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Anadarko is my home since birth. It is good place to raise a family or start a family. I would only change the crime that goes on.
Anadarko, Oklahoma is a medium size town. It even has the oldest BIE boarding school on the outskirt of town.
Drug problem throughout the community, but education and police efforts are, hopefully, improving the situation.
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It's historically bad due to lack of education, but it is improving on all counts of which I am aware.
Although there is somewhat of a drug and alcohol program, the law enforcement seems to be improving, and is beginning to create a K-9 Unit as resources become available.
The Anadarko area is a rather poor one, although it does not lack people who live well and kindly in spite of their circumstances.
Anadarko is a small town with only a movie theatre as entertainment or fun things to do. My class has about 90 students in it but throughout the years our test scores get higher. The town is very poverty stricken and has a high crime rate. Police are strict and since theres not much to do there many people resort themselves to gangs, drugs, street walking, and gossip. The town has only two main roads with few stop lights. Many small churches can be found on every corner.
Many places are hard to walk to but for the most part there is no heavy traffic or congestion.
Law enforcement are unqualified and not enough education to actually handle situations clearly and unbiased. I do not care for the governor at all, just a smiling face for nothing. The Senate is engaged and moves like lightening when their is a concern for the citizens of the state. Absolutely well elected! Need more Congresswomen to uphold some more programs for women!
Many abandoned properties in the area period. Either people have moved away or died off. The housing has its areas of course the rich, the poor, and the very poor areas. Cost of living is fair.
The surrounding land is private property. Nothing left to say.
There are no incentives to get people up and moving to become healthy eaters or to join a fitness club. There is nothing in this community that works as an advocacy to increase a healthy life.
This place is unseasoned, a racist white community and I would never choose to raise a family in this area. Traveling the world has made me realize this area is dark and no where near to becoming a wholesome diverse community or a great addition to the industry of tourism, fun, fashion, nor opportunity.
The only lively attraction which is seasonal is Indian City and the Indian Fair which attracts of Native Americans but because of lack of funding from the official and local governments there is not much tourist attractions that are interesting enough or built to bring in tourists.
Crime and safety in this area could be better if the police force was better at their jobs. Lack of intelligent or educated law enforcement.
The seasons are routine and come in on time. The wardrobe consists of all items for spring, summer, fall and winter. The most essential are cold weather gear and rain gear.
There a few semi-great tasting restaurants but no fine dining options for miles. The bar/nightlife is horrible and no variety, like sports bars or any type of sophistication.
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Most people in this area are unemployed. The highest paid positions are in government positions such as the city or an owner of your own business, other than that there is no expansion.
Country town in the slow lane and no room or desire to expand.
people don't aruge that much
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