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It's a decent college town. Plenty to do and lots of local restaurants with excellent food. The people are friendly and town is really easy to navigate. The college crowd can be a bit loud on the weekends but as long as you aren't right next to campus it's usually not too bad.
Great place for young families and college students, a little lacking in nightlife but lots of daytime activities.
I am a student at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Ames is a fantastic city that suits people of all ages and al life stages, despite its being known as a college town. It is a safe environment for students to learn, parents to raise kids, and the elderly to settle down. It's easy to get yourself involved in community or religious activities as there are select activities to choose from during all seasons of the year. Ames has a wide variety of stores to meet all of your living needs, and if you want to go out and have a good time after Iowa State wins a crazy basketball game, there are so many restaurant choices. I promise you won't go hungry! Ames has gorgeous trails to explore in the summer and fall, and winters aren't so bad since there is an ice skating rink for perfect romantic dates with your significant other. Although I chose to live here for the sake of my education, I wouldn't hesitate to pursue a career and raise a family after graduation in this lovely city!
Ames is a town that has all the perks of a larger city, without the drawbacks. You can get to the other side of town in 20 minutes, but the variety in this town is off the charts. The distinct parts of Ames, from campus to downtown, all come together to offer residents and visitors the best of the world beyond the city limits. Ames has that excellent culture of safety and community participation that Iowan possess. Growing up in this great city has been a truly wonderful experience.
Ames is a nice town, especially while in school. It has a great college town atmosphere and it is great how the city has embraced the university.
I'm an international student in ISU. Ames is a very good place to live but I would not recommend it for international students.
Ames has a low cost of living here and a very low crime rate. Being a college town in a low diversity state, the ethnic diversity purely comes from international students and minority students though. There isnt much problems here besides the fact that Ames doesnt seem to have anything interesting here besides Iowa State University being located here. The traffic here is pretty low compared to other places and its a quiet place to live.
When I first moved to Ames, Iowa four years ago to attend Iowa State University, I knew very little about the city. But over the years, Ames has become more than just the city in which I reside-this is the place I call home. The area surrounding the university has its own typical college town vibe, but the locals are what makes this city truly unique. Despite the size of the city, Ames residents have formed a close knit community similar to those you might find in a small town. This is a community where everyone is welcome, no matter how different a person may be. In Ames, there are no such thing as strangers. Just a new friend to be made.
Ames is a quiet town with lots of eye-pleasing greens. My college Iowa State University is also located here, more than half of the residents of the town are actually ISU students and staff members. Personally, I think living here is relaxed and comfortable. Plus, Iowa State University makes this town special, because whenever there's a football game or any big events happening, Ames becomes so popular and lively. People in neighborhoods are cordial and kind, I really like studying and living here, this town is filled with delightfulness.
It's a good blend of a college town and family housing. The scenery is varied, including large parks, some farmsteads, tree stands and patches of woods and prairie. Ames is one of the most connected cities in Iowa in terms of paths and trails. We have great educational programs that are striving for hands on learning. We also have plenty of local flavor and people are proud of the local scene and products. I myself work at a one-of-a-kind natural, contemporary grocery store that keeps in touch with the local culture. It really is a great place to raise kids.
Great experience living in this fun little town that each days is expanding. When I first moved to Ames it was a little town that expanded into a University town and eventually into a city.
Getting in and out of Ames is a hassle. Traffic is always congested. Night life and bar scene, however, are a blast. Drinks are almost always extremely cheap and there are lots of college events to keep students involved and busy. There are also lots of cute coffee shops and delicious restaurants to choose from.
I just came to Ames a month ago. There're so many fun activities in this town. People watch football games every weekend so the town is always crowded. Also there're many events that I'm interested to participate
I hear police, ambulance, and fire truck alarms all the time but have not experienced any troubles myself.
I love living here. The town is fantastic, quality here is amazing, and it has a great general feel.
My apartment is amazing, but I do wish it was a little cheaper.
The community is very pet friendly but I wish pets were allowed in my apartment complex.
Iowa State University offers SafeRide which will pick you up and take you to your house if you do not feel safe walking there by yourself. SafeRide does not go to my apartment complex, so I think they need to work on expanding their borders since my apartment is only a couple miles away from campus.
There are a lot of new apartments, stores, and restaurants being built or renovated. In the future, I can see more people and greater diversity coming to this area.
I feel a great sense of community in Ames even though I've only been here for a short time so far.
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