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Amherst, Ohio is a beautiful small town in Lorain County. Although it has more than one stop light, it has the feel of one of those towns. Among the sandstone, you can find great new developments amidst the soy bean and corn fields. Old classic houses line Main Street and little local shops are prevalent in downtown Amherst. It has wonderful schools with caring teachers, who you often run into at the local store. Amherst is a great place to raise a family and retire in, like many have for generations.
Love the town of Amherst! There is just enough to fall in love with it. If you don't fall in love with it, it only takes about 10-15 minutes to get to a bigger city that you would fall in love with. Amherst has many coffee shops and cute shops to go to on a rainy day. Wonderful community feel and the people are so kind. I definitely recommend stopping in Amherst and exploring the area!
I grew up here. It's fine. Downtown is starting to come back to life which is awesome with a lot of cool stores coming in and staying. Restraurants are good and bars are pretty decent.
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I have lived in Amherst my entire life. It is has a great small town feel to it. We have a small downtown area with all mom and pop restaurants and stores where residents go to meet up with friends. I like the fact that the city of Amherst isn't very commercialized, but you can drive a few minutes down the road and have lots to do and see. Amherst is a very close knit and safe community. It is definitely on the rise to become even better.
Lots of small businesses in the area. Very quaint little town. Everything is close and accessible.
I love this area. Most of these homes on this street are very nice. There is only 1 vacant house that I'm aware about on my street. Since we live right next to the highway it can get noisy at times. We also live behind a shooting range that can get very loud in which you feel like you are in a war zone. It's usually during the day when most people are working anyway. Once you have lived here long enough you get used to the gun shots. Like I said before, the Utilities Department of Amherst is running a monopoly where we live. I don't know if it's the whole city or just our street. When you have employers offering poor salaries and don't have options to make payments on a $598 electricity bill it surely causes a lot of stress when you can't even afford to pay half of that bill. I'm sure most residents in Amherst could not afford a electricity bill that high unless you were a millionaire. It's illegally and it sets me extremely when we can't even have options like any normal city in Lorain County.
I feel very safe in Amherst. Due to this day in age even the safest cities have criminals and/or people taking advantage of opportunitiy. I do not trust anyone and always lock my car and house doors. You never know who could be visiting here. We live about 2 minutes away from the police station and I have met a few of the officers and they do a fantastic job at protecting and serving with integrity. They take every call very seriously.
I can't really complain. There's quite a bit of wildlife and the parks here are great.
My boyfriend and I don't go out much since we work very hard all week, and are too tired to go anywhere or have the extra money to enjoy a night out. Especially since we are getting screwed by the Utilities Department of Amherst.
Most employers in my area only offer part time and minimum wage salary. Plus with the monopoly of the Amherst Utilities department and only having electric in our home, it makes it impossible to pay it with the salaries they offer. My boyfriend makes $8.25/hr! How can anyone live off of that?! I work 2 jobs currently, but do not work in Amherst nor do I make minimum wage. But we still cannot make ends meet. Our electricity bill for 1 month was $598. it is just the 2 of us and 2 cats. We are very responsible with our usage of electricity. It is against the law to have a monopoly, but somehow the city of Amherst can get away with this?!?
Not a lot of places to visit at night.
It is really hard to find a job in the area.
There are plenty of business, but also plenty of poverty.
There is not a lot to eat in my immediate area. However, there are multiple restaurants within driving distance.
The weather in this area is always shifting. For example, it is December. Yesterday it was 40 degrees, but today it is 24. It is this kind of crazy weather patterns that make living here rather frustrating.
There are some stores in my immediate vicinity, but I often have to travel to get what I need.
Police don't come around often, but may not be needed. Most areas are safe and crime rate is relatively low.
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There are some service jobs available, but not many jobs available for well educated people. Most people with formal education commute for work in their field.
Unique places that are always very friendly. Many different restaraunts
There are a lot of job opportunities, it just depends on if they have something available that you are interested in
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