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The businesses in this area are pretty great. I have not had any problems thus far. Whenever I need something, I am able to go somewhere locally to get it, whether it is food, clothes, medicine, etc. I have not encountered any bad service anywhere. The only thing that is limited is the clothing stores. There is not that many clothing stores nearby, and our community could use more.
There's not much to do here, but the fields are beautiful to watch at sunset.
The houses here are very nice and homely. There is just one neighborhood in particular that is lined with run down houses and unkempt yards. They look abandoned, or forgotten, but I don't know what their story is.
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I've lived here for eight years and have never heard of any break-in's or serious crime in the area. The police tend to socialize with each other more than they patrol the neighborhood. I often see them parked at a gas station in the next town over, which makes me wonder who is watching our town...
It's Kansas. Anybody that lives in Kansas knows that our seasons come with all the extremes. Heck, we could experience all four seasons in the same week! You never know what to expect, so when it's nice, you really learn to appreciate it. The weather could change from sunny and 75 one day to 20 degrees and snowing the next.
There are a wide variety of local dining places in town. No fast-food restaurants, so there's not much open past 10 pm, but the food is great and the people are friendly.
There are very few shops here since it is a small rural town. We do have a couple of restaurants though where teenagers are frequently able to find work.
Andale Auto Repair rip me off on multiple occasions. We had to keep bringing my car back for problems that the mechanic caused. We had my radiator replaced and "somehow" the brand new radiator Steve installed was missing a bleeder screw, which was causing my coolant to spray out and my car to overheat. I will never take my car back there.
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