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I visited Angleton and its overall a great town. Friendly residents, great schools, little crime, and it has the ocean nearby. The only bad thing about Angleton is the very humid, oppressive summers, but then again that’s everywhere on most of the Gulf of Mexico.
I’ve lived in Angleton my entire life. (44 years) I love the small town feel and it’s still a short distance to Houston. I don’t however, like the high property tax rate. For the area, it is too high.
Extremely low wages.
Brazoria County is a terrible place to make a living, unless you're a plant worker.
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The area is very safe. You will rarely hear about any crimes happening over here. what I dislike is that there are no activities for families to do in the area. I would very much love for that to change soon because I am a person who likes to be active outside of the house, but I would have to travel to a different city just to pursue those said activities.
I would like for this town to do more with ALL youth and those struggling in school. It seems as if the town only cares about the athletes which in reality aren’t the only kids that attend this area. I wish that we could also help those families in need around here that are not as fortunate as others.
I recently moved to Angleton, Texas from League City, tx and Angleton is a very warm and welcoming community, very safe and all around family friendly.
Angleton is a small rural town. The classic "everyone knows everyone" kind of place. This gives you a strong sense of community and belonging. It can be boring at times as there is very little entertainment here, especially after dark. However, in recent years there has been a clear and conscious effort made by the town to expand. Overall, it is a fun and simple place to live.
Angleton is a nice, family friendly town. Between the two grocery stores in town you can get pretty much everything that you want. There are a lot of churches in the area. However there is not much to do in town. Houston and Pearland are just a 40-30 minute drive away.
Small, quiet town, but close enough to visit a larger city easily.
Only downside is there are very few things to do in the evenings, along with a horrible "taxi" service, our county has the highest rate of DWIs.
Love living in Angleton would not want to be anywhere else. Family is here, kids are involved in activities, our life and home is here . We live in a great area that's quite and nice.
I lived in Angleton for a year. The restaurant selection and quality was poor. There was not many things to do for fun. If teens wanted to have fun, they had to go to another town. The recreation center and library system are both very good.
Angleton is a suburb outside of Houston. It has a small country feel, and the school district is top notch. The town has not had much growth, therefore there are not many amenities available.
Just a nice quiet town to grow up in. I cannot complain about my upbringing there. I would love to see more community involvement though. Supporting local businesses, bringing more of the townies together.
Very friendly. Would like to see a larger grocery store with more variety of shopping as well as retail stores. Nearest shopping is 15-30 minute drive depending on direction of north or south.
Extremely slow and quiet town. Not for young adults but great for families. You'll have to travel out of town to shop and for decent recreation but luckily everything is less than an hour drive away.
I would like to have more stores and restaurants in and around the city of Angleton. I love it that is nice and quiet every night.
It's a nice place to live in. It's between Pearland and Lake Jackson, which give a lot of nice places to eat and things to do in addition to Angleton. And it's a great central location between Houston and Freeport for job opportunity. Also Angleton itself has some awesome eating places and activity places too.
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Angleton is a friendly small town, very pleasant town to live in. I would like to see it grow with more businesses to bring money into the community to support local schools and community activites.
A very good sense of community with various fairground events throughout the year. However, I would enjoy a growth in the number of locally-owned businesses and eateries.
Angleton is a fantastic small town. The community really knows how to pull together when the going gets tough and it tends to leave you with a warm feeling knowing that this is home.
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