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36 reviews
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Growing community with strong public school system. Several major restaurants but not many major retailers. Tend to cater to small local businesses.
It is generally crime free but many snobby people
I have yet to experience problems with crime or safety in this area. Knock on wood.
Most of the neighbors keep to themselves, which is nice because I don't need someone telling me when to move my trash bins like my friend's neighbor does. Crime rate is low/nonexistent.
I have lived in this area when I was in elementary school and was very upset when I moved. When I moved back my junior year of high school I was very happy. I plan to stay for many years and grow my family around this area.
This neighborhood has a great atmosphere. It is right next to a golf course and contains plenty of space to go jogging or to take the dog for a walk. I have lives in areas all over the country, and this is by far the best. The neighbors are nice, groceries and schools are nearby, and friends always want to crash at my house.
Great area to live in
I really like living in Andover. The cost of living is higher than other towns around us, but our taxes are higher and we have more privately owned businesses. I would like to see more attractions or activities around for our town. Anything for families or teens to do would require a fifteen minute or longer drive which can be inconvenient. Communities are clean and neighbors are very friendly and nice to be around.
Good place to grow up.
Overall experience in this area is average. People tend to be very snobby.
Limited restaurants other than fast food in Andover area.
Overall there are opportunities for jobs. Aircraft has left the area and made it more difficult.
Dillon's Marketplace offers huge variety. Limited restaurants in the area.
There are severaly trails that lead through beautiful wooded areas
If you would like to eat healthy then you should probably never go out to eat here
Andover is known for being wealthier so all of the houses our fairly nice
Kansas wEsther is bipolar to say the least.
It is all fast food with the exception of a dive bar
The only jobs in town are pretty much for high schoolers to work at the fast food restaurants or the grocery store. Primarily everyone drives into Wichita for their job.
I live in Andover which is a smaller town. Inside the city limits there are lots of fast food places, a dry cleaner, a horrible hair salon, a pretty nice grocery store, and a good gym. There is every thing that you need to survive but there is no entertainment or anything fun to do. And when most food options are fast food with the exception of one locally owned dive bar, there isn't a whole lot of variety in food either.
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