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Anchorage is one of the biggest cities in the state of Alaska, and it is very diverse. A few of the most diverse high schools in the United States are in Anchorage which is actually pretty amazing to think about.
I have lived in Anchorage, Alaska the majority of my life. Since the pandemic, I have become very disappointed with the way our city is run. I believe the lack of decent people in our state government has helped breed the horrible crime and incarceration rates in our city.
Anchorage is a very beautiful and diverse place. I love the many seasons we get over the year. It gets no better than an Alaskan summer! There’s so much to do outdoors, it’s always an adventure!
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Anchorage sits northwest of the Chugach mountains and in front of the Cook Inlet. It is beautiful, and being on the road system, you can drive out and enjoy nature and scenery.
I love the people here in Anchorage, AK. They are the nicest and most helpful people I've met. Although, driving here in Anchorage during the winter time can be very scary.
Anchorage is a great place to live. The people here are always ready and willing to help those in need. Even during this time of Covid there are many people helping neighbors.
I am surrounded by mountains and fresh air. I love to drive to the seaside, bluffs whenever I want to, close enough to drive only for 20 minutes. Anchorage is a small town, It would not take more than an hour to drive across the city, but we have all necessaries in town.
It’s been nice. Lived here all my life. I like how peaceful it is. Has the vibe of a small town but it isn’t. It’s not chaotic. It’s gorgeous when you actually go out. Comparing to other cities. This place is so much better.
Anchorage is city that is not too populated. it has close access to country side which is great for outdoor recreation. More convenient store would be great.
I have lived in Anchorage for over five years. So far it’s been a great experience. I have two children and there are a great number of parks and playgrounds all over town. Some of them are hidden treasures, we love to do park tours and visit multiple parks and playgrounds in an afternoon. There are great walking trails as well, you can get to a lot of places on the trail throughout the city. They are well maintained and clean and another great way to get the kids out and explore and run some of their energy off. There are amazing restaurants and cafes to enjoy food for every taste. The hospitals have taken care of myself and my family very well. I have delivered one of my children at The Alaska Native Medical Center, the care there was great. My family has a strong medical team that is well connected between Alaska Native Medical Center and Providence The scenic views around town are beautiful too. We like to drive over to part of the inlet at Point Woronzof, wonderful view.
Anchorage is small but rather quick and efficient to get around. Aside from that Anchorage is one one of the most beautiful city.
Anchorage, Alaska is definitely a whole world of its own. Anchorage is an amazing place if you enjoy all four seasons and outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing. It is a great city, but don't expect anything like New York or LA. Most people come to enjoy the nature surrounding Anchorage.
It was a scary city, I was always prepared to just die at any moment. I was also prepared to throw hands at any time. Weirdos are sprinkled around the city, but the good out weights the bad.
Anchorage is a beautiful city with easy access to urban, suburban, and rural centers all within a short drive! The proximity to nature is also incredible. The Anchorage community is a close-knit and caring people.
Anchorage is an incredible town to live in, and a great one to visit as well! We are the gateway to the beautiful and wild Alaskan outdoors. With mountains and ocean on all sides of our small city, there is an activity for everyone.
Anchorage has been my second home. I grew up here with my friends and went to the same highschool. Anchorage is such a beautiful city and we used to drive around and enjoy the beauty of nature; the mountains, the fjords and the salmon from fishing. Years ago, it’s not much people here. But years gone by, I have seen a lot of changes. I’ve seen lots of cars now in the highway, or in small towns. Also, I’ve seen diversity of people thats lives here now. I hope that Anchorage will still be safe although there are changes that took place. I hope that people will love Anchorage and make this place like home.
I'd like to see less homelessness and panhandling. But otherwise it's a great city to live, work, and play in. It's the hub of Alaska and has a big and small feel to it. It's not like other major cities it has its own charm.
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It’s a pretty okay place. Most of the time you won’t see a lot of people out. Most people like to mind their own business.
So many fun things to do in the summer. Winter is long so it is ideal for those ski and winter sport types.
Anchorage is a nice town with a decent selection of stores, hotels, and restaurants. However the city that is the size of a town, does not boast too much for recreational activities that doesn't involve the outdoors. This leaves its residents with a desire for more recreational options.
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