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Home invasions in my area are increasing. Police are slow to respond and my neighbors have considerable assets.
For the most part, the area is fine for agricultural activity but as far as the quality of people, it is not conducive to long lasting friendships.
Sense of safety is secure, Alva is not known for high profile crimes, robberies are somewhat common but not highly prevalent
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There are few jobs to be found in Alva; most people have to commute to find jobs in bigger cities and towns.
Most business in Alva are family-owned and centered around the Community
Being a small town, Alva does not have much to offer in the way of fine dining. There is a small local restaurant, and fast food dining/some restaurants in the next town over.
It is a small, rural town so the lawns are large, most houses have pastures and are not close in distance to their neighbors. There is a lot of farmland and heavily wooded areas. It is a nice, quiet place to live and for the most part is very safe as well.
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