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I like how safe it is and clean. People are nice and the weather is temperate. There is a place to hike near the high school. Schools are very close to each other. We have signs that say we heart American Canyon.
It is a very small town with not much to do, but overall a nice are to live in. I have been living here for over ten years now after moving from Napa and have not had many complaints. It is still close by to San Francisco but also Sacramento. It has slowly been increasing its population with new housing and also the amount of places to shop at.
American Canyon has been home to my family and I for the past 17 years. After moving from the city of Oakland we decided we wanted an area that was safe and quite. The town definitely met those criteria and we made this place home. The area we live in has all the amenities such as, grocery markets, gas stations, convenience stores, gyms, public parks, and etc. We haven't thought twice about moving and we continue to love the community.
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American Canyon is a nice a place since they are still trying to build the community by creating more shopping plazas and incorporating a local farmers market near the elementary schools.
I've lived in American Canyon almost my whole life. It's always been a peaceful and friendly neighborhood.
American Canyon is a small city and honestly one of the only things here great about the city is the high school in which I attend. The community here is small and great as everyone I have met have been nice. It may be different for other individuals in this area but it is great. If you are expecting a lot from American Canyon then you are thinking the wrong way. A great thing about American Canyon is that it is not too far from San Francisco, Napa and other popular cities to visit.
It's a calm town. It is a nice town for a family. I would like to buy a house here in the future. The school system is one of the best. It has a safe feel. I like the community, small town feel.
I have been a resident in American Canyon since 2003 and have grown to love this town. My children attend the elementary school and middle school. They are getting a great education with resource support as needed. There are good family restaurants located close. Traffic through town can be slow as the highway is the main road to get to Northern Napa County. I feel safe in this family community. We have beautiful parks and trials to maintain a healthy living. Love this town!
My time in American canyon though brief was a memorable experience. There was a new housing development being constructed and a raffle was being conducted, where my newly married mother decided to apply for one of the new homes. There was a stroke of luck and they won. A few months later when the house was finished we all moved out of our tiny apartment to our first home. At the current time jobs in the area were scarce. I was lucky enough to find employment at the Fairfield inn and suite by Marriott just down the road. The town and environment is one of fresh new ideas and for most people a fresh new start.
American Canyon is a small homey town that I absolutely loved growing up in. Currently, there aren't quite as many job opportunities in town, but there is building near the Walmart.
American Canyon is a place that I have moved to in order to get a better education at American Canyon High School. This town is a nice quiet town nestled in between Napa and Vallejo; very safe and you can see a lot of police patrolling around ensuring the safety. It's very diverse and there are many things to do if you enjoy doing things outdoors, like hiking or playing in parks.
American Canyon is a small town full of friendly residents. It is by far one of the most diverse cities I have ever lived in.
Out town is small but it has 3 elementary schools, a middle school, and newly high school. We are a town that is very diverse in ethnicity. The thing that I do not like about our town is the traffic and commute gridlock.
There has been incident where people will break into your cars.
The place area is okay but if you want to go out with friends you would have to drive to the next town over.
There isn't a lot of crime here in the community, which is great.
The community is great and the people that live in it.
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American Canyon is a small and open area. Everyone is very friendly and open hearted especially since it is a small suburb. I would chose to live here again because I would want my children to be in an environment of safety and comfort. American Canyon encourages safety and job opportunities, even for minorities.
The town is old but there has been constant renovations throughout the years such as new neighborhoods and schools. The road on Broadway used to have an insane amount of potholes but was recently filled in to create a smoother drive. The police are quick to catch the bad guys and patrol cautiously to maintain little to no crime in the area.
It is a small town with many family owned businesses. The town is looking to expand beyond that and to create a town center filled with boutiques and entertainment for the residents. It is one of the safest towns because it is so small with the police patrolling frequently. There is a brand new high school filled with talented students who need more opportunities in their small town to do something different and do more with their time.
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