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49 reviews
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I lived in Alvin for many years. Most of the people I know worked at the Chemical Plants further away. Baybrook Mall not far away. Love Alvin Community College.
Alvin is a great country living area. Where you can see the cattle and the city is a very family oriented area. Theres really no night life in Alvin unless you are doing a party.
alvin is a small town that is very diverse and friendly has restaurant that you can just walk in the town center and little museum that has kept alvin history con is that there's not much of a nightlife you have to go out of town to do something fun
Alvin is a reasonably quiet town with a great community college. There are plenty of nice parks and a good running trail.
The housing in my neighborhood is average. You have your fancy subdivision, older subdivisions along with houses on plain streets. Not a lot of run down properties at all.
They are building a lot more homes on the outskirts of town.
It's not terrible, but the town needs an update.
I don't feel it's too unsafe, but I don't walk around town either.
I didn't choose to live here permanently. My parents live here, and I have no money to live elsewhere.
This community is great overall! We do need more things to choose and a variety of places to eat. We often have to go to surrounding cities for the extras, but the small town community is a trait that is second to none!
The city is making a lot of improvements but progress is slow.
We need more businesses in town because a lot of people travel out of our city to go for other options that Alvin does not have.
Its not bad at all.
Its a very fond of its traditions
The many years I live in this city i never had any problems regarding crime or safety.
The environment it's so calm that i would like to build my house when i'm done with school.
Honestly I haven't seen or dealt with any crime in the area. The most we ever see are people asking for money when they don't need it. The police are always around and very very helpful.
I like living in Alvin. It's nice and quiet around here. Not much goes on really. The people are nice and friendly and the local restaurants are awesome. I would live here again but it's not where I want to stay forever.
Police are very active within the community, few serious crimes but numerous accounts of petty crime
Loved growing up here, the atmosphere has changed signigificantly in recent years but all for the better
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