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Americus is a great city to live in for retired citizens. I grew up here but things are turning for the worse. There have been so many horrible crimes. On top of that , the kids don't have anything to do and jobs are very scarce!
My experience here has been bittersweet. I love the small town life, but there is absolutely nothing here to keep our community together. Everyone here speaks but likes to keep it moving. I am originally from Nacogdoches Texas and I'm use to being welcomed anywhere I may go. Not many times have I lost track of time because someone I’ve never met just wants to hold a conversion. I love the school system here. I do not feel that the tax money is being used towards our children and their education in ways that it counts. I do believe some of the best teachers give their all daily for our youth. We must come together as a community and build our city up one street at a time.
I attend the local college. Most restaurants and businesses are withing walking distance. The people are friendly and helpful.
Exemplary and full of exquisite features with conducive environment for learning. Can't wait to be there. Am contented.
My mother and I moved to the address we are now when I was around 10 or 11 years old. My mom and dad had just divorced and it was a nice house that I actually showed my mother one day as we were riding by looking for houses in her price range. Our neighborhood is mostly family oriented with small houses on our street and most of the neighbors know each other. We don't have a lot of people that stay home during the day and like my mom most of them work. We have a neighborhood watch and we all look after each other's personal property when our neighbors are away. I live in a small town where everybody know everbody and it was a nice town to grow up in but attending school in another state is what I would like so that I can experience some type of change.
the community is very well involved in our sporting teams and getting together to celebrate certain things.
We have a lot of crime in this area. The police are always slow to come to the scene and the fire and ambulance show up 15- 30 minutes after you call.
Im trying to better myself by gong to college, but I want to better myself in another city. I need to get away from my hometown.
My area gives no single person room for improvement. There is no good housing, no jobs, and it seems like this area is turning more and more into a retirement city. If it weren't for my family being here, I would have left a long time ago.
With occasional tornadoes, and heavy downpours It can be pretty bad, but overall we have lots of sun and reasonable temps for the seasons.
Great places to buy food and clothes at, local businesses are also great at providing our needs/
The housing here is pretty decent, I would stay here if I had too. Very nice subdivisions and apartments.
Not really college degree friendly with jobs, even though the city is college city, finding something in your field would not be easy.
Pretty nice country town, still getting used to it after being here 5 years. I definitely like home better, but down here isn't too shabby.
local businesses here are small but everyone is pleasant. The shops are walking distance from the downtown area. I think it is a beautiful place to visit for the older crowd. Those that are younger might find it boring.
The town is small so when a job becomes available it fills up quick with someone from the inside of the job. Although this town is growing it is at a slow pace. Most people here go out of town for fun and family activities.
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