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Anderson is an old town still stuck in the ways of old. I would like to see a more global perspective in this small town.
Town is friendly and helpful. We moved here in 2014, and I love how friendly everyone is and I have great neighbors! The Main Street downtown area is quaint with shopping, coffee houses, a good variety of non-chain restaurants. The summer bands in the park are family friendly, safe, and also offer up local brewery tasting and food. Great colleges within driving distance.
There is a slight increase of crime, but nothing too bad.
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It is a pretty good place to live and raise a family. Some areas crime is increasing, but anywhere you are there will be crime.
Like all cities, there is crime here. But the difference is our police department. They are always visible and out, protecting and serving our city. Crime is an issue everywhere, but here it is maintained and controlled in a proper manner by our law enforcement. I have complete trust in the police force of Anderson. They are very trustworthy and capable of doing their jobs.
Although it is much different from my quiet, small hometown, I think Anderson is a great place to live. There are many opportunities here that are not available in my hometown due to its size. There are many places of employment, and numerous job variety. I am able to expand my horizons more than I though possible. The view is great, and the weather is always nice. I believe that Anderson is a growing environment and will continue to prosper over the years. I have chosen to move here permanently after school and will be moving into a home of my own soon. I would do it all over again if I could, and would recommend Anderson to anyone.
I see that the future for this area is growing and that the people who live here are very nice and it is a great place to live.
I have lived in Anderson, SC all my life. It is a small town, but is growing pretty rapidly. I prefer the small town atmosphere. I do not like the hustle and bustle of bigger cities or the traffic that goes with them.

I come from a large family, five sisters and three brothers and all of them live either in Anderson or a county close by and that is a nice benefit.

I see Anderson growing and developing rapidly in the next several years, but I don't think it has the potential to become as large as Atlanta, GA or even Greenville, SC.

I would choose to live here over anywhere that I have visited.
All the stores are pretty average, considering the location, but I do wish they had a organic market here. If I want to eat healthy I have to gas up my car (that's btw $20-$30), pack up 2 small children and travel 30-45 mins to the nearest largest city (Greenville) just to purchase healthy foods for the entire month. It's really annoying especially when you try to feed your family healthy but you have to debate on time,travel,and gas. If they would build a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's, (I shop at both in Greenville) then I would be satisfied.
There is not many things this area is big on when it comes to attractions. The Anderson County fair is one of the only great local evens we have. I would say this town could use more activities.
Sometimes it can get a bit hot in this area, but we have no problems with big weather messes. The most that happens here is small flooding but even that does not last long.
I would say that the food around here is pretty great. I would not know about the bars because I am not yet old enough to engage in drinking activities. I do know that there are plenty of restaurants that sell great food at affordable prices.
As far as for me I am not certain what the job field outlook on jobs for careers are in this area. I am only a high school student, but the career that I will be pursuing in the years to come will probably not be in this area.
Since this is not a small area a lot can be found just about anywhere. We have stores like Wal-Mart, our shopping centers, and grocery stores all only about 5 minutes away from each other. I would say the customer service in most of these stores are quite friendly.
There are a lot of options for transportation and parking is extremely available.
There's nothing too exciting in terms of attractions.
I've grown up in Anderson my entire life, and I am so happy with it.
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Always warm! Weather in the South is pretty great!
A lot of options! Anderson satisfies just about any craving that you could have.
Relatively good, but not as good as areas like Greenville, SC.
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