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Lots of people. Some think its the quiet part. A good drive from the city for fun byt great for horses and country clubs. Crime but not too much. Ice family farms.
This area is fairly safe area. There are police patrols throughout the community but not an overabundance to cause concern or one to be paranoid.
This area is a rural community. There is a combination of farmers and public workers. This area's growth will be determined by the aspect of property being bought and possibly being turned into housing development. Our community is quiet and consists of families who have lived here for generations. I have lived in several regions of the United States and found this area a good area to live in.
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Theft and vandalism has increased since moving in but seems to be in line with the growth in the area and as the area becomes more populated. Most seems to be teenagers not being supervised.
In General the atmosphere in the neighborhood has started to become more of a strain than it was when we first moved here. The type of people that are moving into the new phase of the neighborhood are very nosy and into everyones business.
very few times have actually seen any pull overs or desurbances
very quiet very friendly and great people
The police needs to improve their protection for the people to help decrease crime. Road construction time is another problem that needs to be improved. More workers should get involved to finish construction projects quicker.
I enjoy my time here, but the weather is so hard to get used to. Also, the laws here don't really make much sense. There are many people in this area that are enjoyable, and the accessibility is great. So overall, I think this area is nice but can use improvements.
very laid back different things to do
There is not an abundance of crime in my particular neighborhood.
I do not mind my current living situation, however it is not my ideal location.
I read about small things on the areas facebook page but personally have not had any issues.
It is outside of the military belt however, close enough to base that the commute is short. It is near small nice towns such as Sanford and southern pines and not too far from bigger areas like Raleigh and Fayetteville.
The crime in the area is typical for an area where some people are extremely poor and go to bad lengths to get by. I do not go out much for this reason. I would say this area is safe to an extent. I would be wary walking around during daytime, but would not walk around at nighttime. There are incidents that occur in the surrounding towns daily, and for that reason I usually opt to stay home. If there was more community involvement, then I feel like people would feel safer.
If I could do it all over, I wouldn't change where I live only because of the people I have met and experiences I have had. Without growing up here, I would not be the person I am today. The general atmosphere is a typical small sleepy town vibe. This area is located about 20 minutes from a military base. This brings a diverse crowd of people into the area. That is one of the good things about living here. The bad things are just the overall quality of life here. There are fast food restaurants everywhere, encouraging bad health habits, and a lot of people are so bored they result to making poor decisions. For these reasons, I would never want to live in this exact spot again.
This area, overall, is excellent for those associated with the military. There are many soldiers and veterans here. I believe it is a good place to retire or for those that are active duty. Career wise, your choices can be slim depending on your field of choice. For younger individuals, this may not be a place to stay. It may be a place where you could start off on your own. However, I would not suggest this as a permanent address. It is not too out of line, but some consider this area to move at a slower pace. Again, I believe this is an excellent space for older individuals. The military influence and impact is very obvious here. It is very diverse and they are making changes to expand it, as well as, the surrounding areas.
Review Anderson Creek Township
If I had to live here all over again, I would say yes. It is where I met my current friends, and where my family is located. While it's not LA or Miami, it does have its attractions and boring moments, but it is also the town I lived in ever since day one. I'd gladly live here all over again.
Didn't enjoy the area much due to lack of activities and new people to interact with. Everything tends to stay the same around the area and rarely ever changes.
The retail scene is somewhat sparse in this area, with various shops and businesses such as computer repair, grocery store, fast food, retail stores, a couple bars, and several gas stations. Many people drive to the next town to do most of their shopping, dining, and entertainment needs. The next town has a mall, satellite shopping centers, very good restaurants, and a variety of entertainment venues such as in indoor arcade, miniature gold, movie theaters, multiple parks, museums, etc. The area in which I live cannot come close to the next town in such aspects.
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