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I have lived here for over 15 years, and moved here not knowing much about how the town was run. Most people's hearts are in the right place but there is little balance between what is an elective cost and what is necessary to provide the basics for a successfully functioning town. The schools, roads, sidewalks, and some parkland are in serious disrepair. Years of deferred maintenance has taken its toll on the physical condition of two of the grade schools, the middle school, and part of the high school. The grade schools are also slipping in their performance. Just check the ratings. The sidewalks are difficult to navigate during the day because of their decrepit condition, and at night, with very limited street lighting, they can be downright treacherous. Many in town are also not very tolerant of differing viewpoints. If you are not far to the left in your thinking, then it would be best to move on. If you are lower middle class or blue collar, then this town is not for you.
I like that Amherst is a very safe and generally happy town. Everything is very close by and the public transport is reliable and safe. The public school administration could be improved upon, but the curriculum is pretty good. There's a lot of restaurants and not too many places for teens and kids to hang out aside from the library. Many people are upper middle class and used to a very protected world view.
I like the diversity in Amherst you see many people here, you also run into familiar faces. There is a sense of community here in Amherst, you see many helping each other out and are always ready to stand by you.
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A lot of diverse people and businesses because of the 5 local colleges in the area (2 of which are in Amherst). This means that there are always a lot of fun and free activities, farmer's markets, etc in the area. There is also a lot of museums and art centers. However, if you live downtown or near the college campuses and are not a student, I could see how dealing with college kids could be annoying.
I like availability of variety of schools that are offered around Amherst and near by towns. It has a wonderful community feeling around the Bang Center, which is located in the center of town. The PVTA bus services are great for the students as well as the community. They offer many services for the community whether you are an elderly, student, or disabled in any way, they will find you help. The people of the community are great and helpful. Amherst is a college town and thrives with the diversity which illuminates our town. I am glad I grew up here and still plan to complete my Bachelors in Accounting at Umass Amherst.
It might be small but Amherst is teeming with life. The town has a vintage feel that somehow never gets old the more you enter. The locals are nice are have a strong sense of community and the shops define the town itself.
Amherst is a nice town, very quiet when the university is not in session. Since there are many colleges/universities in the area there is pretty good public transportation between Amherst and neighboring towns.
I love that it's a college town so I feel very at home with the people around my age. It's nice to see that.
There is such an amazing community present in Amherst! Always lots of town events coordinated from "block parties" to the Amherst Tree Lighting. There are a lot of small businesses downtown, all of which are amazing.
It’s a diverse community with a small town vibe. The public transportation is not great, Compared to a subway system. Best to have a bicycle. There is a nice bike trail. Its safe and liberal at the same time. Sort of expensive but there are ways around that.
A small town in Western Massachusetts that has really turned itself into a thriving environment for young and eager students. We all come from different backgrounds, cultures and places but we unite as one. Amherst is the home of 5 prestigious colleges with students who are the future of our nation.
Amherst has lovely, rural farm landscapes as well as downtown areas where you can access any store you might need. I feel safe living here. If you love the vibe of living in a rural area, but don't want to feel too isolated, Amherst is perfect.
i live here and it sucks . the student boy is very racist and homophobic and anti semitic. if you are not filthy rich then people will be rude to you.
Amherst is a really interesting town to live in because of the proximity to five lively colleges. The influx of people to an otherwise small New England town means that good food, interesting cultural events, and all kinds of entertainment are local.
I have grown up in Amherst and been incredibly thankful to have done so. The town is definitely very lefty, and people are very conscious of the "Amherst bubble" in terms of politics. Although politically it can be homogenous, I have found it really formative to grow up in such a liberal environment. The town is beautiful, very sweet little downtown, with nearby attractions like Mass MoCA, Northampton downtown, and Boston within driving distance. Public schools are known for being wonderful. Beautiful, happy, liberal town.
I enjoyed my time here at Amherst, but it does lack a lot of the city-like feeling. I've been in the city for over four years while studying at UMass Amherst, and the people here are extremely kind. I just sometimes find myself not knowing what kinds of activities to do here, especially with the lack of the city-like vibe.
Amherst is a great town for students and town people alike. There is a great range of things to do in the community and the people who inhabit it are always kind and friendly. There are many activities to participate in year-round and you can always find something new and of interest no matter how long you have lived there.
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Nice New England college town. Quite liberal politics. Expensive housing. Very healthy and outdoor lifestyle near the beautiful Connecticut River.
Great college town to meet new people and hang out. Lots of opportunities to do stuff outdoors like fishing, biking (in trails or road), and hiking among other stuff. This town is also very conveniently close to all the shopping malls and grocery stores at Hadley.
It is a small time with a very liberal political believes with a very good college at the center of it. the small restorants with very good food and family friendley environment makes this town a nice place to visit or live.
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