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I enjoy living in Angier, it is a safe town and has a lot of good food places. Another good thing about Angier is that we have a good park with lots of different activities for any person to do no matter their age. We have a excellent public library with the nicest people. There are new paintings on the buildings around town which are pleasant to see when driving down the road.
This is a small-town with that great feel of community! I have really enjoyed being able to find a gym and some great local restaurants to eat on the weekends!
Angier is a nice town for families and individuals who want the comfort of rural, country lifestyle but still want to be near city life.
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Overall a nice place to live and it continues to grow faster every year. Almost too fast for our schools, they need additions, more discipline, and metal detectors. There are great local dentists, doctors, and pharmacists that care for the people here. We have a park with a nice pond, picnic tables, play areas for kids, and paths for running or walking. Like all towns, our roads needs work and more stoplights are needed in places. Angier is also the home to best little ice cream shop around!
It’s a small town located right outside of larger cities such as Raleigh making it nice and quite but easily accessible to shops, food, and activities.
Town is a bit crowded, there is alot of people in such a small area. Traffic is pretty crazy at times especially during rush hour. There is alot of variety of grocery stores and stores in general to choose from with it being such a small town.
Who doesn’t love a small town! Crepe myrtles line the streets and old town charm fills the few downtown shops. The town is stuck in a good ol boys club though and could use some changes in the government offices.
Super quite town, not too much traffic and close to bigger neighboring towns for restaurants and shopping.
Luckily Angier has been making some much needed improvements lately, though there is a lot of room to grow and make improvements.
I have lived in Angier for 52 years it's a good place for a general education from kindergarten to high school it a good place to live and reasonable. What Angier need is more restaurants and a big retail store like walmart kmart or target so people don't have to travel to another town or city to purchase items all the revenue is stayed at home in Angier.
I really like that Angier is a very calm city. It also is a very friendly place and a safe environment. If you are in sports the night life in the Angier park is very outgoing and bright. The games are great and the parent involvement is high and wonderful.
I've been living in Angier my whole life and have honestly grown to like the town. However since it is a small town, there are not many opportunities, and also there is not so much push toward getting out and advancing. From personal experience, there are younger kids on the streets at night doing illegal activities. I have always been focused on my academics and would like to see this town put emphasis on the academics, safety of kids and their well being.
I love the area, the people are so friendly and I would recommend anyone to live in this area if they want peace and quiet and know those around them care for them.
I love the town of Angier. It is a small town on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC. There isn't much to the town except for a few local businesses. The town is a safe environment with little to no crime.
I like Angier, NC because it is in between many of the surrounding big towns and cities. If I could change something about Angier, I would remove all drug dealing areas and would build a YMCA recreational area.
I love this place! I have raised my is here for the past 20 years and don't plan on leaving anytime soon. If you are looking for a small town close to Raleigh that has a small town feel and friendly atmosphere.
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