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it is a very nice quiet community
it is a nice quiet neighborhood and centrally located to schools shopping
There have been recent reports of shootings and burglaries in 2016 already. For example, one concern here is that we have recently had sightings of strange men posing as salesmen to scope out houses with home owners that are away, and less than a week ago there was a fatal shooting. Drugs are also fairly common, even among high school students.
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If given the option, I would live somewhere else. Lima has a limited selection of businesses available. For example, there is no Target, and only one mall, which isn't very big, and has recently lost about five stores with the past years.
It's pretty safe certain areas of town I would want to be caught in at night
The town is very industrial. Not a lot to do and the atmosphere drags you down around here
when there is a crime in the lima/elida area the police are on it
Elida is just a good area because its close to school and walmart
Not the worst place in the world, but I'd prefer if there were more things to do.
The restaurants are pretty good. Great tasting food, for a fair price with good customer service.
The roads have terrible potholes, the unkept yards look bad.
Most of the stores are great. Good customer service and all. But some are not very good at all.
There are a lot of alcoholics and people who abuse drugs. But overall there are a lot of healthy people too.
It could be better, but it could be a lot worse.
There are some bad neighborhoods. People are okay, sometimes nice and others are rude.
The roadways are very slick, even if it's dry out. But there are easy roads to turn off and on from.
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