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Amherst is a great town. There is tons to do, but you're close to areas where you can escape from it all. I love the community-minded attitude of everyone I've met.
It is very peaceful here. There's many restaurants with lots of different kinds of food. The arts are very valued here. I love that there are so many colleges around, but that is also the downside. Many college kids = lots of noise. If you live away from the main streets you will not have to deal with noise...Or if you like noise and parties I guess you would like it.
Amherst is a cute college town with great night life for the college age crowd, as well as family. The community offers adorable shops, great community atmosphere, and great athletics!
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I enjoy the town and the people are very friendly towards students. the bus system could use some improvements but other than that i love it.
A pretty white and liberal town. For sure a college activist town. A lot of the shops here make money off of appropriating other cultures. Nice public speaks and hiking trails. Umass frat boys are very wild, scary and rape culturist. The other four schools do not have frats and are very anti rape culture. Expensive place to live but with nice buildings. Downtown is cute.
Amherst is a peaceful town and security is excellent . I have lived in the town for the last eight years and why I love the town is because the schools.
The community is amazing because the residents are aware of their surrounding. The universities surrounding the town makes Amherst exciting. At times the town is quiet in the the summer because students live. I also like the diversity in and haelthy living
Amherst is a great town however it has very little racial diversity. I got a great education in Amherst as it also is surrounded by 5 fabulous colleges (Amherst, UMass, Holyoke, Hampshire, and Smith). It is right by the town of Northampton, which has plenty to do and great food!
The latest controversy on public school funding has really offset half of the community. Plus EMS services need to be improved drastically since it is a Five College area. Too many emergency calls with low staff makes me worry about general taxes and safety. I hope the town overcomes the challenges as my family and I love living here. It is a bucolic vision with the farmer's market, diverse population, and good restaurants. The small shops are staples in this community which really bring people together.
It's a good town, needs some more diversity! Good public schools, decent roads, thriving but little downtown.
A family-friendly community that holds many events. A huge environmental and sustainability mindset. A fun place to hang around on the weekends and plenty of small shops and eateries to check out. It is also close to several colleges which are connected by the PVTA bus service. Easy to get around.
Great relaxing feeling, away from the big city life.
Wish there were more jobs for students pertaining to their career.
Amherst is a wonderful small town crossed with bustling college city. Having both grown up and gone to college in Amherst, I've seen both sides. There's a diverse population of friendly open minded people, and almost everyone is associated in some way with the five colleges. There are lots of great cafes and restaurants, and the art scene is alive and well, but you'll have to take a quick bus to Northampton for any real nightlife other than the couple of bars in town.
Amherst has beautiful farmlands, open spaces, and cute homes. However, it is FULL of college students and academia. During the school year it is difficult to find non-professional jobs and affordable housing. Keep in mind while it is a small city, as well as Northampton, it is still fairly rural. This means things close early and public transit isn't great. There are buses but they aren't frequent and they don't run as much during the summer. I would suggest looking to Turner Falls instead.
I have been living in Amherst for over 10 years. I came here for school and fell in love with the area! Such a beautiful place to live.
Amherst is a beautiful town located in the Pioneer Valley in Western Massachusetts. It's a very nice place especially for families with a lot of activities for kids of all ages and people are very kind and always available to help you.
I like that is a small town that holds activities, festivals, and block parties for all people. The down town area is small but has many different food shops from different ethnic backgrounds. Nightlife can be fun when pubs hold events. They have a few different barber shops and hair salons giving you options to choose from. The local Amherst cinema has a nice small sized theater that I've been to a couple of times, their prices on snack may be a bit pricey but they offer alcoholic beverages which is a nice plus. Everything is nearby and accessible in the neighboring town Hadley, such as target and walmart.
Amherst center is always intriguing. There are all these little hole-in-the-wall places that would take years to fully explore them all. I love the constant wonder of what things are when I walk down the street and the diversity of the crowds are always worth looking up from your smartphone. I love the small Hiking trail Amethyst Brook, it's a perfect place to climb tree with friends, or just go for a nature walk. Amherst is a great place to live during college, it definitely is a college town and that makes it even more exciting.
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Amherst is an adorable town filled with families and college students. The food options around town never disappoint and the feel of the town in general is very comforting and warm. The weather can get very cold in the winter, but for the most part the town has very pleasant weather. The people around town are very kind and welcoming. I feel safe in this town.
Wonderful place to live. Bus system is top notch. Local grocery store (review space will not let me spell out name) the name begins with A is inexpensive and good quality of products. Wild Wood Elementary School is one of the best in this county. Because of the population; a good chunk are students, the town is not as busy in the summer and there are a lot of summer activities for kids.
expand to provide more businesses and give student discounts please! I like the food and coffeeshops and restaurants. There are many child-friendly and student-friendly spaces particularly since there are 3 colleges in amherst! I enjoy living here except it gets rowdy around college campuses on the weekends. Not fun for non-drinkers and quiet-lovers.
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