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25 reviews
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There are so many things to be said about Ambridge. I really enjoy all the different types of restaurants, and there are many older looking buildings that are just amazing to look at.
My problem with this town is that there are not many jobs available. If you are looking for work outside of fast food, bartending etc. you do not have very many options.
I also wish the towns people cared a little more for the town. If people of the community would come together Ambridge would be a nicer place.
Not a very up to date town. Many run-down looking buildings on the main street, but the high school is large and looks fairly good condition. No sense of town pride. A lot of parades, though.
In my area, the crime rate is not bad at all. Granet there are times where people just argue loudly, that's about it.
I have lived in this neighborhood all my life (20 years) and it is getting worse. When I was younger tgis neighborhood was decient, now some of the people that have lived in this neighborhood in the past has either past away or moved somewhere else. Some of the people that have moved in these houses are annoying and strange. If I had the say so for where we where living, I would have lived in the country.
Nobody talks to each other, rude when pass on the streets
Crime is at an all time high. very unsafe town.
In the past 10 years almost every business has closed, the crime is getting worse, and it is becoming an unsafe neighborhood. I'd never move back here and if I could do it all over again I would not have moved here.
it could be better but it isn't the greatest I guess
it is very average its like every other town
garbage is everywhere there are a lot of drug dealers
A lot of different places to see but the area is ok
transportation is great and its close plains trains busses cars anything its here
we have a terrible pot hole problem but other than that stuff is always fixed right away
there is so many different diversitys
there are places to excer size but i prefer to stay in my house
like is said before keep your doors locked robbery is common as well are car theft ho

e invasions and shootings dont walk alone because you could get mugged
it is excellent they always are there if you need them
there is tons of business except everything is sort of run down
when our family gets the money we are going to get out and never come back its just not safe you have to constantly watch your back
there are actually alot of community activities some people cant get out of ambridge others come and go some people are friendly to your face
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