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Charming suburb of Boston with a compact downtown area. Lots of great restaurants to explore and many excellent schools for the kids!
Andover is a quiet, wealthy (mainly white) town with excellent elementary and middle school systems. The town is extremely safe and friendly.
Andover does not have much of a night life which is kind of a bummer as a high school senior. Some nights I want to stay local but everything closes around 8pm. I have also applied to many jobs as job opportunities in Andover are scarce
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Andover has a quaint downtown with several small shops and restaurants. It has many hiking and walking trails and the prestigious Phillips Andover academy is in the heart of the town.
A nice community with a cute downtown, there are some shops and lots of food options. There is a variety of neighborhoods, downtown and more in the suburbs. There are nice trails, a park, a pond, a local youth center. A very nice community for families.
Having lived in Boston for most of my life I was scared to move to Andover, MA being 30 minutes away from Boston. Even though it is far away from the city (at least for me) it is really an amazing place to live. The people of Andover are extremely kind, the schools are amazing, and there is always something to do here. The town center is always full of people with shops that are warm, inviting, and unique.
Never really seen any crime but it happens occasionally
Good town to live in but one can get bored of it quickly with all the stuck up rich people
We have no issues with crime in Andover, the police are great
I grew up in andover and have a great life living there
This area is very safe and comfortable to live in.
Best neighborhood for a kid to grow up.
Because of the affluence present in this community, the housing is very well maintained and beautifully constructed in all parts of the town.
Though more properly suited for older people and their families, I believe the community is very tightly knit and provides many opportunities for safe, enjoyable events.
As a suburban community, the police have very little to do other than micro manage the lives of their residents and respond to even the smallest complaints with speed and precision.
I believe the growing drug problem will be the end of this town as we know it.
Town manager and the selectmen (with the exception of one) are driving the residents into unsustainable debt. Taxation is unaffordable to a family that earns 80K/year.
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The cost of living is relatively high here, but I was able to receive a good education. The main reason my parents moved here was because of the excellent school system. The town offered a lot of recreational activities as well, through the schools and through the Andover Youth Services. I was able to join various sports teams throughout my time living here as well as different after school clubs and organizations. The downtown area is nice and has plenty of restaurants and clothing stores. This is where I grew up and where my father grew up, and I am very thankful for all of the close friends and connections I have made here throughout the past seventeen years. Although I have enjoyed my time living here, I would not choose to live here when I start living on my own or start my own family. Andover is a very affluent town with very minimal diversity. I believe that some people grow up somewhat sheltered in this town.
Andover is a big town with a small town feel. Wouldn't change a thing.
The area is known for its expansive retail stores, which is a high rich class. There are many stores downtown where people go to relax and socialize. Convenient stores are avaliable and a 24 hour cvs, where in need of anything people can go there.
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