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Amherst is a small close knit community where everybody knows everybody. Growing up in such a close community helps you grow as an individual. You have constant support from peers and strangers. The school is not very big is population size but you get a lot of one on one help from teachers. The community has a lot of support for the arts with musicals every other year, live music at the local coffee shop, opera house, and the local community center, the Jensen Center. Along with support of the arts, there is support of the local sports teams. Amherst's pride and joy is the high school football team. During football season the whole community rally's up and goes to the football stadium to support the boys of fall. While it may seem like the community only supports the popular things, the community as a whole celebrates in times of joy and provides support in times of despair. The community in Amherst is not a community but a family.
A nice town. Very small with a close-knit community. People here are very supportive of the school. There are some nice community run shops like the bakery or the Falcon One Stop.
Amherst is a small town and a tight-knit community, but it is not as cliquey as I expected when I moved there. There is a small business district, but not much to do later at night without going to a nearby town.
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Very close-knit community with a lot of support for each other. Small town but great people. Most people go to church, there is a lot of drinking, and just about every family has a pickup truck.
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