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My family and I had moved here a year or two ago, but we had soon figured out that Anderson is a total island. Almost nobody leaves or even moves here from out of state. The area seems oblivious to what is going on in the rest of the world. To top that off, the schools are very mediocre. Most parents of the students seem to be cliquey and rude. Overall, Anderson is just an average Southern town.
I've lived in Anderson Township for the majority of my childhood and highschool attendance. My experience with this area has been a very positive one.
Anderson Township is a great community! There are great schools with great teachers. There are plenty of restaurants of different kinds of cuisine. There are also many nice parks to walk and run in.
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It is a wonderful place to grow up and has many things to do in the area; however, if you want to do things a little more exciting (such as the zoo, aquarium, etc.) you will have to drive a little bit...worth it though!
I have lived in Anderson Township my entire life of eighteen years and I have come to love this area. There are many safe neighborhoods and areas for children, recreation and businesses. I live in an older neighborhood and we are very close with all of our neighbors. There are many good restaurants and stores for shopping, appliances and clothing. We have many large grocery outlets such as Kroger and Target. The public and private schools in the area are top notch. The schools constantly receive blue ribbons for exceptional education.
Anderson Township has come a long way in terms of development over the last decade. There are definitely plenty of activities and attractions offered here, such as several health and fitness centers, restaurants of various ethnic cuisines, shopping mall, parks, festivals, car dealerships, a top-rated hospital... the list is endless! And of course, the community is overall friendly and welcoming to people of all backgrounds. Definitely a fantastic place to live in and even raise a family. Anderson is also home to many great educational institutions that prepare well for college.
I have lived in the same house in Anderson Township all my life. As an eighteen-year-old high school senior, I am now being presented with the prospect of leaving it. Throughout my childhood, Anderson has proven a remarkable hometown, full of warmth and support. However, that is about all the suburb has to offer. With low diversity, little nightlife, and only proximity to Cincinnati to provide future career opportunities, Anderson is not an ideal place for a young adult. Despite this, it is still a quality, idyllic place for families to grow up in.
I LOVE living in Anderson, granted it is not perfect but I have lived here almost my whole life and it really is a great place to live. It is very close to Kentucky as well as downtown Cincinnati so you do not have to drive too far to go cool restaurants or clubs (if you are into that kinda stuff).
I went to high school here and moved back after college in the house I’ve owned now 15 years. It is a safe area with many great people. The restaurant options are maybe not as good as other areas.
I like that there are various activities to do in Anderson Township. Including jobs and fun. Also it has many schools near its area.
I've grown up here. There has been a lot of changes over the last few years. New improvements on the town center including a movie theater and a bunch of new restaurants has improved nightlife for all ages.
Anderson Township has good schools and restaurants to eat at. There are many things you can do here. A great part of Anderson is Coney Island.
Anderson Township is a great place to raise a family. The public schools are great and there are numerous resources available to those with special needs. The one thing lacking from Anderson Township is diversity. Anderson is overwhelmingly white with the largest minority being Asian.
Anderson is a beautiful township that is family-friendly and has an amazing school district. There are plenty of places to shop, work, or see family and friends.
I love Anderson. It's a small, thriving community with quick access to downtown. The scenery is beautiful and there are a lot of parks with lots of activities! Good schools, great places of worship. Anderson has a great family feel to it.
Just moved to the area and I really like having shops and restaurants so close.
Commute to downtown is direct and doesn't take long.
Anderson Township is a very good area with many places to go. Restaurants, movie theaters, parks, it has it all! The new Anderson Towne Center is a fantastic place for the whole family. Especially if you would like to try out the brand new Sky Zone trampoline park!
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What I like about Anderson Township is that recently there has been a lot of development in the Anderson Town Center. It has made it a lot nicer place to be around. The one thing that I would change (somehow) is the traffic at rush hour. It is extremely slow on Clough Pike.
Anderson is a great place to be! The first suburb outside of the city, Anderson offers the same space as areas like Kings and Loveland, but at a much shorter distance to downtown. Anderson is also home to the Forest Hills School District, one of the best districts in the Cincinnati area. Extensive Beechmont Avenue is home to a plethora of businesses, allowing for many jobs to be had. The Towne Centre is also a large outdoor mall and hub that offers fun for families and jobs for those seeking them. Anderson has many houses of all different types and cost across its area, so selling and buying should be of no issue, regardless of your income. Lastly, Anderson has almost no violence ever in its area, providing everyone with a great feeling of comfort and safety.
I love the community, the school district, and shopping/food options! It's a safe place to live. An amazing place to raise children. Also close to downtown Cincinnati!
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