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I have lived here for the majority of my life and it is a pitiful town. The new shops will not change the quality of people here. The school district is also very poor as well.
Andrews is a close-knit town filled with the same people you've grown up with since childhood. While for some, it is fun, for others, it's hard to see the kids you grow up with turn into drug addicts or gang bangers.

For the teens, there isn't much to do unless they are into sports. And if not you much spend your time in the streets. You have different parts of this town that show how different the social classes are. Someone can live in the county. And when you drive 2 minutes down the street, you enter the projects. There is no sense of community, and the minorities usually stick together. Overall, Andrews has the potential to be great, but the people in charge who range from middle-aged, hyper-conservative, and ultra-religious aren't thinking about the next generation.
We lived here for a little over a year. It is by far the worst place I’ve ever lived. The people are not welcoming to newcomers and the oil field has ruined this area of Texas. I was born and raised in West Texas and then moved away for 20 plus years. When I moved back, I could not believe how gross and trashy it has become. Plus, this town is not progressive and doesn’t encourage growth in the community with new stores and competition. The schools are awful, and the educators treat everyone as if they are uneducated and too stupid to be parents. I am a college graduate and was offended by their lack of respect for the students and the parents. We found a handful of people who were kind and welcoming, but for the most part, our time here was depressing. My kids have had a major improvement in their outlooks on school and life since we moved from this nightmare of a town.
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Andrews is a great community but the rent is outrageously high due to the oil industry. It is almost impossible to live off of one income. They need to invest in low income housing for those of us who are single and do not work in the oil industry.
Great place to live and raise family. Plenty of high paying jobs and great schools. Very low crime rate and friendly people. Fast growing but still feels like a small town. Rent can be expensive so it’s a better choice to buy. Much cleaner than other small oil towns in the area.
I love Andrews! I have lived here my entire life. It is a small town where everyone seems to know each other and it is a pretty safe place. When I have my own family with kids, I would not mind raising my kids in Andrews. Everyone is neighborhood friendly. What it does lack are more restaurants. There is little to choose from, especially when it come s to night time. There are not many activities to do, so some sort of movie theater, mini-mall, or bowling alley would be nice instead of having to travel 45 minutes away to find those things.
Lived in Andrews for 36 years. It has the best schools and private life one could ever expect. It is based in the one of the richest oil mineral based counties in Texas and there is plenty of high paying hourly jobs. Best Golf Course and County facilities for a WestTexas town.
There are some abandoned homes that possibly need to be torn down or cleaned up.
The community is a family oriented community.
Great safe town. Close knit community. Good schools.
It's a nice, growing little town that I was born and raised in! I am glad to see all the improvements and the people moving in.
I lived in Andrews when I was in high school, where I met my high school sweetheart. When he and I married 5 years ago, we decided to move back to Andrews and raise our children here. I love the schools and teachers. Overall, I love this town. For entertainment we do have to go out of town, about 30 miles, but we don't mind at all.
The weather around here tends to change at any moment. It could be snowy on one day and the next will be a day of sunshine and shorts.
There are quite a few places to eat but they are fast food restaurants. There are very few well established restaurants to take someone out on a nice date.
It is quite easy to find jobs except these jobs are jobs that aren't really wanted and don't pay very good.
The local businesses here are ran by families. Most of the people here are very nice, stores such as Porters Thriftway and dollar stores such as Dollar General usually carry different essentials for every household need. Most businesses are located on either sides of main street.
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