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we have meetings every 6 months we help each other with food with families that need it. we have a park for the kids
Definitely not great but tolerable.
The area is pretty and quiet but in terms of thriving and growing it is going in reverse.
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Many people live in run down trailer parks or very nice expensive houses. There isn't a middle ground four housing and that is very unfortunate because it closes off my community to more diversity within social and economic status.
In my opinion, my community is alright. Others don't see eye to eye with me, but each person is entitled to their own opinion. Pretty much everyone is accepted and if they aren't, others keep their mouth shut. There are a lot of back roads that people live out, because I do live in such a spread out area. Lincoln county does not have a single red light in the county, nor is there very much to do except watch high school sports. But it's what everyone loves to do.
There isn't a lot of crime in my small town, people do pills but they don't cause a problem. The police do everything they can and always respond very quickly to calls.
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