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Anchorage is very cool to me, besides being the largest city in the state of Alaska, it has a lot to offer. Growing up in Anchorage, in the wintertime it gets very cold; sometimes more than 20 below! Good things come with the cold though; ice fishing, skating, sledding, and seeing moose coming to eat the frozen boysenberries off of the trees in our backyard. Summertime, however, is a lot better. My family and I go biking, dip netting for salmon and hooligans, hiking up the mountains, seaweed picking; the list goes on and on. If you enjoy the wilderness, as well as the city, then Anchorage is the place for you! Also in the summertime, the sun never goes completely down, so the sky is always light, which is unlike any other place in the world! Come to Anchorage Alaska, to stay or just for a visit!
I've live there for 4 years. I have loved my neighborhood. Clean and safe for my kids and i. I would love to go back and live there. Especially to attend school again.
Not too crowded and busy like the busy cities. It is a nice area to enjoy the wildlife of Alaska. You get some wildlife experience in your front/back yard and you get a little bit of the city life once in downtown Anchorage. You can experience the gaming/fishing during the summer and that is the highlight of it all and more sunlight to enjoy all the activities.
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Anchorage is a beautiful city; however the crime and delinquency rate has skyrocketed. If you leave anything outside you can expect it to be stolen.
Overall Anchorage is not a bad city. The public transportation could be improved upon, and there seems to be a serious homeless problem during spring and summer. I would like to see more initiatives to help the homeless and a better city clean up program.
The town has a high drug rate and moderate crime rate, the side of town I live on is relatively quiet but other parts of town are less fortunate. Overall the people seem nice and convenience of the town is ideal.
Anchorage is a great city for those who love the outdoors activities including hunting, hiking, running camping, and outside aerobics in the summer. There are many different types of ethic cuisine restaurants. The summers are perfect for bonfires and night events as it remains bright until the late evening. Higher education school is both affordable and competitive with many opportunities for internship and volunteer opportunities. Although it is very cold during the winter, there are still ways to enjoy the colder months with cross-country skiing and sledding
I enjoy the bike and coastal trails throughout the city and the beautiful views from mulitple stops/parks including Point Woronzof Beach, Beluga Point, Flattop Mountain, and others around the outside areas of Anchorage.
I've lived here my entire 28-years of life! I love it! It's beautiful and there is plenty to do year round!
So far I have not experienced anything bad. I love the weather and the people are very friendly. It is a good place to raise family and I will defiinitely live here.
Anchorage is a great place to work, but there is mostly oil people up here.
There is a lot to do outdoors and there are many ways to get involved. There is some amount of crime here, but it depends on what side of town you're on. The public schools are good, speaking of the fact that they do not have much funding and need necessary fixes. Anchorage is a great place to live.
the thing i like about anchorage is the people are so welcoming and sometimes crazy which makes me laugh and get to experience the kind of people they are. most natives here are good and its a great opportunity to meet the people who belongs to this state. the temperature may be cold but that never stops people from going out or to other places. its a great sunny day and everyone is getting ready for camping and fishing. i love anchorage
Anchorage is a beautiful place with lots of diversity. However in 2017 the violence has grown exponentially. It would be nice to live in the honest, family-friendly town I was fortunate enough to grow up in.
I love living in Anchorage, AK. It's a beautiful place to get out & enjoy the outdoors. There are lots of places to explore that are minutes from city living. Activities range from fishing, hunting to mountain biking, & cross country skiing.
Anchorage is a diverse city. It's occupied by many multicultural residence. With the crime rate increasing, I don't believe it's a good place to raise a family. I believe the school system is failing their students and not guiding them towards success. All negatives aside, Anchorage is a very beautiful city with mountain views!
I like that Anchorage still has pockets of resistance. There are still places that are true to tourism and have a small town feel. I fear that this will continue to change. I would like to see the level of crime and violence go down again.
As an Alaskan Native, African American female, I feel as if the language and cultures of Alaskan Native peoples has not been honored, but instead is not taught to people who are not of this land. There are people in Anchorage who do not know about the Dena'ina people.
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I love this city! I've been living here my whole life and really enjoy the many different hiking areas around town. In the summer the sun never goes down and when the sunsets the view is spectacular.
I love the diverse community and learning about all different cultures. I especially enjoy how secluded we are from other states. I also like how there are so many things to get out and do during every season.
Anchorage is a nice city with a wide veriaty of people. There are plenty of plave withing the city a person can go to site see or walk around.
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