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Ames is an amazing town, one which is coupled with the exquisite old town feel and the modern livelihood of the Iowa State campus. Both are in a harmonic flow, being seen in volunteer efforts with Iowa State's clubs and organizations and the town's needs with the youth primary and secondary schools. Located just north of Des Moines, Ames offers an amazing escape from the immense urban feel, while still holding true to a nice convenient location for businesses to prosper. Everyone I know loves the town and we can state that it offers the best of both worlds.
I love the college town feel. Everyone is extremely kind and happy to help others, whether they know them or not. The town is very college town friendly as well as family friendly. I feel very safe walking around town.
Ames has a unique feel of a typical college town with a blend of small-town Iowa hospitality. The city has two hubs, the first around Iowa State University and the second in historic downtown Ames. Around campus are a variety of food and drink options and the night life favors the younger, college-aged crowd. Downtown has more sit-down dining options and a relaxed bar scene. A hidden gem is Torrent Brewery, a nice microbrew just off of Main Street.
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Ames is a great town with a small town atmosphere along with the diversity of Iowa Stare University. There could always be more family friendly events. There are great schools in Ames.
Ames, IA is a lovely college town with a down to earth atmosphere and friendly environment. It has beautiful neighborhoods & parks. The public transportation is frequent, reliable, & clean. Traffic can get slowed down at certain times during after school hours.
Very nice people and neighbors. In the Gilbert School District is you live on the edge. Great for children and families to play on the many parks. Iowa state university is in Ames. Very small commute.
Ames is a big town with a small town feel. Due to the presence of Iowa State University, the town is extremely populated during the year, but during the summer nearly 2/3 of Ames (AKA Students) travel home for the summer. Ames is a wonderful town with numerous opportunities for outdoor recreation, great restaurants, numerous job opportunities, and plenty of wonderful people. The town is continuous growing with two school districts in the area that are both great (Ames and Gilbert Community School District). Perfect for families with kids or perfect for new house owners, Ames has everything that anyone could need.
Ames is a college town that wants to be a small farm town. There is very little to do outside of campus.
I like how in Ames many places are within walking distance. Ames has good public transportation if needed. It's a college town, but away from campus is quiet and people are rather good natured. The college itself is known for its agricultural and engineering programs. Finding an affordable place to live isn't hard in Ames. The city offers plenty of recreational and professional options. It is also close to the capitol city, Des Moines.
Larger town but with a small town feeling. I like how Ames offered the shopping of a large town but the feel of a small town. Growing community with more shopping and food coming in.
Two of my four children attended Iowa State. It allowed the feeling
they were on their own, yet Mom felt they were close to heart.
Des Moines is close by and Mall of America. Very safe secure family friendly
Ames is very friendly and nice city to live in. It has very nice people and a friendly neighborhood. You can find any job easily to work through the day and be home at night with your friends and family. Night life is lit, as you can find bars easily across the street to hangout and pick up some girls.
Great town as a student OR for a family! Very safe, quiet but plenty to do. Not an overwhelming urban setting but you still have all you need. Very good high school, average university (unless you're in ag or engineering).
It's a decent college town. Plenty to do and lots of local restaurants with excellent food. The people are friendly and town is really easy to navigate. The college crowd can be a bit loud on the weekends but as long as you aren't right next to campus it's usually not too bad.
Great place for young families and college students, a little lacking in nightlife but lots of daytime activities.
I am a student at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. Ames is a fantastic city that suits people of all ages and al life stages, despite its being known as a college town. It is a safe environment for students to learn, parents to raise kids, and the elderly to settle down. It's easy to get yourself involved in community or religious activities as there are select activities to choose from during all seasons of the year. Ames has a wide variety of stores to meet all of your living needs, and if you want to go out and have a good time after Iowa State wins a crazy basketball game, there are so many restaurant choices. I promise you won't go hungry! Ames has gorgeous trails to explore in the summer and fall, and winters aren't so bad since there is an ice skating rink for perfect romantic dates with your significant other. Although I chose to live here for the sake of my education, I wouldn't hesitate to pursue a career and raise a family after graduation in this lovely city!
Ames is a town that has all the perks of a larger city, without the drawbacks. You can get to the other side of town in 20 minutes, but the variety in this town is off the charts. The distinct parts of Ames, from campus to downtown, all come together to offer residents and visitors the best of the world beyond the city limits. Ames has that excellent culture of safety and community participation that Iowan possess. Growing up in this great city has been a truly wonderful experience.
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Ames is a nice town, especially while in school. It has a great college town atmosphere and it is great how the city has embraced the university.
I'm an international student in ISU. Ames is a very good place to live but I would not recommend it for international students.
Ames has a low cost of living here and a very low crime rate. Being a college town in a low diversity state, the ethnic diversity purely comes from international students and minority students though. There isnt much problems here besides the fact that Ames doesnt seem to have anything interesting here besides Iowa State University being located here. The traffic here is pretty low compared to other places and its a quiet place to live.
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