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Great place to raise your kids! Family-friendly atmosphere all around. Great improvement to agriculture and infrastructure In the last five years.
Amelia is a peaceful place to live. I personally love the surroundings, the landscape it is beatiful, friendly people whereever you go. I wouldn't change a thing about the city everything is perfect here.
Amelia is a village on the east side of Cincinnati. The elected officials really do try and make decisions based on what is best for the citizens. The only thing I would like to see change is for us to have our own fire/EMS department.
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Amelia is a great little village that is a very close knit community. We have great activities that are sponsored by our village. I'm pleased to say I know all of our police and mayor personally. While I would like to see a decrease in property taxes, I'm happy to say if used appropriately, I'm happy to pay them.
Typical, white suburb with a 95% white population. They are building a new school not too far from the old one. It will be bigger and better.
I like Amelia because it's small town USA. There are a couple things I feel need to change however. First thing is public transportation because nothing is within walking distance. The second thing is pretty big. We have five different jurisdictional police. That's just too much. There are so many police that even though you aren't doing anything wrong, having so many police makes you feel like you are doing something wrong. There is no crime rate hardly so I can't figure out why we have so many if there isn't a significant crime problem.
There are plenty of both fast food, and sit down restaurants very close to me. The are of which I am in, is practically one big food strip that has all different kinds of foods.
There is an urgent care about 10 minutes from my house, a pediatrician about 7 minutes from my house, and hospitals in directions of east and south from my house that are about minutes away.
I don't really talk to a whole lot of people but the neighbors that are in the same cul de sac as me have been here between 10-15 years now. So it seems to be a good place and people don't just up and move away too often.
There are plenty of parks around. There are camp grounds and a lake near by and other lakes and rivers that are fairly close. there aren't too many fields unless they are owned by companies or farmers but that's just fine with me.
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