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There aren't a ton of major crimes like murder or rape happening in my hometown, but there has been some drug issues in the past. Also, in high school especially, there are tons of breaks outs where someone would just start a fight in the cafeteria. I'm just glad I wasn't there when it happened, but still, that makes me wonder what kind of people live here. It makes me question humanity and youth in general. Other than that, there aren't too much issues with crime, though because this is America I feel a bit unsafe walking about.
My hometown is pretty typical for a small town in Wisconsin. It's pretty rural and very flat, and corn fields upon corn fields and the scent of manure surround it. The people here, of course, are pretty closed minded and conservative. About half of the town's population are hunters and/or hardcore packer fans. I never was able to get into those things, so it's very hard for me to say that I like my hometown. Though, I do like how small and convenient it is, and all the small businesses on our little strip mall. I work at one of them, too: a cute little coffee shop called Coffee and Gifts. Nonetheless, there is so much more out there than just my little, rural hometown. That's why I can't wait to get out of high school and get out of this town so I can finally see what lies out there in this world.
There is very little crime in the area. Even when there is, the police are there to respond quickly, and they do their jobs effectively to keep people safe.
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I had an excellent education growing up. That is not to say that I am the most educated, but that the teachers all truly cared about their students' success.
There are a few houses for sale, here and there, but not an extraordinary amount. Most buildings here accommodate families of multiple children. The cost of housing is reasonable. There really isn't a 'bad' area to reside, but if you don't want to be in town, find a place on the outskirts.
The community comes together for many causes. I am not very active in the community so I am not able to give an accurate response.
I rarely hear about any crimes that have happened in Pulaski. Pulaski is such a small town, that everyone knows each other. Sometimes I'll hear someone say that someone broke into their car or stole something, but other than that I don't hear about crimes here. You see the police often on Saint Augustine St. during the hours of school and sometimes on the weekends. I feel very safe in this town.
I grew up in this area. I like that it is in the country, but not two far from the city. Green Bay is only thirty minutes away from here, which makes it easy to go to town and get something you need. Pulaski has a grocery store that has a smaller selection that Green Bay's,but it's nice when you just need to get a few things and don't want to run to Green Bay. In Pulaski you have plenty of room to run around on and it's a small town. This town is a town that everyone knows everyone. You either live on a farm or next to a farm. Most of the people are generally kind. I would choose to live in this town, because over the last eighteen years, it has become my home. Right now they are building a hotel, so it shows how this town is still improving with new businesses. I don't really care for the school system, and it seems it is getting worse throughout the years.
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