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  1. Suburb of Cincinnati, OH
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Anderson Township Reviews

15 reviews
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Anderson is family friendly with a good school system. They gave nice parks and green space. There is a variety of shopping and restaurants.
Its not bad, but its not good. A lot of bad drivers in the area who tend to not care about those around them.
Cincinnati is a great place with many things to do. The area is pretty nice and downtown is a fun place to visit. The people are nice and generally friendly. The education systems are good. Overall, Cincinnati is a great place to live.
There are a few vacant, upscale homes for sale.
There is always plenty to do.
There is little crime in our neighborhood.
The atmosphere is friendly and inviting.
With the economy still recovering, we have houses empty on our street and the values have decreased.
I am ready to move because of the drugs on my street.
Drugs are a huge problem in our area.
Crime is getting worse. Street car is stupid.
Food in Cincinnati is AWESOME! There are so many signature foods that anyone who is from Cincinnati or who visits Cincinnati will enjoy.
Housing in Anderson is pretty solid. I felt safe and I liked where I lived.
I love Cincinnati businesses. There is a great culture of supporting the community, especially with Cincinnati food and small businesses.
most people work in the city
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