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Anacortes is a picturesque seaside town. The gateway to the San Juan Islands, as well as a historic fishing community. With multiple public parks, beaches, and hiking trails, there is something for everyone.
Too small, people aren't super welcoming. It's more of a retirement community than a place for families. People are either too uptight or too wild.
Anacortes is a safe town, with great schools and lots of outdoor activities. It can be a little expensive to live here and there isn't much of a nightlife.
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To me Anacortes is perfect in every way. Great outdoors, necessities close by, great people - everything!
Anacortes is a nice town. The schools are good and the teachers really seem to care about the students. There are a TON of outdoor activities, even in the winter. Unfortunately the cost-of-living is a little higher and so is the cost of housing.
I love Anacortes, the people are friendly, not a lot of crime, not a lot of traffic, no big buses to put your face on, beautiful views of land and islands. it's beautiful although the school district is broken. At least at the high school and middle school. Safety though, you always feel safe. It might be a little expensive but look at all you get.
Anacortes is a small town with friendly people, breathtaking ocean views, and a gem of a vacation spot. There is endless recreational activities on this island such as hiking, biking, swimming, and dancing! This small town has amazing restaurants, parks, lakes, and beaches. It is a family friendly place to vacation its an even better place to raise a family because of how safe the community is!
There is a noticeable illegal drug problem.
Education is great, but boring for teenagers.
There is a very low crime rate in the city of Anacortes. Crimes do not happen very often and when they do, the police are very good to victims, and will do everything they can to instill justice.
I absolutely love Anacortes! It is a very sweet small town, with a close-knit community, beautiful scenery, and many delicious restaurants. There are fun activities to do in town throughout the year and it is a popular tourist destination. This makes traffic in town worse during the spring and summer months, however it is worth it to share our home with people from all over the world! The town is very supportive of its schools, and consequently the school and its students are respectful of the community and its members.
Anacortes has such a sense of safety that you rarely hear of crime.
Growing up on a beautiful island next to the ocean was near perfect. With warm summers, mild winters, and outdoor activities beyond your imagination, there really wasn't a better place to grow up. The school were small but the love was large. I look forward to visiting every time I cross the bridges to get to Anacortes.

I plan of graduating and raising my children like my parents did with myself and my siblings. I have traveled all over Europe and Asia and have found that this little island will forever be my home. I know that nothing but great things are in store for this small town.
We have a drug problem, but buildings and homes are almost entirely well kept. We have a lot of petty theft, but the police handle the problems.
Washington, in general, is a wonderful state, and there are not many other places I would choose to live. It is beautiful and very progressive. I moved here when I was 12 (I am now 19) and I would not change it for anything. I hope to live in Washington for a good part of my life, just maybe not this town.
There should be more to do for teenagers
I've met quite a few police officers in town and they are some of the coolest people I have ever talked to. An officer from the Anacortes PD paid a visit to my civics class in high school to provide some perspective into the life of a police officer, the processes and habits of criminals, and a lecture on how doing bad things can really begin to stack up, using a ladder analogy to explain the process ("the higher you go, the harder it is to get back down). All the while, he didn't sound at all like a ripoff version of Robocop or judge dress. The guy was not only easy to listen and talk to, but also HILARIOUS!

Needless to say, I trust the PD here, they're good people, willing to work with others WITHOUT having to resort to violence.
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Anacortes, although primarily a tourism town, is home to some the greatest things I have ever seen, ranging all the way from the community down to the individual people in that very community. Every resident I have ever met has been some of the most kind and cherishing people I know, and the people I don't know still do great things. For example: there is a guy in front of the SAFEWAY in town, a homeless man we call the sign guy. Every day, he is out front waving signs to passing drivers that have encouraging words, happy paintings, and everyone (including myself) can't help but smile when we drive past him. During the winter, he had no place to go, and seemed to be depressed for reasons unknown. So what did the community do? They all contributed money to pay for a very good quality hotel room for him for the entire winter. He hasn't stopped smiling since.

If that doesn't say something about the community here, then I don't know what does.
Anacortes is a great community. The scenery is beautiful and the people are friendly. It is safe in this community.
Ferry landing is always a sure bet to people. View from Cap

sante and Mount Erie too
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