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This city is the largest in Alaska and has been my home for the better part of the last decade. I moved here from Barrow, Alaska and found it easy to acclimate from a rural town to small city atmosphere. They say Anchorage is the largest Alaska Native village. Anchorage has provided entertainment, education, career opportunities, and networking to me, not to mention the beautiful mountain scenery.
Anchorage is a good place to raise kids. There are also lots of programs in the State of Alaska as far as assistance is concerned.
Anchorage is a beautiful city, with just enough in it to keep you busy, but not so much that you get overwhelmed.
Passing through the open tundra heading to Anchorage Alaska was one of the best experiences I had ever had. A heard of caribou crossed our path on the Alcan highway, thousands of Eagles in trees along one of the passes, and moose outside our hotel as we continued on our journey. Where else, but the last frontier is where you would find this amazing landscape of mountains of majestic beauty is the backdrop to this fantastic place. Anchorage itself is an actual city; there are no igloos to be seen unlike most would perceive. They have a great pizza place called Moose's Tooth and an Alaska treasured restaurant called Humpy's (like the fish) has all the flavors of this city. If fishing is your game, then this is the place to venture too. You will find that the salmon and halibut are trophies fish. Hiking, snow machining, and skiing are just some of the other fun activities that take place. If you're looking for adventure, beauty, and culture, then look no further than Anchorage Alaska.
Good arts community with a variety of shows offered at the PAC. Good trail system for hiking and biking.
I moved to Anchorage, AK in 2006 and my very first time experience in the snow. The first night that we arrived in Anchorage was in late November and I still remember how beautiful and high the snow was. I was really cold that made my skin super dry, makes me want to moved back to California, but summer came and it was totally different. It was like a different part of the world, flower blossom and there were so many things to do in the summer time. It will be midnight and you can still see the blue sky, I remember always mountain climbing with my family during the winter time. If only one thing can change, I will really like it during the winter time to have a little of the blue sky because winter time around 4 P.M. it gets dark already, but Anchorage, Alaska is a very beautiful place to visit or lived.
I moved here from Las Vegas back in July of 2011. I love it in Anchorage. It's great to see some expanding going on. Summer time is the best by far!
I love being so close to so many great outdoor opportunities throughout Alaska. I wish the cost of living was more reasonable and the area was safer.
I keep to myself and don't drink or party, so I have no idea about the nightlife. I have never experienced the public schools firsthand, but they don't get good reviews, despite being the first or second in the nation in money spent per student. I certainly don't mind it, though I am not madly in love with Anchorage either.
Crime is on the rise and political corruption is too high, but lots of access to the outdoors and good job opportunity.
Anchorage is beautiful. There are beautiful outdoor places to check out as well as amazing city life areas to be. The atmosphere is very welcoming. There is always something to do.
I've lived in Alaska a long time, I'm from a smaller town called Kasilof, Alaska. Anchorage provides Alaska residents with a sense of art and culture that you'd only be able to find in the contiguous 48 states. On the other hand we do have a rapidly growing crime rate, and price of living is high. If you can handle the drawbacks Anchorage is a good place to be.
I love how anchorage offers many different views and activities. It is very safe and has been my home for 18 years. Anchorage is growing more and more and becoming more of a "big city" place, which is different and a nice change. What I would like to see different is just the trash that's always on the streets and the homeless people. As a city which is thriving I believe we can change that by organizing more city wide clean ups and even building a new homeless shelter for those who need it especially in the winter.
I love Alaska. Anchorage is a beautiful town that is very diverse. An example to show that is at one local high school there are over 100 languages spoken! I also love that everywhere you go, you are at least 10 minutes away from being in nature. You can find trails all over Anchorage to walk, run, bike, or ski! There is also the surrounding mountains that you can go hike as well!
I've lived in Anchorage my entire life and can't imagine living anywhere else. I like that you can get the city life but can drive 20 minutes and be completely alone. There's plenty to always do whether it is hiking in the summers or snowmaching in the winters there's always something to do outside. The diversity is amazing,especially since we all coexist without many problems.
I grew up in a small town in North Carolina, the U.S. Army brought me to Anchorage and the change was drastic to say the least. It is nice to be in a populated area that is close to outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, fishing and camping. However, with population increase it also seems crime increases, this last year (2016 calendar year) was one of the most violent years in the history of Anchorage. It is hard to see so many lives lost to the violence that comes with living in a large city.
Great community feel, even in such a big place. Not somewhere you would want to be lost at night, but there are some fun places to go to.
Beautifully diverse and scenic. I love this city for its ability to be entertaining either with the local businesses or nature.
I love the outdoors so living here is awesome! My job, college, hospital, and favorite place to ski/run are all within a three mile driving distance. I live five miles away from it all.
I grew up in the village, Barrow, Alaska. A very remote area compared to Anchorage, Alaska. Before moving here last year for school, I did go to Anchorage frequently relating to cheerleading trips and just shopping for food since Barrow prices are very high and Anchorage prices are inexpensive. I love Anchorage and i enjoyed everytime when I visited. One of the main reasons I moved here. I can enjoy the nature and beauty of Alaska and also enjoy the city life.
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