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Amherst, New Hampshire is a very safe and great town. The schools are great, town is very clean, no litter or vandalism.
Amherst is in the perfect location if you're commuting into Manchester, Nashua or metro Boston. It's an idyllic community of charming homes, back country roads, a livable and walkable village, town beach on a clean lake and top school system. If you commute into the Boston or Route 128 area, Amherst is a little better choice than towns even slightly north due to the traffic congestion coming down from Bedford in the morning. It's bumper to bumper from the airport tolls to Exit 11. Traffic opens up once you get closer to the Amherst/Nashua exists. Close to the Manchester/Boston regional airport too. It's exactly 18 minutes from my house to the parking garage. We could not have chosen a better place to live!
If you want a community, not just a "town" with a bunch of massive builder homes connected by development after development, come to Amherst. You'll hear a lot about "the Village" and our historic town green. The beauty isn't fully appreciated in my mind, by people who were born here. The Fourth of July parade that take place there every year, is attended by families from all over including Bedford, Hollis and other neighboring towns. The schools are progressive, but excellent. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We had shadow days at other close by high schools in the area, and Souhegan was clearly a step above. Another great aspect to the area is the nature trails, the lake, the new Joshua's Park just outside the village for the kids and of course, Moulton's, our village store. It's amazing how warm people have been since everyone told me New Englander's are cold fish. Anything but in Amherst.
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Moved here for employment. While the commute is long, the traffic is not bad. A bit more expensive but the standard of living is phenomenal​. There is a community webpage where people offer help to anyone that may need it during a storm. Neighbors stop to help shovel snow if you get stuck in your driveway. There does not seem to be a Jones attitude here either.
There is an occasional bear sighting in the yard but if you are smart about it, they don't bother you.
Utilities are the only major concern, no natural gas options make heating bills a bit high. Electricity also seems a bit higher with above ground lines that are prone to being pulled down by trees.
I very much love the flora and fauna in the area and the variety of birds is breathtaking. Sitting on my back deck is very relaxing.
Finally, their school system is much different than we are used to and it is outstanding. The teachers are very involved and the curriculum is unique. Very refreshing, indeed.
If you thought the days of children riding their bikes across town, unsupervised or playing ball in a school yard with friends without adult coaching were over, you haven't come to Amherst. Situated one town removed from a major highway that can take you to the lights of Boston, the amazing beaches of the Atlantic or the adventure of the White Mountains, Amherst is a Rockwellian reminder of what America was, and where it's going. There is something for every family including Baboosic Lake beach, Peabody Mill environmental center, a historic village green and miles of hiking trails. We love to complain about our schools when in fact they are superior to even many private school in the state, a sign of a town that is highly educated and values first class learning for their kids. My family has been here for more than a decade and we love it more and more with each passing season. If you're looking for you and your family to belong, then Amherst is for you.
Love this town! Wonderful small town feel, but close to city life
I've lived in this town for my whole life and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
Nothing overly serious goes on here, so officers tend to find little things to stop you for. When it comes to serious things, however, I've found the officers to be very unhelpful and unreliable.
While the area itself is a great area, it's the people who live in Amherst are the problem. I'm the second generation to go through the Amherst school system. The feeling of superficiality hasn't changed. I was extremely bullied throughout my time in high school, to the point of severe depression and suicidal tendencies. If you're someone who likes to "keep up with the Jones", then this won't be a bad place for you. However, if you aren't obsessed with money and actually seek real friendships, this place will likely not meet your needs.
A very, very safe community. It's like Mayberry. My kids lead a "Huck Finn" lifestyle.
Amherst is the hidden gem in New Hampshire. The only reason it doesn't make the Niche list, is because they utilize the wrong population data. Amherst has about 11,000 residents(Niche says 490). The wonders in this town are many including Baboosic Lake Town Beach, Pond Parrish, Joe English Nature Preserve, Peabody Mill Environmental Center, two 18 hole golf courses, Bragdon Hill for winter sledding, Joshua's Park for the little one's, the Amherst Village which is on the national historic register and many, many other gems. The schools are progressive. Some parents question why they don't make the US News Ranking. It primary has to do with the curriculum not being aligned to the state test. The curriculum and school is more closely modeled after some of the best school systems in the world, and is ranked on US News as the #3 school in the state for College Readiness. The neighborhoods are safe, the people a very well educated and there is not the "keeping-up-with-the-Jones'" that is prevalent in our neighbor to the north. We could not have chosen a better place to raise our family.
It is one of the more expensive towns to live in. Due to high quality of life properties in this area are more costly than they are in surrounding towns. Despite high costs, properties are purchased quickly and its difficult to find an abandoned building. There is also a variety of houses in this area from mansions to mobile homes, so it is likely there is a house in your price range.
Growing up in this area many of my closest friends were within walking distance to my house. I knew all of my neighbors names and got to know them very well. Everyone is really friendly and willing to lend a helping hand in the event that you need it.
Amherst is one of the safest towns you will ever come across. Never once have I felt unsafe in the town and would often walk around the downtown area as a kid without ever having a problem and my friends would echo that same sentiment. In the 21 years I have called Amherst my home I can only recall one instance of a crime being brought to widespread public attention and the perpetrators of that crime where apprehended within 24 hours of the crime being done. To put it simply its the kind of town you want to raise your kids.
This is one of the best areas in the country. I have traveled all over the nation and I still haven't come across a town with the same charm as Amherst. Amherst has a small town feel, but is only an hour away from Boston, the mountains, or the seacoast. Even with all of those resources being just an hour away, you don't have to travel that far to immerse yourself in those types of environments. Amherst is home to the Ponemah bog, multiple trails, and Baboosic lake. These areas provide residents the ability to explore some of the most scenic areas the state has to offer within walking distance. It also has some of the best people in the world, it is home to both white and blue collar Americans, all of which are friendly and willing to help out when needed. This is best exemplified by the Joshua Park project which had members of the town raise money and create a park for the kids of the town. I don't know if that park would have been made without the efforts made by the citizens of the town. The fact is Amherst is truly a special town and you'd be lucky to live there.
Small town, everyone knows everyone, zero crime, great police.
Small town, great for raising kids, has a great school system.
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People generally feel incredibly safe in the community. Policemen are kind and responsive, and the community usually sees very little crime
Small, stuffy town with a lot of local politics. School system is strong but the people on the school board are manipulative or corrupt. Some work opportunities, but they're not exemplar. Nearly anything important requires a substantial commute
No complaints as the efforts of the community seem to coincide for the most part with morale citizenship and when conflict arises the local departments tend to work in unison to locate prevalent issues.
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