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Ankeny is a very family friendly town. We have a robust Parks and Rec system with over 40 public parks, 2 aquatic centers, a skate park, a dog park, and over 90 miles of paved trails. The city also offers several programs for people of all ages. We are also home to Des Moines Area Community College!
Great area and has everything you need right in town. Easy commute to Des Moines. Schools are continuing to grow which makes the class size quite large.
It’s a safe city. You won’t have to worry about much.
People are extremely reserved and proper here.
Expect to keep your outside house looking perfect.
People have what’s called Midwest nice. Google it.
Only 3 pets per household and you have to register your pets otherwise you could be fined.
Keep your cats indoors at all times, roaming animals is frowned upon.
Keep dog poop bags on you at all times, they take animal clean up seriously.
Buying a house is not enough. Once spring hits neighbors are lining up the best home improvement workers and it’s a contest to see who gets the most repairs in. Get to know your neighbors so you have a list of such repair men in demand.
Grow a backyard garden and share with your neighbors, this will gain friends quickly.
Schools are great and overachieving. Very involved with kids and parents!
There’s no animal control so no pound and police pick up strays.
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I like that Ankeny is a growing community. This city has top ranked schools so I know that my children are receiving the best education. There are 70 + parks in the city so we can go anywhere in town and discover a new park. There are also a wide variety of chain stores and local stores. I would like the city to put more into our Uptown to entice more unique shops and provide more support for those businesses so they are there longer for continued growth.
Ankeny, overall, is an incredible town. It is growing at an insane rate. All of the people are nice. The local businesses are great and everything you need is in town. There is not much crime and it is very safe for everyone. There is not much to do in the town for fun, but there is a lot of fun in nearby towns that don't take to long to get to. The schools are incredibly good. There are plenty of dining out to eat choices if you like to eat out a lot. There are plenty of grocery stores with good prices.
I was born and raised in Ankeny. Not only did I enjoy all of my teachers throughout school, I enjoyed the amount of college credit I could receive while still in high school. Students are given plenty of opportunities to take take college level courses, for free, while still in high school. Over the years, I have been able to watch Ankeny grow. New stores, housing developments, and nightlife places are popping up all around!
I've lived in Ankeny for over a year now a young adult and I love it! Having lots of trail options was a huge reason I chose to move to Ankeny as opposed to other suburbs of Des Moines. The running/biking trails are clean, well maintained, and safe.
Ankeny gives a wholesome community feeling. There are a lot of parks, the roads are well built. The only thing is that it really needs a mall.
Ankeny is a great place. It has everything. Great schools. Two outdoor water parks. Good parks. Lots of restaurants and shopping. Ankeny is growing a lot though. So my only compliant is the construction.
Ankeny is an great town. It still has that small town living with everything you need right here. And within a few hours drive you can make it to the Twin Cities, Kansas City, and Chicago.
Excellent public education system and a safe community. There are opportunities for anyone with any interest, from music to drama or tennis to soccer. Ankeny also offers many activities for members to join together whether it be during the Summerfest celebrations or the school's Festival of Choirs/Yule Fest.
Ankeny is a great place filled with friendly and helpful people. There are a lot of different places to shop and to eat in Ankeny that are all fairly close in range.
I love living in Ankeny. It is a large, clean, beautiful place to have and grow a family. I am twenty five years old and currently attending DMACC at the Ankeny campus and I couldn't be happier. There are so many parks to visit and it is a wonderfully friendly town. The police officers are polite and efficient, and that is something that I personally like to see. This town has a very safe feeling to it. I am not a parent, but the parents here seem to trust that their children can ride their bikes to school and make it there safely. I think that is great. I would love to buy a house here and start a family.
Ankeny is a quiet community that is growing and thriving with manufacturing companies moving into the area. It is a great place for families and college students with the Des Moines Area Community College in town and Iowa State University right up the road. There are many family friendly activities and a great lake just minutes from town. Housing is very affordable for all income levels. The people are friendly and it is a great community to be a part of.
Ankeny is a growing city - everything new and updated in most of the town. It is a fun place to live with shopping, great housing options for all income types, and great dining. There are many job opportunities and ways to better yourself through city educational programs, emphasis on physical wellness, and great people!
I love how active the city of Ankeny is. It is also one of the fastest growing cities in the US with an average growth of 5 people per day. They are expanding the side walks making them wider and encouraging residents to move. I would like to see some of the hot spots in Ankeny open later than 10pm. There are a lot of night owls like myself that like to hang out or shop later in the evening.
Ankeny is a rapidly developing suburb that has a unique charm. If you like bicycling, then Ankeny is a great place to get on the trail. There are a few trails that link up together, making it a great way to get downtown Des Moines. There's plenty of shopping and restaurants, and even a few breweries to keep you entertained. As well as a decent community college that offers night classes. I continue to come to Ankeny to do most of my shopping and bike riding.
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Very clean and safe town! Very highly recommended to live there and it is a great community to raise a family
I've lived in Ankeny for 10 years now and absolutely love it! There are a lot of different thing to do here. Whether you want to go grab a quick bite to eat or go find a trail to hike, there are many options. It is growing very rapidly which is good because it causes the city to put in new restaurants and new place to go for entertainment.
Ankeny had a lot to offer and is continuing to grow rapidly. It is very close to Des Moines both which have plenty of activities to do. Ankeny is a very family oriented place and great to start a family.
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