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Anderson Township Reviews

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I do not fear that anything will happen to me.
There are some good areas, some bad, like everywhere.
If you find things you enjoy doing within the city, you can enjoy it.
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There really isn't much to do, regardless of a the senseless festivals we have for some reason
We work with what weather we get. Storms aren't very bothersome and tornadoes are rare
Lots of chains. I am under 21 so I can't attest to the night life, but it doesn't seem very prominent. There aren't many local restaurants
I work at a pool during the summer. It's a good summer job, but I would like to move on to something else next year. As far as jobs other than front line jobs, I don't feel like this is an extraordinary area for that.
There are lots of places to eat, however they are mainly chains. Shopping wise, the closest mall is about half an hour away, so it's fairly convienient. The selection there is very good, but it is lacking a few popular stores, such as forever 21. There are not very many local businesses, as they all go out of business shortly after opening. There isn't anything I can't get that I need.
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