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Amherst is a quiet little town that provides a wonderful historical town, a great education system for families, and is one of the safest places to live since the police and fire department are always on the lookout!
Amherst is a pretty little town with a lot of nice people but I did feel sheltered growing up here. It’s the epitome of an upper middle class, white, small town in New England. Great schools and generally friendly environment.
Amherst is where I grew up. I know it as home, though it does have its downsides. For the most part, Amherst is fairly pretty. Although, the people within the town, and the board of selectmen are what's wrong with our town.
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I like that it is rural and has a historical village. A large portion of the town is wetlands which is very peaceful. At the center of town is a historical village. Everyone in town is very friendly. Since the town is small you get to know all you neighbors and know many of the people in town.
We absolutely love Amherst and all it's New England charm. Our neighbors are like family. Excellent restaurants and services like Dovetail Dental in Amherst. Tona of nature, parks and hiking trails.
I love it here! The community is very inclusive and holds many events to welcome citizens and non-citizens. I wish we had any diversity at all, but we have mostly white citizens. In our school systems, we are very inclusive of LGBTQ+ individuals and celebrate them through clubs and activities. In all, Amherst is a highly community-based town with beautiful seasons and walk-able streets.
Amherst is a wonderful town with a sense of community you do not fine in Bedford or Merrimack. We love the town, schools and especially the historic village!
A small town with very few attractions of interest. Very expensive to live in. Majority Republican. Co-op high school with neighboring town Mont Vernon. Souhegan High School is fantastic, but other public education is middling. Close to cities of Manchester and Nashua, easy driving to Boston and many skiing/hiking areas.

Don't join the town Facebook page.
Amherst is a beautiful, very safe town and a great place to raise a family. I have lived here my whole life and would not have wanted to grow up anywhere else.
The people in the town are really friendly and it is a quiet town. It is affordable and is a great place to raise a family.
The town is beautiful and very clean. The school system is very open and offers a wonderful education. The people are nice and the neighborhoods are incredibly safe.
I believe this is the best town my husband and I could have ever found a house to own and live. It is peaceful, everyone knows each other in the neighborhood. Great place to raise a family.
Need cell phone towers in center of tower. Public schools need to work on disability help. No night life, everything closes early. Town has a lot close by. Don't really feel connected to people in town.
I love the town that we reside in. It is very family friendly and we love the tight knit community.
Community is what we found in Amherst. This is a great place to raise a family in a safe and welcoming community. It's close to the airport in Manchester, close to Boston (about 50 miles away), about an hour from the beach and the mountains, and everything seems to be built for families. From Halloween, where everyone in town trick-or-treats in a Norman Rockwell village that is right out of a magazine, to the Christmas Tree Lighting to the Fourth of July Parade you can meet the next governor, or even President of the United State, depending on the year. It has all the usual activities for the kids like football, soccer, lacrosse, dance, cheerleading, etc., but also hiking, a lake for water-play and a brand new pump-track and disk golf course. It also has three real golf courses for us grown-up. People are educated here, and the schools reflect that too. Best decision I ever made. This is home.
A small Southern New Hampshire town, Amherst values education, public safety & community. Ranked in the Top 10% Nationally in: Median Income, Cost of Living, College Degree, Professional Occupation, Owner Occupied Homes, and Married. Easy Access is an Amherst hallmark. Whether commuting to Boston or Manchester for work, both have airports in reasonable driving distance via major highways. Ski resorts & beaches, museums & concerts, stadiums & theaters - ALL are within an hours' drive. Like the rest of New Hampshire, we are blessed with four distinct seasons with all of the activities to match. From apple picking to pumpkin patches in the Fall, Amherst boasts a wide variety of outdoor activities including a town-owned sledding hill and skating pond in winter. Summer evenings can be spent in the tree-lined Town Common enjoying lemonade, lawn chairs and free concerts. Our full service Town Library engages all ages with a full year-long calendar of events, displays and readings.
So beautiful especially in fall, but it is so boring if you don't have any friends in here. It is so calm that is suitable for families. and it is not far from Boston, Manchester and Nashua which makes it the perfect town to live if you are seeking for quiet and clean air.
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Amherst, New Hampshire is a very safe and great town. The schools are great, town is very clean, no litter or vandalism.
Amherst is in the perfect location if you're commuting into Manchester, Nashua or metro Boston. It's an idyllic community of charming homes, back country roads, a livable and walkable village, town beach on a clean lake and top school system. If you commute into the Boston or Route 128 area, Amherst is a little better choice than towns even slightly north due to the traffic congestion coming down from Bedford in the morning. It's bumper to bumper from the airport tolls to Exit 11. Traffic opens up once you get closer to the Amherst/Nashua exists. Close to the Manchester/Boston regional airport too. It's exactly 18 minutes from my house to the parking garage. We could not have chosen a better place to live!
If you want a community, not just a "town" with a bunch of massive builder homes connected by development after development, come to Amherst. You'll hear a lot about "the Village" and our historic town green. The beauty isn't fully appreciated in my mind, by people who were born here. The Fourth of July parade that take place there every year, is attended by families from all over including Bedford, Hollis and other neighboring towns. The schools are progressive, but excellent. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We had shadow days at other close by high schools in the area, and Souhegan was clearly a step above. Another great aspect to the area is the nature trails, the lake, the new Joshua's Park just outside the village for the kids and of course, Moulton's, our village store. It's amazing how warm people have been since everyone told me New Englander's are cold fish. Anything but in Amherst.
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