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Amsterdam was a once booming town, and has for sure seen better days. More businesses are leaving then coming in locally. But it is not an awful place to live in completely. Like every town it has its good and bad parts. But with a little work Amsterdam could return to its glory days.
I have lived in Amsterdam, New York for my entire life. It definitely is home to me. I would like to see more opportunities for people who live here. We have free or reduced lunch for all students at our schools and we are recognized as a struggling school district. I really hope that more opportunities will turn around our city.
I have lived in this town for more then 20 years. But people are coming from different places and moving here cause it use to be a great place to grow up and bring up your own children. But not any more it has been a lot of crimes and drugs. It is a small town nothing to do, no actitives and resources for them to get involved. Some people are willing to help but aren't. If I ever leave its would be heartbroken. Just because I grow up in this town.
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Police in this area are always visible and address the needs and concerns of citizens right away. They are there to protect the safety of citizens.
The area is still developing , however has come along way with new shops, restaurants within the area
The crime rate is very low. I'm not concerned with crime.
If I could do it all over, I would not choose to live here again. I feel as though everything is always stagnant here. It is rather difficult to grow as a person here.
Not many things attract outsiders, mostly locals.
Cheap public transportation. Many walkers as well.
Winters are very cold and summers are very hot.
Many privately owned eateries with unique dishes.
There are many growing businesses in the area.
The general atmosphere is comforting and inviting.
Public service members are quick to respond.
We have a variety of stores from big companies to smaller mom-and-pop shops. All of them seem to thrive and have been successful in business as long as I can remember. The competition said variety had is great for the economy. Not to mention the number of jobs they each provide.
you have to drive mostly to get too many places but its good
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