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What I like about Alvin is my school. Nice teachers and fun friends who relate to me. But here are some flaws or changes that need to be changed. Police don't catch the ones who are breaking the law, jobs or communities overlook desperate applicants, and new buildings are being built over precious open fields due to over-population. Basically, it's turning into a city which it wasn't before.
We love it, just wish the schools were better. It is up and coming so that's nice. Floods heavily though.
Great city with a great commute. Living arrangements near the college are very accessible and inexpensive. I would highly recommend visiting local antique shops and restaurants. 5/5 stars!
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It's a small town, I have lived here my whole life and I honeslty enjoy the home feel to this place.
Its a small town. Nothing much to see. Nice distance from Houston, and nice place to live in suburban setting.
Alvin is a great little city in Texas with very friendly people. Everybody seems so peaceful and respectful.
Grew up in Alvin. Loved the small town feel but we are substantially growing. Lots of new schools are being built which I’m afraid will make taxes go up soon. Not a lot of nightlife in Alvin, but larger cities nearby for that. We need newer and trendier restaurants for all the people that are coming.
Alvin is a very chill, quiet place with many elderly residents residing in. It is not a fancy, interesting place with many entertainments, however, it is a recommendable place for people who are finding a place to relax and enjoy a calm environment.
Alvin is a small town with many people pf older age. The real estate is booming and is a very nice place to live. Big yards perfect for familys. Nightlife like clubs and stuff don't exist here. But I love how quiet the town is. Not good schools though I did not sendy child to alvin high school and instead took them to where I work in clear lake. They are very poor and have terrible teachers. The food is very good here I would recommend tex- mex if you can.
Alvin is growing, but still lacks variety for retail and dining. It is very spread out and still kind of rural, when compared to surrounding cities.
Alvin is a lovely place to raise a family if you want your children to be able to roam as many of the 1980’s kids did. The town is relatively safe and has a smaller percentage of registered sex offenders than other surrounding cities. Alvin has several beautiful parks including one for dogs and a place for skateboarding. The only downfall is one the the pluses which is there isn’t much to do in town. That means teenagers have to try all that much harder to get in trouble.
I grew up in Alvin and am graduating from Alvin High School this month. It is a small town on the outskirts of Houston. I would like to see Alvin grow a little. We don't have alot of big stores or restaurants. The city doesn't allow alot of big changes but overall I love it and still call it my home.
Alvin is the city I grew up in. From elementary to college, I have lived here. I love the small town and local businesses in town. Most people who live here are humble, blue collar families who work hard and live simply.
If I could change anything about Alvin, I would like more diversity and more people willing to welcome people of different cultures and political beliefs into our small community.
Great little town that's close to the Galveston beach and Houston city life. It's continuing to grow and bring more businesses. Peaceful and safe. Lots of community events such as music festivals, trader's markets, food trucks and more.
Alvin is a beautiful town with a great host of different people. It has existed for many years and continues to grow with every passing day.
The thing I like most about Alvin is how close the people are. Alvin is a very small town and when something traumatic in the town happens, we all come together as a family and help each other out.
My experience while living in alvin has been great. It’s where I grew up and where I’ve made all my friends. There isn’t anything I would change about it.
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I have lived in Alvin most of my life. Granted there is not a lot to do in town, but it is just a small drive out of town to find more entertaining things to do.
Even though the town is stuck in the past and is unwilling to grow into the times, there are some hometown feels to it. The parades and festivals keep things happy. The school board keeps everybody in check, and the small business owners are successful.
Alvin is a rural area with a good school district. It still has the small town feel with a good amount of growth happening. Would benefit if there were more stores and restaurants. People are nice and taxes aren't too bad.
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