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Andalusia Township Reviews

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Houses here are actually really pretty and well kept together. People who come out here tend to take care of their houses and yards.
It's about half and half. You have your friendly people, and then you have those who don't care: just like any other ordinary community.
I always feel safe in this area. Even though police aren't around, they are when you need them to be. There are a number of nice people who will help when it is needed.
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It's not the worse area. However, there are a lot of things I wish I could change. I wish some people were nicer, and I wish the area had more money.
By living here I have met some amazing people. The town overall is small, but this allows everyone to know each other and care about each other. The schools are small making the classes small in turn. This allows kids to get one-on-one interactions with their teachers.
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