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I live in a small town of about 10,000 people. The best part is that it is a small town most everyone knows everyone. Some things that could be better in my town are safety, and jobs. We have a small police department however my town is close to the freeway and their are always some high speed chase, someone trying to commit some sort of violent crime. We used to have a strip mall as the years go on it grows emptier and emptier. across the street we have a Walmart Super Center and small strip mall. At one point our town was bombing.
The crime in Anderson used to be higher, but the Anderson Police Department has really stepped up in the last year or so. They are doing a very good job and the crime rate has gone way down.
I love this area. I have lived here all my life, have traveled to other places, but I will always live here. It is a relaxed area with a smaller town feel. There is many rural areas close by to spend time at. I see this place growing a little bit but mostly staying the same. I have noticed more people moving here lately. It is a great place to raise a family and have a career.
There's not a lot of crime that goes on. The safety in this neighborhood is good in my opinion. Its not bad at all. The cop are everywhere but when you call them they don't always show up when you need them. They might take a minute, and it shouldn't because Anderson is very small. But they will show up sooner than later.
It's small to me. I would rather live in a bigger city. I would not move here again.
The police are slow for important things and fast for not so important things
There's some seriously stupid people here.
This city has quality police emergency services. If there is a problem they will be onsite within 5 minutes. they keep our community safe and roads even safer.
The business here is really good, everyone is nice, food is perfect, services are great, I don't think Ill move.
Being employed by a pizza corporation lead me to think that this community is real good.
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