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Amherst is a great place to live. It is very easy to get downtown and a great place for families to reside.
Amherst is a wonderful place that is spread over a quite large area. There are multiple school districts and is filled with a multitude of different people. As we are close to the University of Buffalo, we have a fair amount of international students and you are able to meet different people from around the world. I have lived here my whole life and love living in this area. We are close to Buffalo so we have access to the city and everything that comes with urban living. But, depending on where you live in Amherst, you can also live in a suburban setting.
I have lived in Amherst since I was five years old. The community has grown and diversified over my past 12 years. Amherst is a great place to raise a family. I would love to see more unified community activities for the Sweet Home district in particular
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Safe, affordable, family friendly. Within 20 minutes the city of Buffalo; night life, restaurants, and culture.
A great urban/suburban neighborhood of Buffalo host to the University of Buffalo and many popular stores, restaurants, etc. I personally wish it was easier to access to downtown by a more integrated metro system, it's a 20 min drive to the waterfront otherwise. Great school districts and safe neighborhood throughout the town.
My experience in Amherst is wonderful. It is a safe place to live. amherst is very easy to compute. the people in Amherst are very friendly and helpful.
Amherst is a very nice place to live in western New York, with a reasonable cost of living and a lower crime rate. It has all sorts of shopping opportunities.
Amherst is Close to University at Buffalo North Campus. It is a good place to live since it's nearby the school. Easy access and good roads. Plenty to do and is a safe area.
This is a family-oriented suburb of a growing mid-size city (Buffalo). There are minimal entertainment or education opportunities for older youth outside of high school programs and events, but it is a good place for younger families.
Great area! Super good for kids, real suburb-y feel. Super safe. Diversity isn't great, despite being close to UB.
I’ve lived in Amherst all my life. I didn’t have a good school life at Smallwood, Amherst Middle and Amherst high, but I still graduated. Plenty of jobs are always hiring, plenty of nice/friendly people and I’ve never been robbed/assaulted before. I never want to move away. The winters can be extremely unforgiving but it also gives people side jobs of snow removal. Spring, summer and fall is always beautiful! We have beaches, festivals, concerts, etc all in nearby Buffalo (only a 15-20 minute drive away). Traffic can be bad, but most people are usually nice enough to let other cars through, letting most traffic flow smoothly. I will always love my town.
Better community events and more family events to attend for teenagers. More sports programs and to pay less taxes. We pay enough taxes and no repairs done to our roads and vacant properties.
I love Amherst. It is a quiet and peaceful place, with very little crime and many friendly people from all ages.
Amherst is a great town. Amherst is near dining and stores. Amherst is small and friendly. I would recommend living in the small peaceful town to anyone. Everyone is kind and always smiling.
Great neighborhood and schools. Beautiful homes and families everyone is so friendly and helpful! Love living in Amherst!
Amherst is a very nice suburb to live. The school districts are good and overall the community is uplifting. Not a lot of problems happens in Amherst and is a very nice place to live.
Amherst is a very family oriented area,that is right for people wanting to settle down in. It has a rather mellow atmosphere, in spite of numerous college students comprising a large portion of it, Amherst has a calm nature.
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I grew up in Amherst and hope to have a house here with my own family some day. The nightlife is lacking but it is close to downtown Buffalo, where there is always something to do. The neighborhoods are very safe, family friendly, and there are great school districts.
I've lived in Amherst much of my life. Growing up I went through the Amherst school system and remember them being top notch. While I've moved around some to neighboring towns, I think I like Amherst the most. I've been able to move back recently which allows me to be within 15 minutes of my job.
It is a lot safer than surrounding areas, but used to be better. Interesting mix of people. Amherst has a lot going for it, but needs to do a better job of encouraging young people to stay. The area near UB South could be developed a lot better to have shopping areas near it. Overall, it is a great city to live in.
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