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I love the public schools located in Andover. The teachers are very well educated and engage with the students. Diversity lacks a little bit in this area. There need to be more healthy options and more fun places to attend. Overall, it is a safe and family oriented place to live.
A very nice town to grow up in with a true sense of community. A wide variety of local stores and grocery stores to choose from, all within a close distance.
What I Personally Like About Andover Is The Schools Because Of As Incoming Sophomore At Andover High School. The Schools Are Great! One Thing I Wish Andover Had Was Diversity.
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Safest place I've ever lived. Convenience of nearby shopping and medical needs. Great school system.
There isn't very much to Andover. The smallest city near by. All brand new. Doesn't feel homey, more like housewives
Very very white. Too conservative and close minded for my tastes. Schools are good, though. Hardly any options for restaurants, though Riverdale is about a 10 minute drive for more places to eat. It wasn't the worst place to grow up, but I think it breeds some really close minded people.
I love the rapport I have with my neighbors in Andover. Everyone is so nice and always looking out for each other.
My experience with Andover is not the best. It is a nice city but in my neighborhood, since im Asian, they don't seem to like Asians here, not saying that everyone is bad, but not everyone is good. One time my brother was riding four-wheeler s down the road we had the cops called on them even though there was always people(white folks) riding up and down the street like it was nothing. I do like the fact that it is a pretty quite town and the fact that we do have some what of a lot of land here. I would really like to see that everyone is treated equally here and that in the future it will be more diverse.
From living in the area for many years, nothing has been troublesome (except maybe traffic but you get that everywhere!). I also live in an area with no kids my age really so growing up there was a lot of traveling to other parts of town to meet up with friends.
Absolutely in love with this town! It is so clean, the neighborhoods are great, the schools are great, and it is so nice to live in.
I haven't had any issue with any crime near me since i've lived here.
It's a great city to live in, the people are really friendly and its overall a very clean city.
The crime rate seems to be pretty low. The police are seen everyday driving up and down the streets. Their presence seems to keep the crime rate down. They keep us feeling safe and secure. When crime does happen it seems to always be somebody stealing from the grocery store. We do not tend to have very serious problems that often.
This area has many different options. It has scenic suburban neighborhoods to live in while also offering good urbanized areas as well. The local food is good and, there is a mall near by. Overall, the area is an enjoyable place to live.
It is a very low crime area. When needed the police here are very helpful and personable. They get there quickly and don't leave until they know the situation is taken care of properly.
The community is very welcoming and safe. We used to live in a town that was pretty much the same size in Wisconsin and here in Andover, Minnesota it's way better. The neighborhoods are extremely family friendly. Everyone knows their neighbors and get along very well with their neighbors. The schools are amazing and have awesome quality education. Overall this is a wonderful city to raise kids and for people to live in.
The crime is so low in this area
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I have lived in my states and places and this place is by far my favorite. There is so much to do here and its very safe. The schools are great and so are the people.
I don't know of any significant crime in the area
This is a good, quiet place to live.
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