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I am currently in Ann Arbor for a co-op at Toyota and fell in love with the area. Ann Arbor is a great area for college students as well as young adults. There are always weekend events happening and the artsy/engineering/sport community is great!
I've lived in many places, but Ann Arbor is and always will be my favorite. The combination of a small town feeling but plenty of things to do and places to go make it the perfect place to be.
Ann Arbor has been an amazing place to live for 9 years. Very condensed downtown; tons of wonderful restaurants and cafes, two movie theaters downtown, and great parks in the area.
Safe, lots of events and stuff to do, but armed robberies have been occurring on campus. The University of Michigan is great school located here too.
Ann Arbor has many places to eat! There are so many hidden gems that even after 3 years of living here I still find amazing places to eat. It is a college town but isn't run by the college. Except on game day. Then it's all about the Wolverines! Go Blue!
I really enjoy the city of Ann Arbor because it has this great combination of rural and city life that balances almost perfectly. Not only that, but it is a university city and that means city wide Saturday football games, school pride, and matching colors.
Ann Arbor is a wonderful mid-sized city. It boosts great restaurants, culture, schools, neighborhoods, green space, and the University of Michigan. It is a very open-minded and kind-hearted community. The big area of improvement that needs to be addressed is safe bike lanes.
Ann Arbor is a diverse college town with a heavy liberal arts influence. I've grown up here all of my life, and it has taught me to keep an open mind. It has periodic arts fairs and various events throughout the year that keep things fresh. It is its own city, with unique restaurants and a bustling downtown area that is frequented by college students during their school semester. It is definitely a place I'd recommend people with an interest in the arts, music or theater to visit.
Ann Arbor has given many new variations to my life: allowing me to see the distinction between this small city, and the nearby cities such as Ypsilanti where I reside. Not only are you surrounded by motivated people who are typically educated, but students in public school tend to be self determined in achieving success, engulfing you in a focused society. Since living in Ypsilanti doesn't provide many things, the city of Ann Arbor has always provided a venture. The diversity of this city has allowed me to meet many different people, showing views that I do not always agree with. My overall definition of Ann Arbor would claim that it is "conservatively liberal," meaning that we think very freely and liberally, but are conservative by criticizing people who are not liberal and are conservatives. Overall, I wouldn't dream of receiving a different experience from living under these circumstances. It has allowed me to be open-minded and helped confront judgmental tendencies I had before.
I've only been living here for 5 years but I absolutely love this city. There are so many fun restaurants all over and the downtown area is a great! It doesn't hurt that there is a nationally renowed university right in the city. The people are friendly and there is never a shortage of things to do or see.
There are plenty of exciting activities and events to find in Ann Arbor but over time you can become jaded by the area when you become accustomed to the surroundings. Great restaurants and food to try out from local vendors.
Ann Arbor is an incredible melting pot of cultures, ethnicities, interests, and lifestyles. Being located surrounding the University of Michigan, the town in vibrant with student activism. However, it is also home to many families and young professionals. The inclusive and friendly nature of the town charms any visitor.

Traffic can be heavy, especially on football Saturdays; but the positive energy of Ann Arbor makes up for any lost time in traffic!
Ann Arbor has a small Midwestern town feel with all the cultural and educational amenities of a world class university. In the performing arts alone, the town attracts the best world class artists in every genre, and there are lectures, symposia, amazing college sports, and fantastic shopping and dining as well!
Ann Arbor is one of the best cities in the country. They have a great university in the University of Michigan here which boasts one of the best universities in the country. Ann Arbor is very diverse full of great and friendly people. I wouldn't really change anything about Ann Arbor, it is just a great city overall.
I love the environment most in Ann Arbor, how there is always an open park to enjoy. I live close to the Arboretum, Nichols Botanic Garden, and every chance I have, I visit with my dog and meet new people walking their pets. I appreciate the openness and diversity of the city. I especially relish downtown, and the mini shops, especially the book stores. My absolute favorite part of living in Ann Arbor is the support of the University of Michigan, and how all of the people in the community are very distinguished and determined to support their home team.
I have been living in Ann Arbor for more than a year now. I have had a pretty good experience so far. Cozy town, good public transportation, a lot of schools, a lot of job opportunities, etc.
Ann Arbor was a great place to grow up as a kid. There was lots of access to cultural and sports venues and activities. The town was accessible by bus and for a kid that meant learning to be independent in a safe way early in life. The public schools are great and almost all are walkable so you felt like it was a neighborhood school.
I like the atmosphere around Ann Arbor. The people and the food are great in Ann Arbor. Ann Arbor is a small city that feels big!
I love the city, the university provide many free things to do.the only down fall is that there nothing to do if you don't like academic slanted activities and the winter are fairly cold.
This is a great place to live if you have a good income, otherwise it's a struggle to get affordable housing. This is made more difficult by competing with students going to the University of Michigan. Events and nightlife are lacking too, but it has good restaurants and lots of parks and recreational areas for outdoor activities. The best part about Ann Arbor is it's diversity and how liberal it is.
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