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Small loving town they will stop for you if you are on the side of the road us 2P-ers stick together (plates name your county)
Most of the the restaurants are semi fast food its not quick but you stand and order food
We only have 3 gas stations 4 restaurants 1 RX I grocery store 5 schools---K-3---4-5---6-8---High school and then the academy.
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We don't have to many stores I have a memorial service to go to and the only place I could get shoes for today was a 30 minute drive.
There are two kinds of people who live in American Falls, mainly. White LDS, and Hispanic Catholics. There sees to be less tension here than most places, people get along and are friendly. This is a mostly Republican town however, and follows a majority of conservative beliefs.
While the nature surrounding the area offers activities, it is underutilized and leads to boredom. The people here are mostly friendly, however there is a drug problem in little towns like this.
I believe where I live is a gorgeous place with all the amenities anyone could ever want. There is not a lot of pollution in the area as far as I know, there's plenty of places to go and outdoor activities to participate in. The nature is perfect.
There are gyms and parks and thing of that nature in the area, but they are not utilized or are in extreme disrepair. For example, American Falls has a tennis court in the center of town, but due to disrepair is not a viable option for those wishing to participate in an outdoor activity.
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