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Angola is a great small town to raise your children in. The public school system is well-rounded enough, but the best part is the location. While there are plenty of opportunities to learn life-long skills, there is not an abundance of crime or violence that would hinder a child's ability to grow. Children ages 12-18 can be part of 4-H Youth Leadership, where they raise livestock and get to show them every summer. There is also the aspect of quiet country living that is only available outside of a large city.
There's great shopping opportunities, especially with the local shops. There are also fun sporting events.
Angola is a small friendly town that has many lakes and attractions. I have raised my children in this town and have enjoyed the close nit community.
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I do not hear of much crime here. It is common to hear sirens going to an accident, but rarely do I hear of major crimes in the area.
Overall it is a good place to live. Angola is usually calm and quiet, however the lake community is bustling with activity during the summer. It is easy to get into and out of, except during rush hour. The city is constantly looking to improve itself, and with the help of Trine University it continues to thrive.
Well, I guess it honestly depends on your values and needs, as well as how much money you have. As my governement teacher and a city counsel member pointed out a few weeks ago, there is not much of a middle class in this town. Most people are either very very wealthy or very very poor. Also, the town is overwhelmingly WASP-y and conservative/republican and there is not much diversity. Although if you try hard enough, as with any place, you can find your people. There is hardly any crime (mostly just substance abuse issues) here and it is a pretty safe place to live. This county also contains 101 lakes, so that is fun. Overall, it is an okay place to live, but I do not plan on living here forever.
Winters are usually pretty mild with the occasional snowstorm and the rest of the year is temperate and has good weather for the year.
Business is fine in the area but usually is the strongest in the summer when the Lakers come out.
Politicians are politicians. As for the police/fire station, the reaction time is good mostly because there are so many of them and they usually are not doing anything.
There really is not a lot of crime that happens here minus some drug stuff. Oddly enough though we have a very large police force which seems unnecessary because it is.
There is a good sense of community in this area. Many of the residents know others and most tend to stay for a while.
Health is not one of the biggest concerns of the residents. I can go out and see many overweight and obese people. Granted, there are some people who are staying in shape but the majority is just unhealthy.
There definitely are chain restaurants but there are also a lot of gems hidden in the town that have really good food.
There are factories around that people can make a good wage from but it can be quite a difficult job from what I have heard. Other than that the job situation is not anything special around here.
The biggest attraction of this area is the lakes. There are never really that many events going on, maybe a few a month. As for tourists and non-locals, if you are nice to the locals then we are nice to you.
The cost of housing around here is pretty good and the houses that are around can range from very poor to decadence.
This area can be very beautiful in the summer because of the many lakes and forests around.
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There are only really two big problems with the people in this area. Meth and Lakers. The meth business in the northern Indiana region can make a problem for lower income people and then the Lakers that are only here in the summer to live on the lake are usually pretty terrible to the locals.
I don't think that Angola is a wonderful, great place to live but there are definitely worse places. This places has a good economy and usually things going on but it does get boring. Most of the real attractions are in near by towns.
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