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I have lived in Amityville my entire life. There is a lot of diversity here. Some areas are better than others. I definitely believe the school district could be better than what it is.
I love the location because highway and stores are nearby and pretty much everything else. Some streets are quiet. I hate the school system in this town. There's no good public school for kids. If you reside in Amityville and wants a good education for your kids, you must enroll them in private school which is extremely expensive. People are fairly nice. It has carribean food stores and many health food stores. A lot of families reside in Amityville. The North side is more welcoming then the south side.
I have lived in far worse circumstances
Review Amityville
it is average at best
a lot of police profiling and apparent traffic stops to get an arrest. Not enough crime stopping. More than enough Quota achieving
More businesses are being built but no jobs offered to minorities
Community is nice but sometimes has that small town cliquey feel
I loved growing up here, but I don't think I will remain here as it is a small town.
Depending on where in Amityville you live, you can have a good or bad experience
the police are separate from the state, so they are more efficient.
Moderate weather, but every couple of years there's a hurricane, also some flooding when there's heavy raining. So, flood insurance is through the roof
I don't really know first hand, but there;s a lot of businesses so there's probably a lot of job opportunities.
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