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The Best Place I’ve ever lived and I traveled pretty much everywhere Got several things to do amazing parks amazing water parks horseback riding they got helicopter riding tanks that you can go see you at the parks memorial parks the neighborhood Amazing schools
I grew up there and it was great! It has a fire station and has a great police department. It is near hospitals and has great schools. Lots of shops and local restaurants that are killer. There are lots of great families in neighborhoods. The whole city encourages healthy living with great parks and trails.
Nice area amazing school lots of parks and trails and water parks even got that country’s if feel like horse riding you rent a horse
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I think that Andover is a great place if you want to get away from the city. Depending on where you live there is a lot of space. The people are kind and respectful.
It is a great place to live! I feel very safe and comfortable here. Everybody is very nice and friendly. There are great schools, stores, and lots of places for leisure. There are plenty of job opportunities that provide good pay and lots of hours. It is in a great location that is near lots of cities that are very similar to Andover. I would recommend this town to everybody.
I have lived in this city all my life and have really had no complaints. The only thing I wish was different is if there was more diversity for my brother and sister. In the part of Andover that I live, it is a very safe area and is just your very typical suburban life.
We moved here when I was about 10. Since then Ive loved it because the whole community is so closely knit where there are many different oppurtunities and fun things there are to do in this city. It is not very big at all, I would probably consider it as a suburb but with how great everyone in this city is, I would reccommend moving here if thats what youre looking at.
Andover is a very safe quiet town with private neighborhoods and a great sense of community. There are many spread out establishments but not a big party crowd.
Very family safe and well funded school system, lack of diversity tolerance and nightlife is a big problem. If you want a place to raise your family this is a good time, want anything else than this probably isn't for you.
Andover is a nice suburb to the Twin Cities. It has a quiet atmosphere with convenient shopping and dining. Close to all major freeways. Excellent school district and opportunities for outdoor activities in all seasons.
Great place for families. Safe place to live. Active community. Neighbors are wonderful. Schools are amazing. Many activities for kids, adults and families. Target and Walmart with 3 grocery stores. Several clinics and pharmacies. Welcoming community always feel at home. Love living here and meeting all the new residents. Its a great atmosphere. Movie theater, Ymca, etc. Everything that you could ask for in a community. Bunker Hills park is close by for horseback riding, bunker beach, etc.
I have lived in Andover my whole life, 25 years. Overall I think it is a good location however, I would like to move to a different location one day. My neighborhood has been safe and friendly however, there has been reports of people steeling from cars and garages lately. Its great that the community has a neighborhood watch site online therefore, I am able to stay up to date on what is going on.
I love living in andover! it's the perfect mixture of close enough to everything yet still in the middle of nowhere. I love how friendly the people are and how wonderful the school are. Lots of family diversity here!
Andover is a great and happy place to live! Not too far from the cities but far enough out to be relaxing. Great biking trails.
The school district is great. The community is nice, clean as I am still close to shopping and work.
Andover is a very white town which tends to lean quite conservative. Many families live in the area and therefore the schools are large and there are a lot of different opportunities for students. Andover is not far from the twin cities but there also many places to explore the outdoors. My issue with the town is that most people are generally the same, so when you're different, you're treated as such. The lack of diversity makes it really hard to live here.
This is your average white suburb. As a minority in this place I stuck out quite a bit, but most people are very welcoming and friendly. There are also some pretty good schools here, some of the best in the district actually.
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Great family friendly community with lots of walking and biking trails! Very safe with friendly neighborhoods and lots of activities for kids.
I have lived in andover MN my whole life. I was open enrolled in the local schools. I now attend college and it’s really exciting to pursue my future career
nice place to live. trees and nature, but also shopping. Nice homes nice people. Business close but 30 minutes from downtown. Shopping locally is easy at riverdale shopping center. the local schools are good at teaching and crime is low in the area. Nice place to live with cheaper and more lux homes in the area. Middle size city with above average schools. Many homes are 30 years old but they also have new homes built
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