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Alvarado is starting to grow many businesses have started to pop up and it is nice to see that happening but if only we had a more beautiful scene. I'm not saying we don't its just that we have been the same scene for a long time and i would like to see a better change like clothes store opening up a better park.
My overall experience with Alvarado has been quite memorable, not only did I grow up here but my family has lived in that town for many years. The beautiful country side as allowed myself to gain different insights on life, a few things I would like to see different is fixing the roads.
Alvarado is a quiet little town with a fair amount of small businesses and corporations operating. the town is rather well kept despite the town being so small. my only complaint are the lack of sidewalks most of the time if you want to walk anywhere you have to dodge cars among other thing, and the lack of things to do.
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I like how everybody here is generous and couraging. One thing I would like to see changed is for more buildings to be added here.
The safety of the streets could be fixed. My street has pot holes and bumps everywhere and so does half of the town. The crime isn't bad but its not good.
I have lived here for almost my whole life and honestly I just wanna go somewhere else.
Lots of neighborhoods with nice, similar houses.
Our community is very involved, especially in sports
Our police department is great; we have low crime.
Alvarado is a great place to raise a family!
The public services here get the job done. However, it isn't always done well or punctually.
It's simply "Texas Weather" around here.
There is a large amount of people in this area, and not enough jobs. At times it is very difficult to find employment.
As I said before, nothing special about Stephenville Texas' amenities.
The local businesses are the same you would see in 60% of the small towns and cities across Texas. In my experience Stephenville Texas' local businesses are no different than any in the small towns I have visited in Texas.
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