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American Fork is the perfect place to live or even visit. The education is amazing, and multiple parks and places created specifically for families! There are many stores located conveniently across town. Groceries stores are available as well as clothing, shoe, and stores that promote healthy living! (Exercising, eating healthy etc.) I would not have wanted to be raised in a different location!
American Fork has grown a lot and just keeps on growing. It is the perfect mix of city life combined with outdoors. There was lots of restaurants, movie theaters, and other fun places to go in the city. American Fork Canyon is about 10 minutes away for hiking, swimming, fishing, and so much more. Overall it has been my favorite place I have lived.
I didn't grow up in this city, but I spent most of my junior high and high school years living in American Fork. Overall, I had a very good experience. Something that is unique about this place is that the people are very welcoming. I still remember my first week moving to AF (as the locals call it) and having several girls my age make me their immediate friend. I felt like I belonged from the start. The fact the downtown has so many shopping, eating, and entertainment options was also something that I really enjoyed. Friday nights were never boring. The only thing that bothered me about living in American Fork was the construction. Certain roads had to be avoided to get to school, work, etc. I would change nothing else.
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American Fork is a great affordable family friendly city with exceptional schools. Lots of good food nearby. Great employment opportunities. Right in the middle of the silicon slopes.
American Fork is a safe, family friendly community that promotes healthy family lifestyle, values quality education, and fosters opportunities for growth! Something that would be of benefit to improve would include better roads and further available options for transportation and commuting.
I grew up in Provo Utah, which is about 45 minutes away from Salt Lake City. Recently moving to American Fork wasn't a big change as I am still in Utah County. However my neighborhood is still just as friendly, everyone keeps to themselves. We greet one another as we pass by or see each other. It's a very quiet and relaxing neighborhood for the most part. I live right in the middle of my block. The houses on my right a occupied by elderly couples so it's generally very quiet on that end. While on my left you have middle aged couples with young children. Which fits just fine with us as my niece and nephew are living with us, so us living where we do fits just great with us.
American Fork is a great environment, open to any age. It feels safe and the people are very friendly. There is always something available for anyone; the fitness center is a cheap option for any sports club, with a swimming pool for warm summer days or boring winter ones, American Fork canyon is just minutes away for a beautiful drive or a camping trip, or there are a number of parks and fun stores to check out. Everyone you pass will have a smile and a hello for you.
American Fork has convenient access points to several excellent fishing spots. Utah Lake immediately comes to mind, which is accessible via the American Fork boat harbour. A variety of fish can be targeted, including catfish, walleye, carp and crappie. Utah lake is accessed at many ports.

Tibble Fork reservoir, located 15 minutes from Timpanogos Cave, is another option. Catchable species are trout.

My favourite lake for catching pikes in Utah is Yuba. Frequently I fish at Painted Rocks, if water levels are up. Otherwise the Oasis campground, with easy access to the damn, provides good to fair fishing as well. Try casting some Mepps spinners from the shore.
American Fork has offered a great place for me and my fiancé to live while attending universities that are in the two different valleys. Commuting is central to all nearby schools
American Fork is a great city for those who don't need the flash of the city. There is virtually no nightlife to speak of here (unless the 24 hour drive thru at McDonald's counts) but it's only about a half hour drive to Salt Lake City where there is plenty of nightlife, if you're into that. Though I can't vouch for the quality of nightlife as my preferred weekend activity is sitting on Reddit.
The schools here are excellent, in my experience and it is a safe area to live in.
Job-wise it's great if you're going into a tech field as many tech companies have moved into the city next door, including Adobe and Ancestry.
I like how American fork has a small town feel. Very can, quiet and a overall nicer place to live. I have been fortunate enough to have great neighbors. I enjoy living very close to retail stores and anything that I might need I can get to in 5 minutes or less. I love all of the different places to eat. I hope to see that the roads and sidewalks walks will get replaced at some point. They are very old with lots of cracks very hard to push a stroller on with kids.
Great small town feel. A little older community and buildings a slightly run down but it is very clean and overall quiet.
I love the old history of the city. It was one of the first around. I love the history of it all. I would like to see the roads updated. But that is really all I would love improved. Overall this is my favorite place in Utah.
It is overall a nice place to live in. The suburb are always clean and I have yet feel uncomterable walking around at night (which I do a lot).
I would say American Fork is a good area in regards to safety. I just feel like there is a lot of traffic and a lot of litter. No one picks up after themselves/
I was born and raised in American Fork ,Utah. It is a wonderful place to live. My husband and I started our lives together in am.fork and would have stayed if we could have found the right house for us. Unfortunately Am.Fork is expensive with very small amount of homes for sale in our price range. My expierance growing up was amazing there the schools were great and still are we lived my sons school , my brother teaches high school there and loves it. If your looking for a good place to raise a family Am.fork is a great option.
American Fork is a great little suburb of Utah County. It's a safe community with excellent schools, friendly people, and it's close to so much to do. Provo is 20 minutes away, Salt Lake is 40, and what else do you need outside of those areas?
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I have lived in American Fork my whole life. I have only had good experiences here and there is such a great community. I am surrounded by loving neighbors and it is just a wonderful place to live.
I grew up in American Fork and loved it! It's very safe. The city is growing. Everything you need is less than 10 minutes away. I can't say there's a lot that I would want changed other than fixing the roads up a little bit.
American Fork is a wonderful city surrounded by beautiful mountains. There is so much to see and do. I love the people in the community. I like that American Fork is right between Salt Lake and Provo it is a perfect location for having a family but easily get to great areas for jobs. It is beautiful here.
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