things to do during the day and also at night. Family friendly and also go for date nights.
I have lived in Ann Arbor for the last two years and will be graduating from the public schools this year. I love how much Ann Arbor has to offer for all people, but especially high school students. I love the area and am proud to tell others where I am from.
I grew up in Ann Arbor almost my entire life and I loved my childhood. When I was younger, Ann Arbor was so diverse that I honestly didn't really believe in racism. I attended Pattengill elementary, Tappen Middle school, Pioneer high school and the University of Michigan. So I guess you can say I'm a true local who has seen probably everything Ann Arbor has to offer. From the Big House where the university of Michigan and once myself ran out the tunnel to play football, to laying on a raft on Argo river enjoying the short Michigan summers, to walking in the Nichols Arboretum with a group of friends to even being coach by the famous Donald Sleeman and Brian Westfield on the Pioneer track. Look, Ann Arbor is a place where you can be you and meet tons of people who love that your different from them.
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