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Ambler offers a great scenic environment for children and adults, although public transportation is scare. Buses usually run once an hour.
Quiet but very lively during the summer. The neighbors are nice and the since I live near Main Street, I have easy access to places to restaurants. Some of the stores on that street sell nice products although a bit expensive. I wish the farmer's market was bigger. The local YMCA is nice and big.
Ambler is a nice town that is close to nearby towns and malls. There's a local train station which provides easy access to Center City Philadelphia. There are also a lot of local businesses and festivals periodically in the area. I like the closeness of the town and the friendly residents. I wish that there was more of an active nightlife for young adults.
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It is a very safe environment to live in. It is the perfect location for a family with kids who do not want to be in a very loud environment.
Ambler is a great little town! The people are friendly, there are great restaurants and community activities, the accessibility of public transportation is very good, and there is a strong community feel in Ambler.
We have hardly any crime and if we do it's petty crime.
I love where I live. The schools are great. The people are great.
It is rare for something to occur here in Ambler.
Ambler is awesome. It isa very friendly community. It is quaint and charming. The main street revels Chestnut Hill. A real hometown appeal. The train station is convenient to get to Philadelphia. Dive less than a mile out of town and you run into horse farms. The best of all worlds.
Great place quiet and close to everything
Ambler is a nice little diverse town. There is mixture of lower, upper, and middle class families living here. There are lots of small businesses that have been here for a long time, on top of small businesses that are just moving in. The town seems like it's always changing with new and old people moving in and out and businesses being shut down, then renewed. There is a lot of undercover drug use and under age drinking but the violence rate is not high in this town as far as i have witnessed.
The population is older here so many restaurant close at midnight. there are no nightclubs, and only one bar. The restraints are mostly Italian cuisine, but there is one Southern food, and two Mexican cuisine establishments.
Many people that live in Ambler are older and they tend to commute to work either in Center City or in Lansdale of Doylestown. There are not many jobs in Ambler other than minimum wage jobs or working at a restaurant.
The two most popular types of stores in Ambler are pizza stores and upscale restaurants. The upscale restaurants are found on Main Street and there are around 5. The are also a myriad of pizza shops around Ambler as well. There are many local businesses and the only chains are McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, CVS, and 7/11.
Certain areas i would not walk down by myself however, it is overall pretty safe. The police protrol the area throughout the day/ night.
Nearby restaurants serve quality foods while bars see most of their activities on Friday's and Saturday's. All of the restaurants in town are great choices.
There are barely places to work unless you want to be a cashier, a waitress/waiter, or if you have experience in salons.
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There are no "popular" stores in Ambler. You have a small grocery store, two pharmacies, restaurants, salons, and a few pizza places. The hardware stores in the area are a little racist and you can feel it as you walk through the doors. If you want a good hair cut, quality food and need to pick up a few things along the way home, Ambler is a good spot for you to stop by and visit.
Housing in this area is nice. Prices are a little high however, you're paying for the quiet environment. West Ambler is the worst place to live because it looks like the only run down place in ambler.
Local is always better, and Ambler's is becoming better every year.
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