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We have lived in Ankeny for 18 years. The schools are top in the state! The parks and rec programs are great! The town is full of young flourishing families! We love love Ankeny!
After moving to Ankeny I was blown away by the charm of this little city. It has all of the shopping and amenities of a large city but with a very nice small town feel. It is so comforting to know that when I leave work I do not have to be looking over my shoulder because I know I am in a safe area. Besides the nice shopping and full range of restaurants (everything from delicious barbecue to fresh seafood), there are a number of terrific sporting arenas here. During the summertime, there are some very nice pools that could give a water park a run for its money. The cost of living here is much lower than the area we previously lived. for only 1050 a month my husband and I are able to rent a three story townhouse totaling approximately 1200 square feet. I honestly feel lucky to be able to live in such a wonderful place.
It's close to Des Moines but still has a small town feel. Great schools, great community that helps each other.
This is a beautiful place to raise children, their schools are good, the people are loving and the neighborhood is quiet.
And I want to see is how reduced mortgage for everyone.
A great community with excellent schools for parents looking to raise their children in. Business going up everywhere, and plenty of opportunities around with Des Moines only 9 miles south, and Ames 20 miles north.
Ankeny is a nice town that provides plenty of opportunity. If you want to live somewhere that has plenty of outdoor activities, Ankeny is the place. There are trails, good sidewalks, Disc golfing, plenty of parks, and fishing ponds. Only downside is traffic does back up in many places and it can be tough to get around.
I really love Ankeny! The schools are very nice and have many opportunities for the students. Even with the fast growth of the city, it is a great place to raise a family and it is very safe. Traffic isn't bad unless you are leaving the high school after school. It's very nice and has lots of things to do and its very close to Des Moines!
I was born and raised in Ankeny, and I have started a family here as well. I am active in our community by volunteer coaching baseball, as well as within my daughter's girl scouts group. I also help volunteer for the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence to support women and men who have faced domestic abuse in their lifetime. I volunteer helping raise money for children with spina bifida, as well as volunteer my time at our local children's hospital.
New construction over-priced, but beautiful
Great education opportunities, clean, friendly
Small crime rate. Ankeny is great place to live.
Ankeny is new, growing and modern
Ankeny is a very safe place to live. I have never had an issue concerning my safety while living here. The police presence is there and respected by residents. People in Ankeny respect each other and each other's things. Crime and vandalizm are very low and the overall appearance of the town is upkept and clean giving leway to all of the new construction happening.
Ankeny is a very charming town that is growing rapidly. As it grows new businesses, resturaunts and opportuities are arrising for the rooted residents and the newcomers. There are many optoins for entertainment whether individuals are interested in more of a small town feel or big city vibes there is something for everyone in Ankeny Iowa.
There have been no issues since I have moved to Ankeny. I feel very safe in my area and have never felt unsure or unwilling to get in contact with authorities if any issue was to present itself.
I enjoy living in Ankeny. Having grown up in a small town, it is nice to still find that small-town atmosphere in a larger city. The people are friendly, and the neighborhood I live in is full of wonderful families. I also enjoy how there are plenty of amenities in the town, yet I feel like my neighborhood is quiet and peaceful. I would love to live in Ankeny in the future, whether it is on my own or if I choose to start a family here. The future looks bright for this city!
Ankeny is a pretty safe town. It's growth has attracted lots of families into the area.It's safe for children and crime is not a big problem in the area. Police officers are always around and are there when you need them.
Ankeny overall is a great town! I moved to Ankeny, IA from Berwyn, IL which is a town about fifteen minutes from Chicago. Berwyn is not the best town, it's home for a lot of ethnic and racial minorities and the education system was decent. The elementary school were proficient and had good success with student learning however going into the middle school and high school level, it started to decline. The high school there had been suffering with overall student achievement for a while.I have not been to Berwyn in two years, so I cannot speak for it now, but I speak for the fifteen or so years I was there. Moving to Ankeny was a big change for me, it's a small town which is rapidly growing and just in the two years I've been here they've expanded a whole lot! There is a new high school, Ankeny Centennial High School, which was built the just before I moved and another high school, Ankeny High School, that was built three years before that one. The education is excellent and they have provided the learning resources for their students to excel. With that being said, this has caused many new families to move into the area, as the education system is one of the best in Iowa. Many new homes and shops are being built to match up to the incoming population. Ankeny, overall, is a great town for new families or couples looking to raise a family. The town is very welcoming and family oriented and all round a great place to live!
You don't hear much about the crimes in the area but it doesn't mean that there's not any in the area
The area is great as it has a good commute to Des Moines, shopping area, and schools.
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