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Angwin is a very small town that revolves around Pacific Union College. There isn't much to do. However, Angwin's location is wonderful. It is very close to Napa Valley and even San Francisco. If you want to live in a small town but still have access to a big city, this is the place for you.
Angwin is a very small and secluded town with little to do. Nevertheless, its greatest feature is its location. In just a short drive down the hill, you are in the charming Santa Helena town and if you keep driving just a little bit further you will find yourself in the world-famous Napa Valley. This is what I like most about Angwin, you get all of the perks of living in a small town but you are not too far from a big city where you can find more entertainment.
I feel that I have really enjoyed it here and it is very beautiful with all of the forests around here. The only thing that I would change would be that I wish that there weren't so many hills to climb when walking or biking, but I can't really change that.
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Good if you like nature, but other than that it's pretty bland. Absolutely nothing up there. Kind of cult-ish feeling. Also very isolated, which doesn't feel good when natural disasters occur since there's really only one way off the mountain.
Angwin is a very beautiful town. It's a nice place to be surrounded by nature and get away from it all.
I love how it's a vary quite town. It has everything you need! Very touristic and many fun things to do. The weather is great and the location with its amazing views is truly something out of this world.
I have never experienced or knew anyone who has experienced and crime related incidences in this area.
I love Northern California! The great part about my location is that I'm surrounded by nature. Yet I drive an hour in any direction and my surroundings are changing!
Because it's such a small college-town area, there aren't a whole lot of jobs to go around, if you want to go off campus. Additionally, that would require having a car.
There are a lot of family-owned or small self-starter businesses, which is nice, but they tend to be expensive. As a college student, I need to veer away from a lot of them simply due to price.
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