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I enjoy the summertime here in Anchorage. I love the long summer nights with the sun still out past 11:00pm. The vast wilderness gives enough opportunity to see the big state while being succluded enough to be alone.
I would like to see the crime rate decrease. Recently, the crime rate is terrible. I have seen shootings at high schools on the newspapers. I used to be able to run safely but now I am too afraid of drive by shootings.
I would like the jobs to be more available to the residents that have lived there longer than the people who are immigrants. I see more and more immigrants with careers that the residents should have. A lot of the residents are jobless while there are people from other countries whom don't live in Alaska with jobs that the residents should have.
I grew up in Alaska from 1992 to 2010, and I did love it! There are biking trails, skiing trails, running trails, hiking for days, camping anywhere you want. There is so much to do as a family in Alaska in the great outdoors. The weather can be a major downside as it is very cold and dark during the winter and it's expensive to live there. But time is slower there, people enjoy their time off outside, they are very friendly and helpful, and there is less pressure to be someone you aren't. We are the best at being who we are and not ashamed!
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Lived here my entire life, it's an amazing city with lots to do, whether you are an indoors person or someone who enjoys the wildlife.
I would like violence to end, I want peace in the streets. Anchorage is a great city when I was growing up.
There are plenty of things to do, such as go ice skating and other activities. Certain parts of town can feel unsafe.
Alaska is a really unique place to live. Overall, its great. Its very calm and peaceful, and the scenery is unmatched. However, there are a lot of problems with drugs, violence, and homelessness.
Alaska is a beautiful place to live. It offers new experiences unimaginable that no other state can offer. I wouldn't change anything about Alaska because the things that need to be change is on a global standpoint because in order to change our states we have to change the social norm of our society.
Anchorage is a growing community, but you still have your beautiful scenery. My favorite is when you are driving to the valley and you can enjoy the fresh air and watch the beautiful trees change colors as if it may be spring or fall. I enjoy fall in anchorage you get the best in both worlds the beautiful fall colors in town and from a distence you can see the snow calming down the mountains.
Anchorage is a beautiful place to live if you like the outdoors/outdoor activities. This is a suburban city with an interesting balance between city and country.
Beautiful home town of people. I love the nature here and the welcoming of people. It is so diverse.
I love the scenery. Prices are extremely high but it's easy to forget how far away you are from the lower 48. Construction is the worse. You know it's summer when you see construction. However, summer activities in one of the most beautiful states ever make up for the long waits in construction zones.
Anchorage is a very unique place because approximately half of the local residents are bitter conservatives and the other half are more progressive. We have a growing LGBTQ+ scene with resources slowly becoming more available.
If you're a fan of outdoor athletics we have a great system of bike trails, and you're a relatively short drive from being in complete wilderness.
Just be aware we unfortunately one of the highest rates of sexual assault in the country.
The crime has risen. The neighborhoods could use some updates. The city could use some development. Not much of a night life, and updates to their public transportation.
It is a beautiful place to live. Very wild with trees and moose all over the place. Crime isn't too bad. Pretty large military presence with a joint base a couple miles out of Anchorage.
Overall a good place to live. However, the State is broke, and the crime is rising, due to inadequate enforcement laws and prosecution. Jobs are not plentiful.
Anchorage is a city with a small town feel. Nature is only 15 minutes away and the best part about it is that once you're off the road, theres no cell service. When I go out of town, I can't be reached and it makes vacationing that much more relaxing!
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I moved to Anchorage last fall to make my commute to school easier. There is a lot more to do out in the city and more to explore. It is unsettling the amount of times I have heard gun shots in the vicinity at night when I'm sleeping.
Anchorage is a beautiful city. In the winter there is not much you can do outside because of the snow and the cold. So you only really get out half the year
Anchorage is a small city but with lots of outdoor activities. You can fish, camp, hike in the summer. Snowboard and ski during the winter. Its an all around good place to live if you like a small town.
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