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Amery is a small town of about 2500 in western Wisconsin. The schools, academically, are very good. However, the high school struggles with a drug problem that staff choose to ignore. Aside from that, the town is very family friendly and safe. A person doesn't need to worry about their children wandering the streets. The town is beautiful, with lakes and a river for water activities. There are also state parks nearby. Finding a job can be a challenge, since it is a small town. A lot of people commute to the twin cities for work, which is about an hour away. The drive is not bad, except for in the winter time. The snow and ice on the road can make the commute dangerous. There is very little diversity in the town. It is made up of mostly caucasians.
There are a few fast food restaurants here, and a few local restaurants.
There aren't a lot of places with new openings to work in the area. There are nice high schooler jobs, but no places where you can climb up the ladder. If you start working here, you're kinda stuck here.
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There isn't a lot of variety. Whenever my family goes to shop, we usually need to drive to a mall about an hour away.
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