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American Fork is such a fun place to be. There is so much to do. It also helps that this place is like 30 minutes from everywhere. Close to the mountains, the college scene in Provo, Outlet malls in Lehi, and so much more.
American Fork was my hometown and I absolutely loved it! I wish that I still lived there. I am close but American Fork is a cute town that has many fun activities and holiday traditions! I love Steel Days around the 4th of July! The Rec Center is a great place and perfect for families! I would recommend living here!
American Fork is a nice quiet town that is very family friendly and safe. Living there you're free from pollution that's common in salt lake county and the bustle of the city. The people there are very kind and all easily get to know each other, and the scenery with mount Timpanogos mountain looming in the east. Overall a great place to live with great access to everything you could ever need.
American Fork has made families their business. Well cared for parks, bike trails, Schools, and shopping are within minutes whether walking, biking or driving. If you are feeling adventurous, hiking trails extend across plentiful mountains scenes for your endless enjoyment.
American Fork is an awesome town for those who love a little bit of everything. From amazing mountains to easy-access stores and nice neighborhoods, American Fork has it all. It has a friendly feel to it, and neighbors become friends. We may not have the biggest city, but it is the perfect place to raise a family.
Great, family friendly area. Area is growing with the influx in large business in Lehi area. While this is nice as more restaurants and shops area coming to the area, it is increasing living and housing costs in the area.
American Fork is a quaint little town that is experiencing a population explosion. With the surge of companies on the so-called "Silicon Slopes," American Fork is close to all the comforts of city living- restaurants, shopping, and the typical Utah recreation. It is extremely difficult to find single-family housing, but the recent influx of migrants has created a housing boom of townhomes and condos. Job opportunities are seemingly endless, but the nightlife is non-existant. But do not despair- nightly fun can be had either to the north in Salt Lake or the south in Provo.
I overall really enjoy living in American Fork, the people here are very friendly, and everything you could want or need is close by. Depending on the area, houses can be a little pricey, even if the place is small. And the night life here leaves a little something to be desired.
There isn't a ton of crime in American Fork to begin with, but when there is crime the police are always quick to respond. They have a pretty active presence in the community (with their volunteer work at elementary schools, and postings at high schools). The only drawback I would say is that they are very stingy about driving regulations and give a lot of unnecessary tickets (perhaps to fill quota).
I loved living in American fork because the people were really fun to be around and although it had a population of 30,000 it still feels very small town sometimes.
In all the 21 years I've lived here, I've never felt unsafe. I feel like the community is very safe, and people have a good sense of right and wrong. The morals in this community are high, and therefore the crime rate is low. That being said, there have been a handful of incidences affecting my family - mainly petty thefts, one of which was the theft of my mother's purse from a locked car by breaking the window. But while I feel there are dangers of such thefts, I have never felt to fear for my own physical safety.
Even though I don't visibly see cops all the time surveying the area, the location of it seems very safe. I've never heard of anything happening that has caused me to be concerned.
American Fork is a great place to live. I love the kind people that live here and that it feels safe for my family.
Most of the houses are pretty nice however, from living in this house (as it has a lot of plumping issues) sometimes I makes me question, but other then that, the places are pretty nice.
I can't really give an opinion since I don't interact withe the people too often. But most them are friendly and are always nice when spoken to.
I took a Law Enforcement class at American Fork High with one of the officers for American Fork City and he was a phenomenal officer and man. He and his team taught my class so much and they are all very hard working and smart.
I love it here in American Fork. I a man adventurer and do not want to live here in the future, only because of my personality. It is a beautiful place to live, so close to the mountains and nature. There are plenty of children and it is a great place to raise children. The schools are great with wise teachers and fun programs.
I would try to focus on the positive in response to this inquiry. However, in all honesty this area's crime is bad and police services are even worse. Myself and many of my friends, family and close associates have been affected by theft, drug violence, gang related crimes and police brutality. This area's crime rate is on the rise, and there is a common fear of police here.
The area is less than good. Although, I strive to maintain an optimistic view. The scenery is breath taking, people are nice , and there is a decent amount of opportunity of work here for middle aged people. Unfortunately, I could never recommend this area for someone to live. There is a lot of rising crime. If it were for that reason alone I could get by. However, since the quality of public education is less than unsatisfactory, I have had to go into debt for private tutoring just to be at college entrance level.
There is little to no crime activity in this area, and if something happens, the neighbors are quick to respond and inform each other of all suspicious activity.
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