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Alvin is small, but it is also fierce. If u mean fiercely mean. The town is weird. Period. I thought it was alright if you don't stay in it for long.
I like Alvin because it has the small town feel without being totally excluded like some small towns. We have mom and pop stores and retail stores. Its a great location also, 45 minutes from Galveston and Houston!
I often make fun of this little city for being dull and uneventful but that’s also what makes it a good place to live, its safe, quiet, and although growing has still retained a bit of that small-town charm. Yes, you will have some drive time ahead of you if you are looking for exciting things to do as the little five screen theater isn’t enough for most but again that’s part of that small-town charm. The people here are reserved but nice overall, friendly and always open to help. Overall its dull but its place that has not been ravaged by big city corruption.
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Alvin Ian a great place to live, it is truly an awesome community. I love living here because we have the country and the cows but then on the other side we have the small downtown life. There is always something going on in Alvin, everyone atleast least knows each mother or has heard of that name. I would never change the town that I grew up in, it is truly one of a kind.
Alvin is a small town south of Houston. It's known as the home town of Nolan Ryan, Ron Carter Dealership, and Alvin Community College. If you like to go to the mall or the movies or any type of entertainment for that matter you'll have to drive 30 minutes to either Pearland or Webster to do so. Although it is where I grew up, I wouldn't recommend living here unless you like the simple, small town lifestyle. We have a Walmart Super Center so that's good! It is a developing town with a lot of mom and pop stores and restaurants. It will always be my home town and I'll never forget where I came from, but I would like to live in a more developed community.
I moved here from a small town in Montana. All of the people in this town are very friendly and helpful. I have noticed that most people are willing to help out even if it is for a stranger. I would recommend this town for anyone that is looking at the Houston area.
Alvin used to be a pretty small town, but has grown quite a bit in the last couple of decades. Most people still know everyone and there are a lot of community projects. The community college is popular in the Houston area in general, so a lot of people are here for that. It has an interesting history with being the home of a German internment camp during WWII. It has lately become more of a retirement town and is generally pretty quiet.
Alvin is a clean town. The people are friendly. There are homes for all income levels. There are privately owned businesses and even major chain stores.
Alvin is an older, run-down town that is surrounded by bigger, nicer cities. Although, there is a junior college in Alvin, the night life here is nonexistent. The city of Alvin, including myself could benefit from a larger selection of restaurants and activities to participate in.
As a nearby resident, I have seen Alvin maintain its small-town charm while still growing at a healthy rate.
I lived in Alvin for many years. Most of the people I know worked at the Chemical Plants further away. Baybrook Mall not far away. Love Alvin Community College.
Alvin is a great country living area. Where you can see the cattle and the city is a very family oriented area. Theres really no night life in Alvin unless you are doing a party.
alvin is a small town that is very diverse and friendly has restaurant that you can just walk in the town center and little museum that has kept alvin history con is that there's not much of a nightlife you have to go out of town to do something fun
Alvin is a reasonably quiet town with a great community college. There are plenty of nice parks and a good running trail.
The housing in my neighborhood is average. You have your fancy subdivision, older subdivisions along with houses on plain streets. Not a lot of run down properties at all.
They are building a lot more homes on the outskirts of town.
It's not terrible, but the town needs an update.
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I don't feel it's too unsafe, but I don't walk around town either.
I didn't choose to live here permanently. My parents live here, and I have no money to live elsewhere.
This community is great overall! We do need more things to choose and a variety of places to eat. We often have to go to surrounding cities for the extras, but the small town community is a trait that is second to none!
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